How To Get Rid Of White Water Mold In A Hot Tub


Picture how it would be like walking to your hot tub – it could be the one inside your house or an inflatable one in the backyard – and finding some white substance forming on its surface! Could this be algae? You start asking yourself. Well, wrong guess! It is a white water mold that is more of an animal than a plant.

If you own a hot tub this is a very common problem but it shouldn’t worry you much. However, this doesn’t mean that rectifying it should come last of your priorities; you need to solve this as soon as possible.

So now you may wonder, what causes this hot tub mold? Do you want to know? Well, let’s get going!

First, How Does It End Up There?

Before we even do away with the white mold let’s get to know how it ends up in your hot tub in the first place. A white water mold is actually several bacteria mixed up with dead skin cells, beauty products, and body oil. Boom! Didn’t see that coming, right?

Add that to poor circulation of water! And that leaves you with a quiz to work on; how often should you change your hot tub water? This could be just what is causing hot tub mold.

Clean your hot tub filters and change them regularly. By now, we believe that you know how to go about this because dirty filters could just the other reason for the white tub mold.

We also believe that you have been testing your hot tub water and doing your chemistry right, but the thing is; how often do you do it? Do you go for days, weeks, and months without balancing the pH of your hot tub water? If yes, then you are paving the way to the growth and accumulation of white water mold.

Using less or too much spa sanitizer on your tub also causes white water mold, and your best bet is to use the correct amount to avoid it completely.

How To Remove White Water Mold In A Hot Tub

Now that you are aware of the causes of hot tub mold the other thing is you need to do is to find the solution to it. We will give you a step by step guide on how to do away with white water mold faster and effectively. Let’s get to it!


Drain all the water from your hot tub. This is the very first thing you need to do to remove the infected water, anything else will be senseless.

Scrub all the surfaces of your hot tub. Spend more time on the places where the mold has already bloomed. Use a hot tub brush and the appropriate solvent to avoid damaging your equipment.

Remove and clean the filters, thoroughly! Before even the water gets to the hot tub, it has to go through the filters. They are sometimes filled with debris and refuse that may be causing the massive growth of white water mold in your tub.

Cleaning filters are not just spraying them with clean water.  Ensure that you give them a good chemical soak, once in a while.

Clean all your hot tub maintenance tools including the hosepipe you use to refill the hot tub, floats, any other thing you use, and you probably think is not necessary to clean.

Refill the hot tub with clean water. Ready to jump in for a soak? Sorry, we are not done yet. We still got a few more things to do before then.

Give your hot tub an overdose of chemicals. Yes, it’s time to shock your hot tub, with double or triple the amount of chemical treatment than normal. This treatment will run throughout the plumbing of your hot tub to remove any white water mold and even the potential one. Ensure you use the hot tub chemicals for this to get the perfect results.

Let the chemical treatment run in the tub for at least an hour and then drain the water from your spa. Refill the tub with fresh water and allow it to run through the plumbing of the tub and then drain it again.

Refill the tub with water (now for the third time) and repeat the shock process, this time with the normal amount of the chemical treatment.

Test the PH of the water to ensure that it’s neither too basic nor too acidic. The normal PH should be between 7.0 and 7.5, which is very neutral and perfect for a hot tub

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Globo Surfer Overview

There you have it – the best and easiest way to get rid of white water mold. If you have done everything correctly, then hot tub mold should not bother you again. But be careful, sometimes you might get it all wrong! It could be excess calcium and not mold that you see in your spa.

There are several ways to prevent this white mold in your hot tub but the most important thing is to keep your hot tub clean, always.

Ensure you at least clean the whole package once a week including the filters and your floats as well as giving your swimsuit a machine-wash.

More people, more dirt, and more sweat!  It’s simple! If your hot tub is being used by many people, ensure you clean and shock it regularly. Keeping your hot tub exposed to the sun is also another way of preventing this white water mold as the ultraviolet rays act as a natural oxidizer.

Additionally, it would help to run your hot tub pump at least once a day to allow for circulation. These are just a few of the many ways to keep your hot tub clean and on top of that prevent white water mold hot tub, which we must agree is gross!

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