Do you own a hot tub? If you do, you’ll know that even the best hot tubs need to be sanitized and kept clean. Often many hot tubs will have a buildup of mold, algae, or other unsanitary contaminants in the water due to overuse or improper cleaning.

By incorporating a hot tub chemical system into your hot tub maintenance routine, you are guaranteed to have a positive hot tub experience. With a variety of types and brands of hot tub sanitation products, it can be confusing deciding which one will do the job.

The best hot tub sanitizer will keep your water clean, clear, and bacteria-free. For your convenience, we’ve done the hard work for you and found 8 of the best spa sanitizers on the market. With one of these top picks, you are guaranteed to get the best hot tub sanitizer.

How To Choose At Hot Tub Sanitizer – Buying Guide


When looking for a sanitizer one of the first things you will have to consider is which cleaning chemical to use. There are a variety of spa sanitizing cleaning agents that all have a different chemical base.

Once you have decided which chemical base to use, you can then consider the features you need and want. It can also help to read sanitizer reviews to see what other hot tub owners think of a specific product. A top-rated spa sanitizer will be compatible with your hot tub and make maintaining it easier.

Chemical Base

Not all sanitation solutions have the same chemical base. There is a variety of chemicals available that will properly clean a hot tub. The most commonly used chemicals are chlorine, saltwater, bromine, and minerals.

Chlorine is the most popular choice for a hot tub sanitizing system because it is trusted and reliable. You may even remember the strong smell because of its wide use in pools, hot tubs, and spas throughout the world. Chlorine is very safe, and it is affordable. It comes in different forms like liquid, tablet, and powder solutions.

Saltwater is a way to naturally create your own chlorine sanitizer. The salt will be converted into low levels of chlorine and it won’t give off a strong smell. Saltwater is naturally very clean and an excellent choice for anyone with sensitive skin.

Bromine can be used just as effectively as chlorine if your hot tub is kept out of direct sunlight. This alternative to chlorine is odorless, but effective in eliminating bacteria. It can tolerate pH fluctuations, which makes it easier to work with.

Mineral sanitizers are becoming a popular natural sanitizer to kill the bacteria in the water. The only downside is that it is slow acting and may need a boost of chlorine or a weekly shock to keep your water clean.

Size of the Hot Tub

The size of your jacuzzi and how much water it holds will affect how much sanitizer you need to put in. The more water means more chemicals need to be added. This also means that the larger your tub, the more money you will have to spend.


A sanitizer for hot tubs is only one part of the maintenance routine needed to keep the water clean. You will have to test the water to ensure that all the chemicals are properly balanced. The pH balance is also important and will need to be compatible with all the added chemicals too.

If you change the water, you will also need to add all the chemicals again, so that the freshwater stays clean. Ultimately, hot tubs are expensive but there are many top-rated spa sanitizers that are affordable too.


How long your hot tub sanitizing system lasts will be depending on how well your hot tub is balanced. Most hot tub sanitation will need to be tested weekly and depending on the use throughout the week, more chemicals may or may not need to be added.

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Hot tubs are expensive, and the cost doesn’t end with the initial purchase. The cost of maintenance adds up, which makes an affordable sanitizer for hot tubs the best choice. Many hot tub sanitation solutions are affordable, but some are less than others.

Most people want to use the same sanitizer, once they have found one that works for their hot tub chemical system, so it is important to consider your budget. Finding the best hot tub sanitizer for your needs also means that it is affordable.


The best hot tub chemicals and sanitizers come in a variety of types. The chemicals may come in the forms of liquid, tablets, or powder. The type you choose will likely be up to your personal preference and hot tub. Any top rated spa sanitizer will work to kill the bacteria in your water, regardless of what type or form it comes in.



Q: What is a spa sanitizer?

A: A spa sanitizer is a disinfecting chemical solution that will clean the water by killing any bacteria or contaminants. Hot tub sanitation is an important part of owning and maintaining a hot tub. The best hot tub sanitizer can be used safely alongside other hot tub chemicals to create the perfect spa experience. It will be easily incorporated into the water and the levels can be checked using pool test strips.

Q: Why do I need a sanitizer for hot tubs?


You need a sanitizer to promote a positive, safe, and healthy spa experience. Hot tubs are meant to be used by a variety of people and all the different bacteria on the skin, eventually, end up in the water.

Great hot tub hygiene using a sanitizer to eliminate the bacteria and contaminants that are not natural to a hot tub’s environment. If you own a hot tub, a sanitizer is a necessity to have clean water.

Q: What are different hot tub sanitizing methods?


Two alternate hot tub sanitizing methods are using ultraviolet light and ionizers. Ultraviolet light or UV light uses a safe form of radiation to kill germs and bacteria. It is great at killing organisms, but it can’t keep your water clear. You would likely have to use hot tub defoamers alongside it. But UV is an effective alternative method that some owners prefer because of its great ability to kill the microscopic contaminants.

Another method is to use ionizers. Ionizer are another natural method to kill contaminants in the water. An ionizer will work to release small copper and silver ions in the water, which then have a natural chemical reaction. Similar to UV, the ionizers will shock the system and maintain a hygienic environment. However, keep in mind that ionizers have a shelf life and will need to be replaced on the expiration date and based on the usage or number of bacteria in the water.

You should also remember that the two types of hot tub sanitizing dispensing methods are manually and automatically. You can automatically add your sanitizer to the water, alongside your other chemicals in your maintenance routine. Or you can look for a hot tub sanitation device that will administer a chemical agent slowly over time.

The most common method to use is manual because this allows you to constantly check and balance your chemicals. However, a popular automatic hot tub sanitizing method is using a mineral sanitizer, which will be in a tube that floats in the water and dispenses over time. Mineral sanitizers are an automatic sanitization method that often work in tandem with your hot tub’s filtration system to push elements like silver and copper ions into the water to disinfect it.

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A sanitizer is very important to the health and safety of your hot tub. With the best hot tub sanitizer, you will have a clean and positive spa experience. You should be certain that your sanitizer works for you and shouldn’t be afraid to test out a few different brands until you find the perfect one. It is important that you love your sanitizer because it can make maintenance a breeze.

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