For many people, soaking in hot tubs can be a relaxing activity. Hot tubs are a great way to ease tired muscles and calm a busy mind. Even if you followed great buying tips for hot tubs, just like you, hot tubs aren’t perfect. One of the most common problems hot tub owners encounter is the buildup of foam and how to get rid of foam in a hot tub and spa.

Hot tub foam accumulates on the surface of the water, which makes for a thick and unhygienic nuisance. You can prevent the buildup of foam by using the best spa defoamer. A hot tub foam remover is a chemical solution that prevents the water from developing the layer of foam.

The best hot tub defoamer will ensure that your water stays clear, foam-free, and germ-free. It can be a challenge to decide which hot tub antifoam to purchase, so we have made a guide to help you with the decision. With our guide, you will be breaking down foam faster than ever before.

How To Choose The Best Hot Tub Defoamer – Buying Guide



Not all foam removers have the same base. There are different types of anti-foam for foam free hot tub water and each has a different active base to defeat the buildup of foam. The four most common solution bases are oil, water, powder, and silicone.

  • Oil-based: An oil-based defoamer for hot tubs uses an oil, like vegetable oil or mineral oil, to break down and dissolve the foam. These types of oils are not the carriers for the foam. The solution is insoluble in the foam and can clear the water of the foam. Oil-based solutions often contain a small amount of wax, which tends to make their performance more effective. An anti-foam for hot tub of this base can often prevent the buildup of new foam. It can also be used in pools.
  • Water-based: A water-based defoamer uses water to rid the water of foam buildup. It uses water to attack and make it foam-free.
  • Powder-based: A powder-based defoamer is very similar to an oil-based defoamer, except for the fact that it comes in a powder form. The powder can be added to the water, where it will dissipate, and combat the foam by breaking it down and removing it. It can also be combined with a detergent or liquid cleaner and added to the water.
  • Silicone-based: A silicone-based defoamer is made of hydrophobic silica, which dissolves into silicone oil when it is added to the water. It is known as an emulsifier because it spreads the silicone and easily dissipates the foam. It may also include other silicone liquids, like silicone glycol.


All the top-rated hot tub defoamer options have a variety of chemicals within its solution that assist in breaking down and carrying away the spa foam that can accumulate on the top of the surface of the water. The best hot tub defoamer can be safely used with the other chemicals of your pool, like chlorine. The chemistry of a hot tub foam remover should also be safe to be in contact with your skin without causing a reaction, like a rash.

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pH Level

Adding a defoamer for hot tubs will change the chemistry of the water. Some defoamers will increase the pH level and others will lower the pH level. You will want to find a hot tub antifoam solution that doesn’t have a drastic impact on the pH levels of your water. Even the best hot tub defoamer solutions will change the level of water chemistry slightly. If you learn how to balance the pH in a hot tub, you’ll be guaranteed to have foam-free and safe water.

Alkalinity Effect

Similar to the pH level, the level of alkalinity of your water will change as you add a hot tub foam remover. Like pH, the alkalinity of your water can increase or decrease, depending on the solution. You should try to find a defoamer that has a minimal effect on the alkalinity of your water. Similarly, alkalinity is read in water tests, so knowing how to test hot tub water is important.



Q: Why use a hot tub defoamer?


Hot tub defoamers are useful for more than just getting rid of the foam.  It can be a challenge knowing how to fix a cloudy hot tub, but a defoamer could be a great first step in trying to turn murky water crystal clear.

If you regularly put a hot tub antifoam, you can prevent the buildup of future foam. It will also make the water less gooey and thick, ensuring that you have a smooth and residue-free experience. Generally, the best spa defoamer can also clean the tub and remove dirt from the water.

Q: Will a hot tub defoamer change the chemistry in my hot tub?


Yes. Even the best anti foam for hot tub will affect the pH and alkalinity levels. The best you can do is find a solution that doesn’t change the levels drastically. A slight change is okay, but drastic changes can cause problems.

Q: How often should I use a hot tub defoamer?


The best way to insert a hot tub defoamer is to make sure you are adding it with the rest of your chemicals, so knowing how often to change your hot tub water is important because you can add a defoamer as you refill the tub. Depending on your schedule, you may be adding chemicals weekly or biweekly.

Most hot tub defoamers can be safely used alongside the other chemicals so that they can be easily incorporated into the mix. It can be difficult to drain and clean your hot tub, but it’s important that you stay on top of your cleaning schedule to maintain pristine water.

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When it comes to finding the best hot tub defoamer for your hot tub, spending the time to find the best solution will ensure that your water is crystal clear, clean, and foam-free. The best spa defoamer will have you happy and relaxing in your hot tub, without the worry of germs. If you’re new to the hot tub world, this beginner’s guide to hot tub and spa maintenance can help you. If you know exactly what you need, you can save time and money by investing in a top-rated hot tub defoamer that brightens your day.

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