How Often Should You Change Your Hot Tub Water?


Having a hot tub means you’ll have a place to take a break and chill after a hard-working day, and the call of the warm and relaxing can be really hard to ignore. And it is more likely than not your family will also would like to have their share of time in the spa, but the harmony will soon pass if you don’t take some time to keep the hot tub and the water clean. If you do take care of your hot tub, you won’t have to do it so frequently, but changing water is one of the tasks every hot tub owner has to do eventually.

The main question is – how often should you do it if you’re not forced by chemicals gone bad, uncontrollable pH levels, and cloudy water? If you do it too often, you’ll hurt your wallet really bad, but if you wait too long, you could end up with the bacteria driven hot tub and unpleasant feeling every time you go inside. This article will help you solve this mystery and continue using your precious investment without worrying about this problem.

Why You Should Change The Water So Often

The way how keeping your hot tub water healthy is quite similar to the swimming pool’s maintenance. You’ll have to add chemicals ad sanitizer, test the water, and react if something is wrong. But, unlike swimming pools, you’ll have to change the water in your hot tub way more frequently compared to the swimming pool, and there are a few reasons why.

First of all, your hot tub contains a much smaller amount of water than a regular swimming pool, so the regular usage by the same number of users will not have the same effect on the hot tub and the swimming pool.

Secondly, the temperature in your hot tub is much higher, which makes it more suitable for bacteria growth and development, and that could be bad either for your hot tub’s health, or your own.

Thirdly, the water in swimming pools is being more – less constantly refreshed by the freshwater, unlike the hot tub, where the water is fairly static, and it can become stale.

And last, adding the chemicals will help for some time, and it will remove a big number of unwanted things from your hot tub, like body oils, soap traces, bacteria, and it will elevate pH levels and total alkalinity, but they won’t remove all of it. Instead, the chemicals you use will add up to the total dissolved solids (TDS), which will ultimately cause your water to become cloudy, foamy, or smell bad.

Obvious Signs That It Is Time To Change It

If you are not sure whether is it time to change it or not, having some of these symptoms will make the decision an easy one:

  • Cloudy water
    If the water gets cloudy, you could try shocking it with chemicals. It may work, but in case it doesn’t, don’t waste your time delaying what has to be done. And as soon as you change it, you’ll be back in it, so…
  • Foam
    Another clear sign that something is wrong is the foam on the surface. You could try to fix it with the foam remover which should remove it for goods, but if it doesn’t do that, it is time to flush it and add the new one.
  • Bad Smell
    Even if you don’t see the foam and your water isn’t cloudy, but you still do smell something weird, it is time for a change. Your spa should always smell fresh and clean. If it doesn’t, drain it, clean it, and put the fresh water in for the new beginning.
  • Calendar Says So

If your spa doesn’t smell bad, it doesn’t have a foam or it is not cloudy, but it’s been more than two months since you’ve changed it, it is a matter of time when will those signs show up. And even if they don’t, you shouldn’t wait much longer, because changing water every two months is a good idea.

If you spot one of these, don’t wait, act as soon as possible to avoid any possible side effects or additional problems.

Get Ready, It’s Calculation Time!


Ok, yes, we know that most of you don’t like the math, but you’ll need some of it to do this. First, to be clear – no matter how often you use it, no matter how many people use it beside you, even if it hasn’t been used by a single person in two months, it will still need to be changed.

But yes, the basic logic says that the more you use it, the more often you’ll have to change the water. To calculate how often you’ll have to do it, follow this formula:

First, you’ll need precise information on how many gallons of water get into your hot tub. Take this number and divide it by three. Then, the result you’ve gotten divide by the number of your spa users on daily basis. The number you get at the end is the number that shows you how often you’ll have to change it.

For example, let’s say that your hot tub can hold up to 300 gallons of water and you’ll have two bathers daily. Divide 300 by three, which will give you 100. Then, divide that 100 by two, and you’ll get 50. This means that the water in your hot tub should be changed every 50 days.

But remember, this calculation is just a guideline, and things can be different in real life. How close will it be to your calculation result depends on many aspects, like the quality of water, the natural environment of your hot tub location… Even though, this is a great way to have some insight and be ready to react when the time comes.

Clean Your Hot Tub When Empty

When the time comes and you’ve emptied your pool, there are a few other things you should do that will help the new and freshwater stay clean for a longer period of time. Once the water is drained, check if your spa filter is in a good condition. If it can serve you more, clean it. If not, now it is time to change it.

When done with cleaning or changing your filter, switch to the shell. Scrub it good until you’ve removed all the dirt and possible debris, to prevent it from reaching your new water and spoiling it. Then, check the jets, the pump, and the plumbing, if they need to be cleaned, do it.

Test It Regularly And Keep A Journal

If you’re new to all of this “hot tub” topic, and even if you own one for some time, it is recommended to test your spa regularly and reacting if needed, to prolong the need to change the water for as long as possible. And writing down those results, so you can more easily catch the pattern, and after a while, you’ll know in advance what to expect.

Don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t know anything. Visit your local spa shop if you have any doubts, ask for help, and follow the advice. Remember, your goal is to keep your hot tub healthy and yourself happy for as long as you can!

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The main purpose of the hot tub is to provide you a place and space to relax and forget about any possible problems, letting your body regenerate and regain its strength along the way. But it also requires proper maintenance and care to stay healthy and in a good condition.

Draining the water is one of the tasks included, and no matter how much effort you make to keep the water in a good shape, you’ll have to do it rather sooner than later. This article should serve you as a guide and will help you if you are not sure what are the clear signs to change the water. So, when the time comes to do it, don’t hesitate and “wait for a day, or two, just one more bath”. Do it instantly, clean it well, and once you’re done, place all the accessories back to their place and reward yourself with a long, warm, relaxing hot tub session. You’ve definitely earned it! Or, to keep it simple – if it has been more than three months since you’ve changed the water, it is about time.

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