10 Best Swimming Goggles in 2018


If you are an avid swimmer you have to have the best swim goggles. These will allow you to see underwater and allow you to experience swimming in a whole new way. The best swimming goggles will perform the same way in a swimming pool, lake or even the ocean. They should be comfortable while having features that give you the ability to see underwater.

Similarly, quality swimming goggles are of great use to novice swimmers. This is because they allow you to see where you are going and help you to efficiently avoid obstacles. This works well to build confidence in your skills as a swimmer. Additionally, many snorkelers prefer using quality goggles in the ocean.

To help navigate your way through the hectic swim goggle market we have created a list of the best swimming goggles on the market. Providing plenty of information to help you make the most informed decision these swim goggles are of the best on the market.

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Best Swimming Goggles

Swimming Goggles Reviews

1. No Leak Swimming Goggles by Aegend


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What Makes This Swim Goggles Stand Out:

  • One year warranty
  • UV protection
  • Durable shatterproof design

Aegend has created an excellent set of swimming goggles. They come in 12 unique colors so you can get one for everyone in your house and still be able to tell which one is yours. The colors range from a blue to pink to green and even have options with a mirrored lens. This will allow you to swim outside even when the sun is at its strongest.

The No Leak Swimming Goggles from Aegend are superiorly built. The key to these goggles comfort rests in its comfortable silicone gasket which has contours that match your face. Each lens is constructed from a shatterproof polycarbonate material which is tough enough to stand up to even the harshest conditions.

If you are swimming outside you will be happy to know that these also have UV protection which can help protect your eyes from the bright lights. Additionally, they also have an anti-fog system built in. On top of all that they also have an advanced strap system that won’t get tangled in your hair.

Aegend is one of the top companies when it comes to customer service. They have a hassle free 12 month warranty where they will respond to emails and questions within 24 hours. If you aren’t happy with the purchase simply contact them and they will do everything in their power to make you happy.

2. Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggle by Speedo


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What Makes This Swim Goggles Stand Out:

  • 4 interchangeable nose pieces
  • Low profile design
  • Anti fog and UV protection

Speedo is one of the most famous swim brands of all time. Speedo is trusted by many professional swimmers and even used by olympians. They make exceptional gear from bathing suits to swimming goggles. Their Vanquisher line follows this trend.

These world class goggles come in 12 unique colors that will ensure you stand out. They feature an anti-fog coating which allows you to spend hours training without worry. What makes this set stand out is the package they come in. There are 4 extra nose pieces that ensure these fit your face comfortably. This ensures that you get the best fit and the most comfortable goggles.

Instead of large, bulky frames that restrict your vision Speedo has incorporated a small silicone eye seal. This will work to cut down on any drag experienced in the water. What makes these even better is that they have a low profile design that gives you 25% more of your peripheral vision. The double head strap works with the silicone seal and the snug fit to provide a leak free design giving you confidence in these goggles.

If you are someone who enjoys swimming outside you will be pleased to know that these swimming goggles have a built in UV protection. They protect against both UVA and UVB rays reducing strain and wear on your eyes. The mirrored lens also works to protect your eyes when swimming outdoors by reducing glare. Made using only the highest quality materials, these two tone goggles are made PVC and latex free.

3. Kayenne Swim Goggle by Aqua Sphere


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What Makes This Swim Goggles Stand Out:

  • Curved lens for wider 180 degree view
  • Leak free technology
  • Scratch resistant and anti-fog technology

Aqua Sphere is an Italian company that specializes in making high quality swimwear. Focused on innovative research this company is far ahead of the game. These goggles are used by professional swimmers and it is easy to see why.

The Kayenne Swim Goggles come in two different style. The clear lens recommended for indoor use and the smoke lens that provides added sun protection for outdoor use. The clear lens design is ideal for those who are practicing in dim light. These goggles produces accurate vision that does not distort colors. The smoke lens has more technology which works to protect your eyes from harsh light. This lens style is best used in bright outdoor conditions as it reduces brightness and protects against glare.

Coming in 11 different colors these swimming goggles have a style for everyone. With a low profile design these chear lensed goggles provide excellent visibility even indoors or in low light. The lens is curved which provides a wide 180 degree field of view. The oversized lenses are incredibly durable. Scratch resistant lenses make it so these lenses will last you much longer.

They also have anti-fog technology which makes it so that you will be able to see where you are going without effort. A medium eye fit means that these comfortable goggles will fit a wide range of face shapes. Eliminating raccoon eyes these goggles provide the perfect amount of suction while having a leak free design. The curved lens technology features a 3 radii system that causes virtually no distortion. This gives you one of the clearest visuals possible.

The frame of these goggles is one solid piece. A hydrodynamic frame keeps these goggles light weighing only about 4 ounces. The softeril is hypoallergenic which makes it comfortable for anyone to wear. The strap is incredibly easy to adjust with an easy to operate push button buckle. This makes adjustments quick and simple.

4. Wide View Swim Goggle by AqtivAqua


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What Makes This Swim Goggles Stand Out:

  • Comes with a high quality carry case
  • Anti-slip strap
  • 12 month warranty

AqtivAqua isn’t as well known as companies like Speedo, but they make high quality products. Their Wide View Swim Goggle is not a small goggle. It will give you a full 180 degrees of sight without distorting your vision. These lenses are made from a polycarbonate material. This is a safe and reliable high quality material that you are sure to love. These lenses feature an anti-fog coating. This will make it so that you can easily see underwater.

AqtivAqua have included a double silicone gasket which is usually found on high end scuba masks. This feature ensures that the goggles have a strong seal to your face meaning no water will enter while distributing the pressure evenly. The silicone is also soft and flexible in any water conditions which allows you to bring these goggles with you on vacation.

These goggles also have a split strap design which ensures your goggles stay on your face without causing pressure or discomfort. They have an anti slip system built in as well. You don’t have to worry about constantly adjusting your straps any more. These goggles offer protection from harmful UV rays which make them a great option for both indoor and outdoor use.

The best part of these goggles is the excellent customer service by AqtivAqua. They include a comprehensive 12 month warranty on these goggles which show their faith in the materials they chose. Also, if you are not satisfied with their goggles you can simply ask for a refund, no questions asked.

5. Swim Goggles by U-FIT


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What Makes This Swim Goggles Stand Out:

  • UV protection
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Anti-fog coating

U-FIT is a relatively small company with a big heart. This company is dedicated to making high quality swimwear that consumers will find both comfortable and functional. With all the quality you would expect from a bigger company, this is a great buy. These swim goggles by U-Fit have outstanding reviews making them top rated swim goggles to choose for your swimming needs.

These lenses offer 100% UVA and UVB protection to keep you safer. This makes them a great option for both indoor and outdoor use. With an anti-fog coating, these goggles are bound to get you the most out of your swim. Thin gaskets give you a non-bulky low profile design. This helps to reduce drag while you swim. The large lens area provides for full 180 degree views helping you to see all your obstacles with ease. Featuring anti-shatter technology these goggles are durable and reliable.

The frame of this mask features a soft smart fit silicon’s skirt which expertly molds to your face shape. This gives you a snug fit that will not leak. The strap on these goggles has an easy removal system which makes going from in water to sitting on the shore even easier. The strap sits comfortable against your head reducing the uncomfortable tension found in some other goggles.

U-Fit has a lot of confidence in their products. That is why they have attached a risk free guarantee with these goggles. A 100% money back guarantee will give you the peace of mind to buy with confidence. That means that if you aren’t fully satisfied, simply send them back for a no questions asked refund.

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6. Swim Goggles + Reversible Swimming Cap Set by Swim Elite

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What Makes This Swim Goggles Stand Out:

  • One button release
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Top rated quality

Swim Elite is offering an outstanding swim package. These goggles for swimming come with a reversible swimming cap and a premium case to keep these goggles safe. This means you can throw them into your travel bag and bring them with you anywhere in the world.

The Swim Goggles themselves are outstanding. They have silicone cushions which make them super comfortable. This means that they will also not leak. The cushion provides a superior seal that lets zero water into your eyes. Just like some other goggles on our list these are anti-fog and have UV protection built in. But what others don’t have is the mirror finish that the silver color feature (there are also black and blue colors available). This feature helps to block out harsh lights from the sum and reduce the chances of glare.

These anti fog swimming goggles also have a shatterproof lens system. So no matter how hard you are on these they will stay perfect. This also makes them an even better option for traveling. They have a super wide field of view (180 degrees) which doesn’t distort or blur your vision. These goggles feature a no fuss strap system. Simply press one button and the strap releases to easily remove these goggles.

This product comes with countless high quality reviews. In fact, people are so pleased with this swim set that Swim Elite has full confidence you will love it. They have included a satisfaction guarantee with their products. If you don’t like these goggles simply send them a message and they will remedy the issue.

7. Socket Mirrored Swim Goggle by Speedo


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What Makes This Swim Goggles Stand Out:

  • PVC and Latex free design
  • Mirrored UV protected lenses
  • Anti fogging technology

Speedo is a trusted swimming company with many years of experience. Used by pro athletes these goggles are no exception to their outstanding technology. These can easily be used as competition goggles as their performance is outstanding. The low profile design reduces drag helping to keep you moving swiftly through the water.

These goggles have an excellent sleek fit that is designed to fit most face shapes. A low profile inner eye fit keeps them close to your face while providing enhanced peripheral vision. These goggles feature anti-fog lenses which make it so you don’t have to worry about whether you will be able to see or not. This mask will build your confidence making it so that you only have to focus on water.

For those who like to head outdoors to the beach, these goggles effortlessly do just that. Offering UV protection you can rest assured you are protected even in harsh summer sun. The mirrored lens design helps to reduce glare which allows you to get a better view and keep you focused underwater.

The goggles are made using high quality materials. Free of PVC and Latex you can rest assured that these goggles will not irritate and are safe to use. Available in two different color options, you can get the perfect goggles for your face. Coming with 3 different nose pieces these goggles will fit a wide variety of face shapes.

8. Rx Optical Prescription Swim Goggles by View+Rx-Optical-Prescription-Swim-Goggles-by-View+

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What Makes This Swim Goggles Stand Out:

  • Full prescription scale
  • Comfortable cushion system
  • Easy to adjust strap

Do you prefer glasses over contacts? Maybe you interchange but would like the option to wear glasses more often. Well you no longer have to give up on your love of swimming.  View+ understands that swimming isn’t just for those with 20/20 vision. These goggles are able to be ordered in any lens prescription. In fact, you can have each lens a different prescription strength. For example, if your left eye is -3 and your right is -4, View+ can make your goggles at that strength. This means that you can have personalized goggles that perfectly work for your prescription needs.

You won’t miss out on any of the fancy features of other lenses either. These Rx Optical Prescription Swim Goggles offer UV protection to ensure you can see clearly even while swimming outside. This makes them an ideal option for those who don’t wear contacts looking to snorkel.

The lens features a smoke colored lens making it ideal for outdoor use. This works to protect your eyes from harsh lights and glare. Coming already installed these goggles have an easy to adjust strap that sits comfortably around your head. The snug fit ensures that these goggles give you the perfect fit while not leaking.

The lens comes with an anti-fog coating giving you the quality you deserve in a swim goggle. This company also prioritizes comfort and include 3 sizes of nose bridges allowing you to completely personalize these goggles to your face. There is a reason these have such a high rating: they are an excellent pair of goggles.

9. XCEED Goggle Smoke Lens by Michael Phelps


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What Makes This Swim Goggles Stand Out:

  • UV and anti-glare protection
  • Interchangeable nose pieces
  • Hypoallergenic material

Michael Phelps makes these high quality goggle. These are highly recommended swimming goggles by consumers with a highly positive feedback. These curved wide angle lenses help to increase your range of view without adding extra bulk. The perfect competition goggles, these goggles allow you to get an effortless view of your surroundings.

The low profile design of these goggles helps give you a no-drag advantage in the pool. Perfect for outdoor use these googles offer 100% protection against UVA and UVB. They also feature a titanium metal coating which provides extra protection when used outdoors. This feature gives the goggles desirable sun and glare protection providing maximum visibility.

Available in 7 different color options you are bound to find goggles that perfectly fit your personality. An interchangeable nose bridge provides a comfortable fit. The nose piece is interchangeable and completely customizable. This makes these goggles a great option for everyone.

The ultra soft gasket sits comfortably against your face while conforming to your face. It also offers a leak resistant seal ensuring that you can see with confidence. Made using high quality safe materials these goggles are hypoallergenic. The hydrodynamic strap on these goggles is made of silicone and features a textured grip. This makes it easy to adjust and comfortable for long wear.

10. Anti-Fog Swimming Goggles by Rosa Schleife


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What Makes This Swim Goggles Stand Out:

  • Superior strap system
  • Compact design
  • Stylish look

Swimming goggles reviews highly recommend these anti-fog goggles. Rosa Schleife has made a top of the line swimming goggle. Everything from the custom strap to the attached ear plugs feature a well thought out design that has been expertly executed.

This company has put a large priority on making the highest quality swimming goggles. This can be seen with their tough anti-shatter lens that is built to last. With anti-fog technology these goggles remain reliable even in the toughest conditions. The mirror coated lens helps to make this the ultimate indoor/outdoor lens. This allows it to block out some sunlight and reduce the glare while in the water. A UV protective coating takes this one step further ensuring that your eyes are not exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.

These lenses are designed to give you a clear view. They work to not blur or distort colors giving you a clear view of your surroundings. This will give you added confidence in the water ensuring that you see what’s around you with ease. A soft silicone gasket makes a seal ensuring your goggles don’t allow water to enter. This adds comfort to your eyes and reduces the raccoon eye look commonly seen with goggles. In addition it prevents leaks while underwater which will allow you to focus fully on your swim.

These good swimming goggles come in 15 colors ranging from blue to pink and everything in between. They also have a superior strap design that features a clasp system. This ensures that you won’t pull your hair when you put on and take off these goggles. Simply line up the lenses and secure the strap at the back of your head and you are ready to jump in the water. It is also made of silicone which gives you an anti-slip system without tugging at your hair. This is a high quality, comfortable swim goggle set.

Features To Look For In Swimming Goggles


It can be overwhelming to look for the best swimming goggles. Knowing the anatomy and materials of these can help you to determine what pair is best for you.


The lenses of your swimming goggles may be the most important part. If you can’t see where you’re going your goggles are not doing their job properly. Most companies use a polycarbonate lens. This provides a nearly shatterproof construction that you don’t have to worry about.

UV Protection

Another feature you should keep your eyes out for is UV protection. If you frequently swim outside you know that the sun can irritate your eyes. With a UV system built into your goggles, you can swim in any conditions without squinting. Swimming goggles don’t have a UV rating like beach umbrellas or snorkeling sunscreen but are still effective at protecting your eyes. The darker the lenses the more UV rays they will block out. Metallic lenses are the best at protecting your eyes from the sun.


Companies have also developed an anti-fog coating on their lenses. This is a crucial feature that your swimming goggles should have. If you can’t trust your goggles to stay clear you’ll find yourself not wanting to wear them. Some anti fog coatings are better than others. High quality swimming goggles will have a built in anti-fog membrane that keeps the lenses clear.

If you find that this coating has worn off your lenses there are anti-fog solutions you can apply to your goggles. It isn’t an ideal situation as you’ll have to do this every time you swim, but it can save you from having to purchase another pair.

Type of Lenses

There are a few different lens styles to choose from. This will vary depending on the environment you are looking to use them in.

Metallic Lens

You may know this type of lens as a mirrored finish. They usually have a dark colored lens that hides your eyes from others around you making them good for competition style swimming goggles. At the same time having a dark lens makes them only good for conditions that have good lighting. If you are swimming outside in the afternoon, for example, you may experience limited visibility.

Clear/Light Lenses

Swimming goggles that have clear lenses are best for places that have low light or you find metallic lenses to restricting. If you are looking to increase the brightness of the pool it is recommended to get lenses with a yellow or orange tint. There are many colors these swimming goggles can come in ranging from green, purple and even pink.

Dark Color Lens

This is a similar style to the mirrored version. The color is less dark which can give you more visibility and block out more of the sun’s UV rays. If you are swimming in a pool that has decent lighting these are a good swimming goggle for your needs.

Prescription Lens

If you are a person who wears glasses and wants to swim without contacts you are in luck. Some specialty swimming goggles allow you to customize the strength of their lenses. This gives you the ability to see underwater without contacts irritating your eyes. The best part is that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for this – these goggles aren’t that much more expensive than standard lenses. The only drawback with this is that you won’t be able to have a tinted or colored lens.


A comfortable strap will allow you swim for hours and hours. Your goggles should be able to distribute pressure evenly. You may find that a split strap will do this better than a typical single strap design. A split strap basically has a strap system that cradles your head with two lines instead of a single one.


A strap is useless if it isn’t easy to adjust. Sure, you should only have to do this once but it shouldn’t be a difficult task. Most swimming goggles have a strap that is attached to the frame at the edge of the lens. This is also where you will adjust the fit by pulling the end of the strap. There are little rivets which allow you to finely tune your goggles for your head.

Note: Some goggles have a clasp that attaches at the back of your head. For this type, you will be able to loosen or tighten near the clasp.

Just keep in mind that both sides should be adjusted to the same point. For example, the left side of the strap shouldn’t have an inch of adjustment while the right has none. This will cause your goggles to sit weirdly on your face and can cause water to enter them.


Every type of goggle has a gasket. This is the part of the goggle that rests on your skin. It is also one of the main parts that affect the comfort of the goggle. Competition swimming goggles are specially designed for the least amount of drag through the water and have the smallest gasket. These have also been reported to be the least comfortable type of swimming goggles.

The gasket is usually made from a silicone material. This is the best type of gasket as it easily conforms to the contours of your face which makes an ideal seal. Rubber and PVC are also used in this part of the goggles. Just be careful with them as rubber can become more rigid in cooler conditions.

Type Of Goggles

No matter what kind of swimmer you are there is a type of goggle for you. Each one has unique features that can help you with achieving your goals no matter if you are swimming in a public indoor pool or a beach in Mexico.


These are made for serious swimmers who are looking to compete. Competition goggles are sleek with a minimal design. This allows you to achieve maximum speed with as little added drag as possible. A drawback to this type of lens is that some people may find them uncomfortable. Since the lenses are designed to be small they may restrict your vision and not have an ideal fit.


Practice swimming goggles are more for the everyday swimmer. They are similar to competition goggles in that they are on the small and lightweight side but have a little more built in comfort. This is done by having more of a gasket (the silicone that connects the lens to your face) which allows the pressure to be better dispersed. You will be able to wear these for longer without discomfort.


These are the least expensive options that you can get. This means that the build quality and materials can be not as high as the other types. For example, the anti-fog coating may not last as long as other more expensive goggles. These may serve as a great backup pair of swimming goggles but may not hold up to the long term needs you may require of them.

Swim Masks

If you are really in a pinch you can swim laps with a swim mask. These are usually only used for snorkeling and scuba diving but can be great for any water situation. Don’t expect to win many races with them as these masks are massive compared to dedicated lap goggles. With that being said, these are super comfortable and are easily paired with a snorkel.

Globo Surf Overview

Choosing the best swimming goggles doesn’t have to be tedious. By understanding all of the terms and types of goggles you will be able to find your ideal goggles. It is important to know the type of swimming you are planning to do and whether you are planning to use your goggles for indoor or outdoor use. Getting high quality swim goggles is easier than ever and any of the ones from our list are bound to work for any skill level.


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