One of the questions that people may ask when it comes to having a dog life jacket is, can’t they swim? The answer is, of course, yes, but so can humans and sometimes we need life jackets too. Not only can they be great in case of emergencies, but they can also provide your dog with a great swimming aid as well.

Finding the best dog life jackets should be easy, but there’s a lot of products out there on the market. Here we look at the dog life jacket reviews to come up with a list to try and find the best dog life vest.

There are plenty of things to consider, but here we pick out the best dog life jackets out there together with a buying guide so you can make an educated choice. So read on to make you’re picking the perfect vest for your beloved pet.

How To Choose A Dog Life Jacket – Buying Guide



Most dog life jackets come in a wide range of different sizes, so you should always be able to find one that fits your dog. Naturally the size of a dog can differ hugely, but there should always be options available and it’s important to see their buying guidelines so that you can compare them against the measurements of your dog.

One frustrating thing though is that different brands have different measurements for each size, so if your dog is small with one company then they might not be small with another. Due to this, just be sure to check the measurements with each brand otherwise you could end up buying a jacket that is the wrong size.

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While the jackets come in a wide variety of sizes, as your dog grown or gains or loses weight, you want to make sure that the jacket is adjustable enough to deal with the changes. On most life jackets you’ll see that they have adjustable straps and there is usually to under the chest and one under the neck, meaning you always have that flexibility when you need it.

When looking into a life jacket, be sure to check for that adjustability otherwise you might find yourself quickly having to buy a new life jacket after your dog has outgrown his. Adjustable straps will increase the amount of time that you are able to have your life jacket.


The material used in a life jacket is obviously important for a number of reasons. The first one being that naturally it will need to be waterproof so that no water gets into the float, but they all offer this. Other materials though can make a difference in terms of how tough the material is, how light it is and how quickly it can dry.

A neoprene life vest is generally seen as the best material for water safety equipment as it is tough, long-lasting and also can provide a little bit of stretch for that extra comfort. Nylon is another common material used and one of its best features is how light it is. Both materials are more than good enough for the job.


Life jackets aren’t the most comfortable clothing item in the world, but due to advances in technology they are now more comfortable than ever. The life jacket should be able to fit snuggly around your bog so that it is tight to them but without restricting their movement. The material should be soft and light as your dog might be wearing the jacket for long periods.

Due to the nature of the jacket, some dogs might take a little time to get used to wearing on. Due to this it’s a good idea to get your dog used to wearing one by making them wear it around the house or if your travel to your local pond or lake. This will ensure that when you go out for longer trips your dog will be a lot more settled with wearing a life jacket.


Dog’s a generally strong swimmers, but can often get tired if they’ve been out on the water for too long. The natural buoyancy of the life jacket will support them in the water and allow them to swim for much longer. Most of the floats are placed around its body to help lift it out of the water, but also under the neck as well so they will be able to breathe without any issues.

Some life jackets offer a bit more buoyancy than others, so if you have a heavy dog or one that is a bit of a nervous swimmer, then this might be something for you to look out there. For the vast majority of times, however, the life jackets that we’ve reviewed here have more than enough buoyancy for your pooch.

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When you’re out on the water your dog is always going to be close by, but if they jump overboard on a boat or you get into some trouble while kayaking, then you could find yourself separated. In these type of instances, you’ll want your dog to remain as visible as possible and having bright colors on your life jacket can help with that.

All the products here come in a range of different colors which can help when trying to spot your dog as soon as possible. Some companies though also add reflective material to their jackets so that you’d have that added visibility in low-light as well. What color you choose comes down to a personal preference, but picking a bright color always adds that extra layer of security should the worst come to happen.


In terms of security, we mean how secure the fastening is of the buckles and also things like the grab strap too. When your dog is in the water, there will be a lot of pressure being applied to those buckles so they need to remain firm while they are in the water. Most of the products reviewed come with three buckles that will all provide a high level of protection.

When you’re buying a product like a dog life jacket, then it’s important to buy quality. You get what you pay for and if you’re buying a product cheaply from an unknown source then you are opening yourself up to a world of potential problems. With areas like the grab strap, they simply can’t fail and if you have a big dog then they need to be able to hold a lot of weight. Buying quality is essential t getting a high level of security in life jacket.



Q: When My Dog Needs a Life Jacket?


You’ll know personally how strong your dog is, and if you’re heading out to the water you’ll know better than anyone else how strongly your dog can swim. Most life jackets of dogs are seen as required for when you’re out on a boat, but there are plenty of other uses too. Your dog might just love playing in the water and needs that extra support in case they get tired or you might even want a friendly companion on the water next to you while you’re kayaking.

If you’re the type of person who likes to be by the beach a lot with your pet, then it makes sense for them to wear the life jacket at all times. With will not only keep them safe at all levels of activities, but it will also get them used to wear it and build up and association with the jacket and the water. This will mean that when you simply have to use one, like being on a boat, your dog will be perfectly used to it.

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Q: Why My Dog Needs A Life Jacket?


Yes, your dog can swim and they most likely can swim very well. Humans can swim well too but if you were on a boat and you went overboard, would you want to be wearing a life jacket? The answer is going to be yes and if your dog finds it’s self a few miles out from shore, then it’s likely that they have never swum in such water. Added to that too, even in other forms of water your dog may get tired and a life jacket will allow them to have fun for longer as they won’t be required to out in as much effort.

Just because dogs can swim it doesn’t make them immune to the effects of the water, and you never know when a situation might arise where your dog needs the extra support that a life jacket can provide to them. Life jackets are almost as essential for dogs as they are for humans.

Q: Are Dog Life Jackets Only For Boat Trips?


If you’re going on a boat trip, then your dog needs to be wearing a life jacket. Life jackets for dogs are generally seen as a thing for boat trips and with good reason too as if you’re out there on the open water, then having one is an absolute must. There are, however, other reasons for your favorite pet to be wearing a life jacket. If you’re out in any water then your dog may get tired, and the life jacket will be able to keep them afloat and swimming for a lot longer. Some dogs just love swimming, and a life jacket will not only keep them safe, but also happier for longer. You also never know what can happen and your dog may get sick or injured and a life jacket can be there to help them should the worst happen

Q: What Size Life Jacket Does My Dog Need?


Obviously the size of a dog varies hugely, and a lot more than humans do. In order to accommodate this, dog life jackets come in a wide range of sizes you ’ll always be able to find something that fits your canine. Then it comes to size, it’s always best to check the buying guide and in order to do so, you’ll need to measure your dog’s chest girth. Once you have that measurement then you’ll be able to find the closest size to match and then make the perfect fit by using the adjustable straps.

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Q: How Do I Measure My Dog’s Chest Girth?


Just like finding the chest size on a man’s dinner jacket, you need to find the chest girth of your dog in order to find the perfect fit. The chest girth it simply the circumference of your dog’s chest at the widest part. This makes it very simple to measure as you simply look for the widest part of your dog’s body, which is usually just in front of the back legs, and measure it with some flexible measuring tape.

The measurement is important as you want to ensure you’re getting a jacket that is secure but not too tight. It’s also important to remember that each brand has different sizing charts, so make sure to check your measurement against each one.

Globo Surf Overview

Getting a dog floatation vest while you’re out on a boat is critical, but there are many other times when it can be great to have a dog swim vest on as well. Buying the correct product is never easy, but hopefully, here we’ve made it as clear as possible for you to make the right choice.

Most companies have multiple size options available, so once you’ve measured your dog’s chest girth then you can reference it against the companies different size guides so that you can find the correct fit for your dog. You’ll want to look for adjustable straps so that you can really fit the vest perfectly against your dog’s body.

There are other things to consider too such as color, as you want to make sure that your dog is visible at all times and you will also want to know that your pooch is safe and secure in their jacket with proper straps as well as having a durable grab handles.

Getting a dog life preserver is essential to not only provide your dog the support it needs in the water but also to give you peace of mind that they’ll always be safe. Hopefully, this buying guide has given you all the tools you need to pick the best dog life jacket for your beloved four-legged friend.

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