Safety is very important when engaging in activities involving water, and even more so for non-swimmers. If you’re in this category, it’s smart to spend some time choosing and get a life jacket that can potentially save your life. As you probably know, several types of life jackets exist. However, the choice narrows down a bit when it comes to products for users that can’t swim. For this reason, we created a buying guide to discuss the features you should look for, and help you find the best life jacket for non swimmers before going on your next water adventure. But first, take a look at some fantastic products we picked out for you, to help you narrow down your choice.

How To Choose A Life Jacket For Non Swimmer – Buying Guide


Even though the purpose of a life jacket is obvious, non-swimmers need an additional boost because they can’t float on their own. This is why some features make a product more suitable – for example, a collar to support your head, and whether the vest can flip you on your back so your head stays above water. Of course, we shouldn’t forget about proper size and fit, because these are crucial if you want the vest to work like it should.


Buying a life jacket a size too large or small will make it inefficient or so uncomfortable you won’t even want to wear it. When talking about size, you need to pick a product based on your chest circumference, and also based on weight (when buying a kid’s vest). Luckily, most products featured in our life jacket for non swimmers reviews come with a convenient chart so you can compare. To give you a better choice, we listed products in all sizes – oversized, adults, kids, and even infant life jackets. You should always follow manufacturer’s instructions when available, and don’t forget to count in the clothing you’ll wear underneath the jacket. In addition to protection, the jacket should allow unrestricted movement without getting in the way of your activity.

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Closely related to size, a proper fit holds the jacket in place and allows it to keep your head above water. When putting the jacket on, you should loosen the straps first. Then buckle them, and adjust the tightness (this should be easy to do). The jacket shouldn’t press on you, make you uncomfortable or chafe your skin. On the other hand, it shouldn’t move too much or go above ear level when you pull it upwards. Life jackets for kids need to be even more snug, and that’s why they often come with additional straps. Some models of women’s life jackets are shaped differently so the ladies get a better fit.

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This is important in terms of reliability and durability. Materials most commonly used are nylon and neoprene. Nylon is strong, durable and affordable. It’s also lightweight, so it’s obvious why so many products are made from it. Neoprene offers better buoyancy and increased comfort, but it also costs more. Some products use a mix of different materials, to bring you the best of each. Taking care of your life jacket will prolong its lifespan, so you should take some time and learn how to clean life jackets.

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Several things improve the protection your life vest can give you. As we mentioned, the best PFD for non swimmers should provide solid head support so it doesn’t get submerged. Furthermore, it should be able to flip you on your back, so you don’t accidentally end up face down if you’re unconscious. You should check the buoyancy your new non swimmers life jacket can give you, and whether it can properly support your body weight. Some product are designed for calm water, while others will keep you on the water surface even in high waves. Take a look at our life jacket buying guide to learn more about this. Furthermore, the product should be brightly colored so you’re visible to the rescue team. Many life jackets are thoroughly tested and have USCG seal of approval, which should give you peace of mind.

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Q: Can A Non Swimmer Drown Even If They Wear A Life Jacket?


Unfortunately yes, it can happen. This is why it’s important to pay attention when choosing the safety life jacket and to adjust it well when you have it on. If you wear it wrong, you’re putting yourself at risk. Some dangerous situations involve waves that are too big and splash over you, laying in the water face down when unconscious, or getting tangled into something without being able to get your head above water. However, this is not very likely to happen, and it’s important that you don’t panic and try to breathe normally if you do end up in the water. In addition, it can certainly benefit you to pick up some basics and learn how to swim.

Q: Are These Life Jackets Suitable For Boats?


Yes, some of them are. Life jackets for boating need to be approved by the Coast Guard and need to meet the different life jacket laws by state. You need to follow these regulations, and it most often applies to both swimmers and non-swimmers. You should always look for the most comfortable product that meets these requirements because you’ll usually stay on the boat for a longer time period.

Q: Are These Life Jackets Safe?


Yes, absolutely. As we mentioned, as long as you find the right design, size and fit, and you’re pretty much covered. Furthermore, some jackets are specially designed so you can enjoy your favorite activity without difficulties. If you need a more specific product, be sure to check life jackets for kayaking, jet ski and fishing.

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A good life jacket can literally save your life. Non-swimmers need to be aware of potential risks, and prepare themselves before going out. Get yourself a life jacket on time, and have peace in knowing that you’re covered if something unexpected happens. We hope our guide and product selection helped you make up your mind. Stay safe and have fun!

Have you tried a life jacket for non swimmers that made it onto our list? Was the fit good? What about comfort? Did you try it in water? Please share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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