If you aren’t a particularly strong swimmer but don’t want to miss out on fun water activities with friends, the main thing you need to think about is safety. Wearing a life jacket is crucial here, as it reduces the chances of drowning even if you end up in the water.

But how do you choose the best life jacket for non swimmers? First and foremost, it should be buoyant enough to keep you afloat, and it should be comfortable so it doesn’t tempt you to take it off.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the highest-rated life jackets available and discuss their features so you can find the right model for any type of water adventure.

How To Choose A Life Jacket For Non Swimmer – Buying Guide



Buying a life jacket a size too large or small will make it either inefficient or so uncomfortable that you won’t even want to wear it. When talking about size, you need to pick a product based on your chest circumference, and also based on weight (when buying a kid’s vest). Luckily, most products featured in our life jacket for non swimmers reviews come with a convenient chart so you can compare.

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Closely related to size, a proper fit holds the jacket in place and allows it to keep your head above water. The jacket shouldn’t press on you, make you uncomfortable, or chafe your skin. On the other hand, it shouldn’t move too much or go above ear level when you pull it upwards.

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Materials most commonly used for life jackets are nylon and neoprene. Nylon is strong, durable, and affordable. It’s also lightweight, so it’s obvious why so many products are made from it. Neoprene offers better buoyancy and increased comfort, but it also costs more.

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Several things influence the protection your life vest can give you. First and foremost, the best PFD for non swimmers should provide solid head support so it doesn’t get submerged. Furthermore, it should be able to flip you on your back. Before buying, be sure to check the buoyancy your new non swimmers life jacket and see whether it can properly support your body weight.

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Q: Can A Non Swimmer Drown Even If They Wear A Life Jacket?


Unfortunately yes, it can happen. This is why it’s important to pay attention when choosing the safety life jacket and to adjust it well when you have it on. Some dangerous situations involve waves that are too big and splash over you, laying in the water face down when unconscious, or getting tangled into something without being able to get your head above water.

Q: Are These Life Jackets Suitable For Boats?


While this depends on the model, most life vests are suitable for boats. Life jackets for boating need to be approved by the Coast Guard and need to meet the different state regulations that apply to both swimmers and non-swimmers.

Q: Are These Life Jackets Safe?


Yes, absolutely. As long as you find the right design and fit, you’re pretty much covered. All of the life vests we’ve featured have more than enough buoyancy to keep even heavier individuals on the surface.

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If you’re a non-swimmer going out on the water, make sure to avoid potential risks and prepare yourself properly. As something that can literally save your life, a good life jacket is necessary. We hope that our guide and product selection pointed you in the right direction, so you rely on your jacket to save you in case of an accident. Stay safe and have fun!

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