Kayaking can be great fun when you’re out there in the great outdoors. As with any activity on the water though, there are added risks that you have to respect before you do your favorite activity. In order to pay that respect to the water on a kayak, you need to make sure that you’re wearing a life jacket.

Finding the best life jacket for kayaking then is crucial to ensure your safety and provide that help should you ever find yourself in the water. Thankfully there are a number of great products out there and finding the best kayak like jacket has never been easier.

To help you find your perfect jacket, we’ve looked at the kayak life vest reviews to come up with a top list and a buying guide to make it as simple as possible. So read on, pick your favorite then grab your kayak and head out on the water.

How To Choose A Life Jacket For Kayaking – Buying Guide


How to Buy a Kayak PFD

How to Buy a Kayak? When buying a PFD for kayaking it’s important to make sure that it’ll have the correct fit for you and the right amount of features that you want. Size plays a crucial role in picking the best life jacket for kayaking and before you do it’s probably the best idea to get a tape measure out so you get the right chest size that you need and the scales out to ensure that it can support your weight. Once you know these things, then read through the rest of this buying guide so you know how important each feature is.

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With life jackets comes the secondary safety issue. Obviously the first is the fact that it has to be able to support you in the water and the second is that once you’re in the water, you want to be rescued as quickly as possible. Some come in bright colors and others have other features like a whistle, another key feature are reflective strips. If you’re doing to be kayaking in low light, then it’s a great idea to look for a jacket with this option.

Number of Pockets

The number of pockets you need depends on what activity that you’re doing and how you like to organize your things. Some people simply like having their items in a bag nearby and wouldn’t require any pockets on their jacket. Others, like fishermen, will most likely want an array of pockets for all their little bits of gear. Before choosing a jacket, just consider what you’ll be carrying and where you’ll be carrying it.

Women’s PFD for Kayaking

As life jackets have to be tight to the chest, naturally women have different requirements than men. Thankfully there are specialist life jackets out there which are just for women and will provide a much more comfortable fit than a regular jacket. It’s vital to get the right fit and if you think you’ve made the best choice, it’s best to test it out in the water and make sure it keeps you buoyant and doesn’t ride up. Women’s PFD’s can be harder to fit than men’s due to the different body types, so It’s even more important to make sure that you get the adjustments correct.

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Life jackets aren’t like a regular clothing item and need to fit perfectly before you can go out there and wear one. Due to this, they will come in a range of different sizes, but will also be highly adjustable too. How many adjusting points they have can depend on the type of the jacket and how you put it on. One jacket having more straps might not fit better than a jacket with less as they could be made differently. Before you head out on the water though, make sure that your jacket is adjusted so that it’s comfortable and doesn’t move around.



Q: Do you wear life jacket when you kayak?


The simple answer to this is yes. Everyone who is out on a kayak should be wearing a life jacket as it’s the safest option to do so. Some may think that it’s best to go without as they might restrict mobility or be uncomfortable, but life jackets have never been easier to keep on for a whole day so you should make sure that you’re wearing a jacket when you kayak.

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Q: Why should you wear a life jacket while kayaking?


If you capsize on a kayak and you’re not wearing a life jacket then you’ll soon realize the answer to this question. They are there to keep you safe and even if you’re a strong swimmer, finding yourself in trouble and be a shock and cause the panic to set in. Having a life jacket will be able to give you that added assistance that you need until you can either recover or be rescued.

It might have been an excuse in the past that life jackets were uncomfortable and restricted movement, but that’s not an excuse that can be used anymore as they are lightweight and you’ll soon forget that you’re even wearing one at all.

It simply just makes an overwhelming about of common sense to be wearing a life jacket while you’re kayaking. Whatever else you wear while you’re in the boat, you need a life jacket to go with it. Once you wear one, you can then head out to the water knowing that if danger strikes, then you won’t have any regrets.

Globo Surf Overview

Being out on the kayak can be a wonderful experience, you could go out and set up a camp. Anchor up your kayak to be able to go fishing or simply enjoy the experience of kayaking on a peaceful lake. Whatever the reason that you’re heading out on the kayak, it’s to do something that you love to do. What you don’t want to think about is what could go wrong and possibly having a bad experience.

While you don’t want to think about it, you have to prepare for it. You wouldn’t set off in your car without an airbag and putting on your seatbelt, and you shouldn’t start paddling in a kayak without wearing a life jacket. It needs to be a fundamental part of your kayaking equipment.

We’ve looked through the top rated kayak life jackets to come up with this list so you can choose the best jacket for you. Whether you’re looking for a sea kayak life jackets or just a lightweight life vest for kayaking, everything is covered here.

Using a kayak personal floatation device (PFD) has never been easier and more simple, not only just a lifesaving tool, they can also be usual jackets with numerous pockets in which you can store your equipment and supplies. A kayak floatation vest will allow you to enjoy your favorite activity without thinking about your safety.

Should you ever fall in the water, you’ll be protected and in the best possible shape to recover or be rescued. This buying guide has hopefully shown you the important aspects of a kayak life jacket so you can then decide which features are important for you to make a personal choice on which one you need. Once that choice is made, you can then spend countless days relaxing and enjoying your favorite activity, knowing that you’ll always be protected should anything happen.

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