Water sports are great fun but they come with their share of risks. Having a properly fitting life jacket is essential for safety when having fun on the water. For plus-sized water sports enthusiasts who enjoy kayaking, waterskiing, boating, paddleboarding, and more, below are the best big and tall life jackets to consider. These lifesavers come in extra-large sizes and provide buoyancy lifts you can count on to keep you afloat in the water.  

How To Choose A Big And Tall Life Jacket – Buying Guide



The whole point of looking for the best big and tall life vest is to find the perfect size for your body. To determine what size to order, use a measuring tape to measure around your chest, and choose a size that matches your chest measurement. Also, check a life vest’s big and tall life jackets reviews to find out whether it runs large or small. 

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An ill-fitting life vest is of little protection. In addition to ordering the right size, choose a big and tall life jacket with adjustable straps so you will be able to personalize the fit. Extra-large life jackets with open-sided designs are great as they are expandable. Big and tall life jackets for water sports should fit comfortably snug.


The best big and tall life vests feature shells made of a material that is strong and durable but lightweight, soft, and quick-drying. Tough synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, and neoprene fit the bill. On the inside, big and tall life jackets have foam panels or air chambers for buoyancy.

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Q: Are Straps or Zipper Better For Plus-Size Life Jackets?


Straps are better, as they enable you to customize the fit. However, a zipper is also essential for a secure fit. For this reason, some of the best big and tall life jackets offer both a zipper closure and adjustable straps, giving you the best of both.

Q: Can Women Wear Men’s Life Jackets?


They can and they do. Men’s life jackets are great for both men and women. If you like a big man’s life jacket that comes in your size and has enough room in the chest area, go for it. What is important is the proper fit, function, and comfort.

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It’s important to have a properly fitting life jacket when enjoying the water. If you have a plus-size build, the best big and tall life jackets will give you a perfect fit and a sense of security so you can enjoy your favorite water activities fully. And if you were to fall in the water, your life vest can be a lifesaver.

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