A life jacket is a vital piece of safety equipment if you’re out on the water. They are often seen as life-saving measures, but they can also play a vital role in simply making life easier for you should you ever find yourself in the water unexpectedly.

Finding the best women’s life jacket can be difficult with the wide range of options on the market, but here we’ve looked the best women’s life jacket reviews to come up with the top 8 female life jackets so you’ll be able to choose the best women’s life vest for you.

So read on and look through your buying guide so you can feel safe and secure when you’re out on the water.

How To Choose A Women Life Jacket – Buying Guide



Then it comes to life jackets, there are divided into five sub-categories depending on what their intended use. There we’ll go through all five types and how they relate to you.

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Type I – Type I jackets are kind to be used for emergencies only, so this isn’t what you’ll be looking for. They are the much larger type that you see and are designed to keep you buoyant in the roughest of seas. They are not designed to be comfortable, but to keep you safe.

Type II – This is another jacket that you’re unlikely to want to buy, unless you can’t swim. These jackets are generally designed for one of two purposes. Firstly, for emergencies situation in calmer seas as they are smaller than a Type I jacket and secondly, for infants who are unable to swim.

Type III – If you want to do activities on the water while wearing a comfortable life jacket that doesn’t restrict your movement, then a Type III is what you’re looking for. Designed to keep you safe, but for people who are stronger in the water and aren’t far out at sea.

Type IV – We have all seen these, but now you’ll know them as Type IV floatation devices, they are the type that you see at the side of swimming pools and boats, not a jacket as they are thrown in the water to help people who are struggling.

Type V – This is another jacket that you might wear, but it offers less protection than any of the other four. These are more specialist life jackets for activities such as waterskiing that give some extra assistance should something bad happen.

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A life jacket isn’t like a regular piece of clothing where you can get away with maybe having it fit a little too big, or a little small, a life jacket has to fit perfectly. In order to know that does it should fit snugly around your body, but without being restrictive. When you get into the water, the life jacket shouldn’t ride up at all, but stay in place.

It’s important to check the sizes that you require, then once you have the life jacket that most closely matches your body, you should be able to then use the adjustable straps to get the correct fit.


With life jackets, neoprene is generally seen as the better material due to the fact that it is stronger, harder wearing and also provides a little bit of stretch so that it’s more comfortable. The other main material used when making life jackets is nylon, which is another great material. While nylon might not have those strengths of neoprene, it is generally a lighter material. Both a very good materials to use for a life jacket, but if you had to pick one, then neoprene holds the edge.

Weight Capacity

Different jackets have a different capacity for holding weight, and this should be checked before you make your choice. If you’re of average build, then all standard life jackets are going to be able to offer you the support you need. If you’re a little bigger, then larger sizes should be available and if you’re unsure, you should always check with the manufacturer.


Color if a life jacket isn’t just a choice, it could be the difference between life and death. If you’re always going to be using yours close to a shoreline, then it doesn’t matter too much, but if the worst happens when you want to be as visible as possible. Having florescent colors will quickly contrast you against the water and make sure you’re spotted as soon as possible. Life jackets come in many different designs, so plenty of personal choice is still available, but you probably want to be looking out for bright colors.


When you’re using a life jacket, its buoyancy is how much it lifts you out of the water. Life jackets are designed to be able to give your mouth and nose a clear path to breath. All standard life jackets should give you more than enough buoyancy so that you can naturally float in the water without any effort. Once you buy your jacket then you want to make sure you test its buoyancy in a safe place such as a pool. If you can’t breathe without any effort, then your life jacket isn’t buoyant enough.

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Q: What is life jacket?


A life jacket, otherwise known as a personal floatation device, is a device that attaches to the body which will provide buoyancy should anyone ever find themselves in the water. They are designed to be securely attached to the body and the main floats will be on the front so that the user is leaned back in the water so their airways can be clear.

Different types of jacket provide different levels of support, but all are there for you should the worst happen. They were originally designed for emergencies on long ship journeys, but modern life jackets are light and comfortable and can be used for a range of different activities.

Q: How to tell if a life jacket is coast guard approved?


Firstly it could be said that you should not be buying a life jacket unless it has been approved by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) as they are responsible for approving safety jackets, the only exception being a vest which is designed for high-impact water sports. Jackets can be sold without this approval, but it’s an industry standard to get it approved by them, so if it’s not, then you have to doubt the quality of the product.

All the life jackets we’ve reviewed here have been approved by the USCG with the exception of the high-impact vest and you should be able to see their mark of approval on the product descriptions and on their website. When you get the product, the USCG logo should be on the packaging. Companies know how important it is to get their approval, so they always make it a clear as possible.

Globo Surf Overview

Life jackets are an essential item for many reasons when you’re out kayaking or kayak fishing, swimming or just going to the beach. For many people though, and especially those with a large bust, it can be very difficult to find a life jacket that is going to give you the support you need. Many of the female life jackets here are highly adjustable which will make sure they fit all body types.

Whether you’re looking for girly life jackets or just a standard womens PFD, this list highlights the great options that are available to keep you safe on the water. A lot comes down to personal choice with whatever product you buy, but with ladies life vests there are also some great features that are available too.

If you’re out there on a boat or in a more remote location, then you’ll want a life jacket that is big and bright to give you as much support as possible, if you’re out there waterskiing then you might want something a little lighter. Life jackets are an essential item for many, and sometimes it’s the law to wear on or to have one at hand.

Hopefully this list and buying guide has given you the tools you need to pick the perfect life jacket for you, then you can head out onto the water safe in the knowledge that should the worst happen, you know you’re going to be protected.

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