The Top 10 Ski And Snowboard Tuning Vises In 2023

Once you’ve purchased your skis or snowboards, waxing and tuning are part of those basic tasks that should be done at the beginning of every season. For this, you have to be able to rely on solid vises that will not make your precious equipment slip out of your grasp while you are carefully at work on it.

Investing in the best ski tuning vises is something you should be paying close attention to because it can prevent you from accidentally damaging your gear before you even get out on the slopes. This is the reason why we have compiled reviews of the best ski tuning vises of 2023, so you can choose tools you can trust to work on your skis or snowboards and make them ready to perform once you get outside.

How To Choose A Ski And Snowboard Tuning Vise – Buying Guide



Since skis and snowboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes<span lang=”IT” style=”font-size: 11.5pt; font-family: ‘Verdana’,’sans-serif’; color: #1c1e29;”>, depending on your age, gender, weight or what kind of experience you’re going after on the slopes, then ski clamps for tuning, or snowboard clamps for waxing, have to be able to accommodate all the differences. The best ski and snowboard tuning vises, therefore, come with a wider jaw that is adaptable to all the different shapes and widths you may need. The vises should also provide you with different mounting options, so you can comfortably adjust the position of your favorite snowboards or skis to work more efficiently.


Depending on what you’re working on and where you’re doing it, you might be brought to consider if you need one, two or three-piece vises. Skis might be better secured with a two or three-piece vise since you can sustain both the tip and the tail, but some single vises provide better functionality by using multiple different clamps. Some of the best snowboard tuning vises are two-piece but generally, three-piece vises turn out to be the most useful since in addition to supporting on the ends they can also secure a hold on the middle and avoid unwanted flexing while you’re working. Just make sure that you have enough space to properly place them and you’ll be fine.

Working Surface

The strength of the hold of your snowboard clamps won’t matter if they are not safely secured to the working surface beneath them. If it wobbles, then even the slightest force you will apply when you’re tuning or waxing is likely to move the whole setup and ruin your work. For these reasons your tuning vises need to clamp well on your working surface so when you buy them make sure that the bottom part is wide enough to firmly grasp the edge of it.


The best ski tuning vises are made of metal. You will probably find plastic models as well, but if your goal is to do a clean job you need reliable clamps to firmly secure your gear, so metal will be your best choice for tools that will work for a long time without getting worn out or damaged. A tough and lightweight option is aluminium, which is also resistant to rust and can serve you well in areas of high humidity. Polycarbonate plastic is also tough and durable and is the closest form of plastic you will get to actual metal.


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The jaw of the vise is the point that will come in contact with your skis or snowboards, so it has to be carefully considered when making a purchase. The thing you need is a rubber grip, firstly because it will prevent the skis from slipping out of the hold and secondly because it will not leave any marks on the surface of your boards, which may affect the smoothness of their slide. If your gear is wider than average, you can also find top rated ski or snowboard tuning vises than stretch up to 150 mm to fit it. 


To help you out with your delicate job, there are a few accessories available on the market that can prove of great use. If you are positioning your skis vertically, you might be helped by spacers in order to set their position at the desired height. If you find yourself having to fasten your snowboard bindings when waxing, a strap is also a useful tool.


Q: Why Do I Need A Tuning Vise?


Tuning your skis or waxing your snowboard is a process that will make them achieve the best possible performance once you take them out on the slopes. Smoothing the board and sharpening the edges will enable you to glide effortlessly on the snow and feel that you have the gear you can trust latched onto your feet, that will quickly respond to any change in direction you decide to make. The best ski tuning vises or snowboard tuning vise are needed to make sure that your equipment is firmly secured and will not move while you are working on it, enabling you to do your job with absolute precision, that will then translate to a pleasurable experience in the mountains.

Q: What Other Gear Will I Need?


Tuning your skis is a process that requires several steps and for each one of these other tools is needed. Aside from the best ski tuning vises, which you will have found while reading our ski tuning vises reviews listed above, you will need a diamond stone (not made with actual diamonds!) to remove any rough spots you might find on the edges and make them uniform. You will then need a gummy stone to take care of the rust and polish the skis, as well as a good file with a file guide to set a bevel. Other tools for the job are a wax iron if you need to apply wax to the skis, a wax scraper if there is material to remove, a brake retainer to keep the ski brakes out of your way while you are working and finally some p-tex sticks if there are more substantial repairs to be made.

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Whichever winter activity you prefer, you’ll surely be aware of the importance of having great gear. This gear has to be taken care of often enough and we’re confident that after reading our review of the best snowboard and ski tuning vises you’ll be able to make a clear decision and head straight for the slopes.

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