Cold hands and fingers can be extremely uncomfortable when you’re out on the slopes. While all your ski gear is essential, one overlooked piece of equipment are thin gloves. Glove liners for cold weather are an excellent way to combat the freezing temperatures that skiers experience on the slopes.

In addition to your ski gloves, having a pair of gloves liners provide another layer of protection keeping your hands warm. To help skiers find a new thermal glove liner we have listed the ten best ski glove liners in 2020. These glove liners deliver peak performance and come enhanced with innovative design features. With the best glove liners, you can keep the cold at bay and have fun all day on the slopes.

How To Choose The Best Ski Glove Liners – Buying Guide


Thin gloves will all have a similar design, but slight differences in features can determine whether a pair of gloves offer exceptional performance or lacking in design. Below, we have highlighted the most crucial considerations that skiers should consider when they are looking for the warmest liner gloves.


Glove liners for extreme cold can be made of a variety of materials, both synthetic and natural. The most popular materials used are Nylon, Polyester, Spandex, silk, and wool. Ideally, you want the material of your thermal glove liners to be comfortable, stretchy, and lightweight. Some materials may even make a waterproof glove liner, which would be great for resisting wet snow.


Any cold weather glove liners need to be comfortable to use. Comfort can come in the forms of dexterity and the material of the glove. Your hands and fingers should have freedom of movement so that you can hold your ski poles or use your cell phone. However, comfort also means that the material of your snowboard glove liner never irritates your skin.


Your thermal glove liner should fit snuggly to ensure that it does not fall off, but not be so that that it restricts or causes discomfort. Most ski liners for skiing have a unisex fit, which means that a man or woman can use any one of the sizes provided. However, some thin gloves are sized based on gender. If you use women’s ski gloves, ensure that you find a size that doesn’t add additional bulk to the glove liner.

Most brands will include a size chart, which you can use to measure your hand and determine which size would suit you best. However, skiers that are between sizes may benefit from reading reviews of the best ski glove liner to determine their size. Many reviewers will comment on a fit of a design and whether it runs small, large, or as expected.


The warmest glove liners for skiing will feature insulation in their design. A waterproof glove liner is used to provide additional insulation to your external ski gloves and keep your hands warmer.

But there are different levels of insulation. An ultra-thin glove will provide less insulation than a thicker glove. Generally, the insulation of your glove should be balanced with the insulation of your ski gloves. Thicker ski gloves can use lighter liners than thin ski gloves.

Breathability and Wicking

Top rated glove liners will be breathable and have wicking features to keep your hands dry. Wet hands are already a discomfort on the trail. But it is worse to have wet hands be exposed to cold weather because you’ll get colder faster. The breathability and wicking features of thermal glove liners work to ensure your hands always stay dry. Dry hands won’t lose their heat as fast and will stay warmer for all-day-long comfort.


While we’ve mostly highlighted these ski liners for skiing, they are versatile for any recreational use. Many designs will also function as a snowboard glove liner or as an additional layer of protection for any winter sport activity. Skiers don’t necessarily have to be skiing on the mountain to unlock the benefits of a thermal glove liner.



Q: What is a ski glove liner?


A ski glove liner is another type of glove that is used to be combined with a pair of ski gloves or exterior glove shells. Liners for ski gloves work to provide additional insulation and warmth for your hands in extreme weather conditions. However, thin gloves are versatile, and in warmer conditions, they may be your primary layer of protection.

Q: Are thin gloves necessary?


No, but they are preferred. Liners for extreme cold are effective in protecting your hands and keeping them warm. When your gloves don’t come with glove liners, many skiers will add a thermal glove liner to their gear list to help keep their hands toasty. If you struggle with cold hands on the mountain, thin gloves are the most convenient answer to maintaining warmth and dexterity in your hands.

Q: What are the benefits of wearing thin gloves?


The two main benefits of wearing this type of gloves are warmth and protection. While your ski gloves work to provide the same benefits, in extreme weather, they can fall short in their performance. To boost and enhance your ski gloves, you can use the warmest liner gloves. With a waterproof glove liner, your hands receive the protection they need so that you are comfortable on the trail.

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Skiing is a thrilling winter activity, but being unprepared for extreme weather can make your time on the mountain miserable. By using the best glove liners, skiers can avoid discomfort and ensure that their hands stay snug.

We have made this guide and found the ten best ski glove liners to help skiers in their search for quality gear. Using our guide, you have everything you need to find the best ski gloves that are durable, functional, lightweight, and comfortable. From the highest peaks to the fastest slopes, your gloves will work hard to protect your hands in the harshest conditions. So forget about discomfort and hit the slopes!

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