Cold fingers can be extremely uncomfortable when you’re out on the slopes. Even if you have a good pair of ski gloves, low temperatures and strong wind can quickly cool your hands down. If you want some additional warmth on the slopes, there is an easy solution – glove liners for cold weather.

A good thermal glove liner is an excellent way to combat the freezing temperatures and keep your hands warm all day long. For optimal results, it needs to be warm and soft while allowing your hands to breathe. In this article, we’re going to talk about the best glove liners on the market so you can be prepared for all conditions on the snow.

How To Choose Ski Glove Liners – Buying Guide


Liner Material

Glove liners for the extreme cold can be made of a variety of materials, both synthetic and natural. The most popular materials used are nylon, polyester, spandex, silk, and wool. Ideally, you want the material of your thermal glove liners to be comfortable, stretchy, and lightweight. Some materials may even make a waterproof glove liner, which is great for resisting wet snow.

Comfort While Wearing

Regardless of the model, cold weather glove liners need to be comfortable to use. Comfort can come in the forms of dexterity and softness of the glove. The liner shouldn’t limit the movement of your fingers, so you can hold ski poles or use your phone without problems. Additionally, comfort also means that the material of your snowboard glove liner doesn’t irritate your skin.

Fit and Flexibility

Your thermal glove liner should fit snuggly to ensure that it does not fall off, but not too tight to restrict blood flow or cause discomfort. Most ski liners for skiing have a unisex fit, which means that both men and women can use them.

However, some thin gloves come in sizes based on gender. If you use women’s ski gloves, make sure that you find a size that doesn’t add additional bulk to the liner.

To help you with this, most brands include a size chart with the product. This way, you can measure your hand and determine which is the best ski glove liner for your hand. If you’re between sizes, it’s a good idea to go through the reviews and see what other skiers say about the fit and flexibility.

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Insulation Quality

The warmest glove liners for skiing will feature some type of insulation in their design. Keep in mind that there are different levels of insulation though and that you can’t expect an ultra-thin glove to provide the same level of warmth as a thick one. 

Generally speaking, the insulation of your pair of gloves should be balanced with the insulation of your liners. For optimal performance, thicker ski gloves should use lighter liners and vice versa.

Breathability and Wicking

Top-rated glove liners will be breathable and have wicking features to keep your hands dry, as wet hands during winter mean that you’ll lose heat much faster than you normally would. All well-made thermal glove liners should work to ensure that your hands always stay dry, which is a big step in retaining heat and ensuring all-day comfort.

Versatility in Use

While we have highlighted the products on our list as ski liners for skiing, most of them are versatile enough for recreational use. For example, many models will also function as a snowboard glove liner or a light standalone glove during outdoor activities. Because of this, you don’t necessarily have to be skiing to unlock the benefits of a thermal glove liner.



Q: Do You Need Glove Liners When Skiing?


They are not necessary, but can be incredibly useful. The warmest liner gloves will allow you to enjoy the slopes even in sub-zero temperatures without having cold hands after a couple of hours. Also, if you choose a waterproof glove liner, you can rest assured that not a drop of melted snow will reach your hands.

Q: Do Glove Liners Work?


Yes, they work really well. A good pair of thermal glove liners will significantly improve the performance of your gloves and make sure you never have frozen fingers no matter how cold it is outside.

Q: What Is The Purpose Of Glove Liners?


Glove liners are additional hand protection that you wear inside your regular gloves for skiing. They provide a higher degree of warmth, and help wick away moisture so your hands stay dry throughout your activity.

Globo Surf Overview

To make the most out of your skiing adventure, you need to be properly prepared. There’s nothing worse than having freezing hands while skiing, and the best ski glove liners can make a huge difference here. We hope that our reviews helped you pick the best glove liners that will make you forget about discomfort and allow you to hit the slopes with confidence.

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