When the snow starts to fall, many of us dust off our skies and head to the mountains in search of some winter fun. However, in all the enjoyment of spending your days riding down white slopes, it’s easy to forget about taking care of your body and throw caution to the wind! The knees are two of the major joints in our legs, which makes them prone to strain and knee injuries, especially when skiing or snowboarding. Knee injuries consist of about 35% of skiers’ injuries, and it is therefore extremely important to protect them.

The best knee braces are made both to protect current, or old knee injuries, and as a preventative measure against future injuries, such as medial collateral ligament tears. Knee injuries can be very serious and should be treated as such. However, with such a wide range on the market, it can be difficult to decide on the best ski knee brace for you. We have selected the top ten best ski knee braces on the market, and a helpful buying guide to help you choose, so nothing will keep you off the slopes this season!

How To Choose The Best Ski Knee Brace – Buying Guide


Picking out ski knee braces can often be difficult, as you have to choose one that is perfect for whatever you want to use it for, such as prevention or healing purposes.

Choosing the best knee support for skiing should be done with the advice of your doctor, especially if you have a knee injury.

Protection Vs. Prevention

Knee braces or supports are worn by many skiers, but the majority of skiers only think to wear a knee brace to protect against an injury they already have. Most skiers don’t know that knee braces can also prevent knee injuries. Braces offer support for your knee and leg.


There are several kinds of knee braces out there, designed for a large variety of activities and to prevent or heal various injuries or joint problems. Below we have listed some of the types for you to have a better understanding.

Rehabilitative: Provides after surgery rehabilitation and controls the movement of the knee.

Support Braces: Wraps your knee from all the sides and provides adjustable support.

Knee Sleeves: Provides basic protection for comfort.

Prophylactic Braces: Designed to heal sports injuries and prevent further damage.

Functional: Recommended by doctors after surgery, or for sports injury protection.

Unloaders: Recommended for arthritis, osteoarthritis, and other knee problems.

Stabilizers Brace: Provides exclusive support with steel strings for specific knee-related problems or injuries.


Most people have a hard time picking between knee sleeves and traditional knee braces. People want the extra lightness of knee sleeves but the sturdiness of a traditional knee brace. Luckily, there are some knee braces that stop right in the middle of both designs.

There are two styles of knee braces. The sleeve type slides on the knee by opening and stretching your foot, and is sized to offer better support. The wraparound type is made for the flexibility of your use, it can be used either from the front or back. Though people often prefer knee sleeves because of how convenient they are to wear under ski pants, wraparound styles tend to offer superior support for certain injuries.

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Open Vs. Closed Patella

The closed patella design is specifically made for people who want the same amount of support on their knee caps. Though the same amount of pressure is allowed by the open patella braces, they let more air in for breathability to prevent sweating or related irritation.


You have to be careful about the measurement of the brace so that you can get the perfect fit; nobody wants knee braces that are too tight or too loose. You have to make sure you are aware of all the measurement information concerning the particular brand you plan to purchase. Size varies according to brand so you have to be very cautious while picking the perfect knee brace for you.

Slip-On Vs. Wrap Around

There are two known types of braces; slip-on and wrap around. Slip-on braces usually come in a certain size range (Small, medium, and large).

Wrap around braces are more common, they are often used as prescription solutions for knee problems. You might want to consult a specialist before considering this option. These are made to solve specific knee issues and unless you’re a trained specialist. It is unlikely that you’ll be able to choose the best option for yourself because they are mostly prescription.



Q: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Wearing A Ski Knee Brace?


Hinged knee braces are known to reduce knee movements considerably and this reduces the risk of knee injuries, knee support or brace may help you gain the most from your daily activities without worrying about the pain. Though, people say that knee braces can cause injuries elsewhere in the leg, due to the transfer of pressure from the knee. Due to the restriction of movements that knee braces create, it may be harder to move your knee after recovery, but with time you will be able to.

Q: If I Start Feeling Pain, Should I Push Through Or Take It Easy?


It is never advisable to push yourself too hard. The standard prevention of extreme knee injuries is to stop and rest when moderate pain sets in. To be safe, when the pain sets in, you should see a physician. After enough rest and a go-ahead from your doctor, you can get back to skiing.

Q: How Can I Keep My Knee Brace Warmer?


Use ski pants with leg vents and keep the vent closed on the leg with the brace, wear a sleeve over the brace, and wear the brace over a thin base layer of clothing. These are all just tips for trying to keep your knee brace warmer during the day. You can layer, especially if you tend to feel cold easily.

Globo Surf Overview

Research dictates that lovers of skiing often become victims of minor or major knee injuries. If skiing is your passion, leaving behind your passion will most certainly feel devastating.

You can safely continue your game using a knee brace for comfort and better knee movement. Your safety should always be your first priority. For many skiers, wearing some form of knee support is a critical part of their everyday life. There are tons of options available and choosing the correct one is critical to not only help heal and prevent injuries but to avoid exacerbating existing knee problems.

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