Finding the perfect present for a friend or a loved one can be stressful, especially if you’re after something specific like ski or snowboarding gear and accessories. If you’re not a skier yourself, you might not even be sure where to start looking. It may also seem like the person already has everything, and you’re all out of ideas. But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for.

To help you with your search, we’ve compiled a large and detailed list of gift ideas. Our selection includes clothing, gear, gadgets, tools, and accessories, so you’ll easily find something you like. We’re aware that many people have a limited budget (especially around the holidays), so we featured neat gift ideas in every price range. Choosing a gift for skiers or snowboarders doesn’t have to be a daunting task, and we’ll make sure to give you all the assistance you need. Take a look.

How To Choose A Gift For Skiers And Snowboarder – Buying Guide


The process of finding the perfect present is not always easy – we’ve all been there many times. It gets even more complicated if you don’t ski yourself because the number of options becomes overwhelming. As with any other gift, it’s best if you listen and learn what the person needs depending on their activity on the snow. Our list features some of the best gifts for skiers in different categories including clothing, gear, and accessories. We want to give you some pointers for selecting products in each category that will hopefully make your choice even easier.


Warm and functional clothing is essential for any winter sport, including skiing and snowboarding. We’re not just talking about ski jackets and pants, but all the other things things that skiers need to wear on the snow. Proper layering is very important for both warmth and comfort, so considering base layers or mid layers as a present is a good idea. An additional benefit is that a person can never have too many of these, so a piece of functional clothing will always be welcomed.

In addition, things like ski hats, gloves or socks are always a nice present too. If you need additional ideas, you can read our article on what to wear skiing. It’s a helpful guide that will lead you through different things a skier needs, so you may get a few other good ideas along the way.

It’s very important to note that the materials used usually determine the comfort and performance of a clothing piece, so make sure to do your research before buying. In addition, consider that skiers and snowboarders have different requirements when it comes to clothing. For example, cross-country ski clothing needs to be lightweight and breathable since cross-country skiing is a high-energy activity. On the other hand, snowboarding requires totally different body movements, so clothes for snowboarding need to have a looser fit to allow a full range of movement.


Skiing is not exactly a cheap sport, and this is particularly noticeable when it comes to ski gear. Skiers are really going to appreciate a new piece of equipment, but this is where things get a bit tricky. Unlike with socks, shirts, or gloves, you need to make sure that your friend or loved one doesn’t already have that piece of equipment. For example, there’s no point in getting them a new helmet if they already have one that is fully functional.

With this type of presents, you need to do a bit more research and find out not just what they need, but also the size and type. Ski gear is not very budget-friendly so we advise that you make sure you’re spending money on a piece they are going to use.


Getting ski accessories as a present is always a good idea because they are often cheaper than gear but more interesting than a pair of socks. Even though most (if not all) of them aren’t exactly necessary, they can make the time on the slopes much better in different ways – fun, comfort, or convenience.

Because of this, we filled our list with many neat accessories for everyone’s pocket. For example, heaters are very convenient to have regardless of snow activity, so a pack of Grabber Warmers can go a long way in freezing conditions. Other products like boot warmers will also always be appreciated by snow enthusiasts.

But there are many other different snow accessories out there if you’re looking to buy something cool. For example, a GPS watch such as the Garmin Fenix 5X we talked about is fantastic not just for skiing and snowboarding, but for other outdoor activities or casual use. Even though it’s a bit more expensive, this type of present can be used year-round. Other high-tech gadgets like ski trackers will also be appreciated, especially by skiers who are trying to get better and want to track their progress.

Other interesting presents in this category include wireless audio systems, or different types of action cameras to make awesome videos while going down the track. One of the accessories we didn’t feature but feel is an excellent gift is a ski backpack. This type of present is particularly useful to backcountry skiers since they are always looking for a light and convenient way to pack all the backcountry ski gear they need to take with them.


Since skiing and snowboarding are winter activities, it often happens that we buy gifts for skiers and snowboarders during the holiday season. This doesn’t play a significant role in the type of present we get, but our budget is often crippled during this season and we are forced to look at some cheaper options. This is why we featured many affordable presents on our list. Even though the socks we featured don’t come with any Christmas prints on them, you can be sure that they will be an excellent gift for your loved one.

Regardless of the occasion, you should make your gift useful as well as cool. It’s easy if you’re getting a present for a person just learning how to ski or snowboard, but if you’re getting it for someone with more experience then you will need to put more thought into it.



Q: How Do I Know What The Best Present For A Snow Enthusiast Is?


We can’t really give you a universal answer to this question. We can, however, give you a few pieces of advice. If you want to find that perfect present, it’s important to know what the person likes and dislikes. This is easier said than done because you obviously won’t be able to ask them directly what they need as it would ruin the surprise.

However, listening to them while they talk can go a long way and may give out some clues to what they need at the moment. You can also ask their friend or a ski partner for suggestions too. If you’re not a ski enthusiast yourself, it might be a good idea to learn some skiing and snowboarding terms.

Q: Is It Better To Buy A Cool Or A Useful Present?


We think that a useful present is generally more appreciated in the long run. While a cool present may seem funny at the moment, this will pass quickly. The present won’t be interesting anymore and will be put to the side if it doesn’t have a practical use.

This is why it’s better to pick a pair of gloves, a baselayer shirt, or a kit to help with ski and snowboard repair. Of course, you can also combine cool with useful and get a pair of socks with some crazy print or a full face mask with a beard attached. Just keep in mind that it’s much better to spend your money on something they are going to use in the future.

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We know that all the options you have when choosing make it really easy to get lost. Hopefully our article has pointed you in the right direction and made your decision a little bit easier. While it’s always easier to by something for ourselves than for another person, this too isn’t difficult when you know what you’re looking for. Our list covers a wide range of ski gear and accessories so you can easily find something to like. And we’re sure your friend or loved one will like it too.

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