Ski and snowboard gear can be costly investments, so you want to store and maintain it properly. Your skis or snowboard will be the hardest to store because of their length. They can easily be damaged if they are left on the floor. But a great way to keep your skis or snowboard safe and out of the way anytime that you’re not on the slopes is to use a ski and snowboard storage rack. We’ve made a list of the best ski wall rack and the best snowboard wall racks and included a comprehensive buying guide so that you can find the best wall rack for your needs.

How To Choose A Ski And Snowboard Wall Rack – Buying Guide


Number of Skis/Snowboards

Before you choose a specific home wall snow ski rack design, you should consider how many pairs of skis you are looking to store. If you have only a few pairs of skis or snowboards, you should look at purchasing a smaller rack that can hold four or fewer pairs. However, if you want more storage or live in a large household, you can find a ski and snowboard rack for walls that holds up to 8 different pairs of snowboards and snowboards.


Snowboard and ski racks come in a variety of materials like metal, wood, and plastic. Metal is a popular material for larger snowboard and ski rack wall mount systems because it has the capability to hold more weight. Plastic is another option that is lightweight and strong, which makes it easy to install. Finally, wood may be used in both snowboard and ski racks and is especially popular for use as décor.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a snowboard or ski rack wall mount should be indicated in the product specifications. The best wall rack for snowboards should be capable of holding up to 100 pounds of gear, but it will depend on the material. Similarly, the best ski wall racks may have the versatility to hold both snowboards and skis so the weight capacity will be larger or over 100 pounds.


The height of a top-rated snowboard wall rack will depend on the system and how many boards it can hold. Most horizontal systems need only a 30-40-inch-tall track to hold four boards. However, if you are using a vertical wall mounted ski rack the physical height will be minimal because it uses a track and it will depend on how high you mount the rack.

You should always mount snowboard and ski racks at an appropriate height. You don’t want to put it too high that you can’t reach your skis or boards or too low that your skis or boards aren’t protected.


If you are using vertical ski racks, the length will be determined by the number of skis and boards the rack can hold and the track. A pre-determined track length is the most common design and will have enough space to fit anywhere from 3-8 skis or boards, depending on the model.

However, if you are using a horizontal snowboard rack for walls, the length can be adjusted because you can mount the two vertical tracks at any distance that you want. For shorter boards, you can put the tracks closer together and further apart for longer boards.


Padding is important if you are using a horizontal snowboard storage rack because it will stop the arms from causing damage to your board.

The angle of the Arms

Thirty degrees seems to be the most common angle for a snowboard storage rack, and it is adequate for gently cradling your board. The angle shouldn’t be so severe that you struggle to put your board on or take it off.

Type and Shape of Arms

Round arms are the most common in a home wall snow ski rack and a snowboard rack for walls because it is easy to use and safe. Plus, the round shape can be covered in padding to reduce the risk of damage. However, flat arms are better in horizontal snowboard and ski racks because it stops the gear from sliding off, but it should still be covered in padding.


A solid construction wall mounted ski rack or snowboard rack means that nothing is adjustable, and the arms are pre-fixed into the track. Solid construction is sturdy and strong, but it can mean that you struggle to fit as many pairs of skis or snowboards as you’d like.

An adjustable construction would allow you to change the spacing of the arms of your top-rated snowboard wall rack so that you can fit more boards on the track.

Method of Attaching and Ease of Installation

A wall-mounted ski rack will use anchors and screws to safely attach the track or tracks into the wall. The best ski wall racks will have the mounting hardware and instructions included. The best snowboard wall rack will use the same method of anchoring the tracks into your wall. You should always follow the mounting instructions and place the tracks on wall studs for support.

Hooks for Accessories

Some top-rated snowboard wall rack designs have the ability to also store extra gear by adding additional hooks. The hooks should be incorporated into the design and can be used to hang your other snowboarding gear. If your home wall snow ski rack has hooked it can be very convenient to keep your ski poles with your skis.


Most of the designs on our list are versatile, which means that they can be used with skis or snowboards. The versatility of your top-rated snowboard wall rack should be indicated in the product specifications, so you are aware of what they can safely hold. However, a horizontal snowboard storage rack may have the versatility to hold summer gear like surfboards, too. You can find how versatile your storage system is in the reviews. Many reviewers will comment on what their system holds in both winter and summer.



Q: Are there additional uses for a snowboard wall mount?


Yes. A horizontal wall rack can also be great to hold other outdoor gear like surfboards, skateboards, or any type of longboard. The snowboard rack for walls should have the sturdiness to hold the weight of multiple boards, as long as you don’t push it past capacity.

Q: Can I store or display accessories along with my snowboard?


This will depend on the design of your top rated snowboard wall rack. Some designs are capable of storing and displaying extra gear, but you should be cautious of the weight capacity to ensure you don’t cause damage to your wall or break the storage system.

Globo Surf Overview

For a safe and headache free storage system, snowboard and ski storage racks are the best way to keep your gear protected when not in use. The best ski wall rack will be durable and strong to hold multiple pairs of skis. The best snowboard wall rack will have a versatile design that you can use all year round. With our top picks and guide, we hope that we’ve helped you find an organization system that suits your needs.

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