Ski goggles add safety and comfort to your skiing experience. However, their protection can also be supplemented with regular polarized sunglasses. Plus, just because you need to wear prescription glasses at all times, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself.

This is where OTG, fully know as Over The Glasses ski goggles come in. OTG goggles offer that full around the seal and protection from water, slush, snow, and wind that you need especially during extreme sports. Listed below are the 10 top-rated OTG goggles for skiing that you definitely need for the season and you have a wide choice to choose from.

How To Choose OTG Ski Goggles – Buying Guide


Dual-Pane Lenses

Also known as the dual-layered lens is a construction that features two lens walls, one at the front and one at the exterior. This construction helps to regulate temperature on the inside and outside thus, preventing moisture build-up through the enhanced airflow. The perfect ski goggles come with this feature and help enhance a clear view.


Look for OTG goggles with proper ventilation. Some OTG goggles come with a vent port, vent padding or even, battery-powered fans to allow for proper ventilation and airflow. This prevents ice and snow clogging as well as sweating under the eyes for a full day of comfort.

Pressure Regulators

Dual-pane lens construction on a ski goggle is designed to regulate pressure. This is done to balance airflow to achieve moisture-wicking quality. With built-in valves, air can easily flow in and out.

Comfort & Padding

It is important for the frame to have padding (soft foam is ideal) to ensure comfortability and proper fitting. The foams on the frames also provide sweat absorbing properties.


Choosing the right color of the lenses affects your visibility. For example, bright-colored or clear lenses with a vlt% of 80% and above make the lenses ideal for use in the dark at night and over heavy-clouded days. Some OTG goggles are polarized to help prevent glares and highly reflective lights.

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Wavelength Filtering

Some of the best OTG ski goggles come with technology such as Prizm. This allows filtering glare and reflective light especially on sunny days to allow for more unhindered clear viewing.

Light Transmission And Lens Swapping

The best OTG snowboard goggles and ski goggles are constructed with an interchangeable lens design that allows one switch lens according to the conditions. This allows for use in different conditions, for example, at night a lens with 99% will work whilst during the day, one will have to change them to a lower vlt % such as 0%.

Spherical VS Cylindrical Lens Design

Spherical lenses are designed like actual human eye shapes. They are designed to eliminate glare whilst enhancing a wide view. Cylindrical lens are equally good however, they do not work as well on sunny days due to their inability to prevent glare.


Although some goggles are designed as “one size fits all”, others come with sizes ranging from small to large. Thus, special attention should be paid to individual ski goggles. Other features such as adjustable straps allow one to properly fit their OTG goggles.



Q: How To Know That My Goggles Will Fit My Glasses?

A: Without adjusting the straps, place the snow goggles on your face. If they fit snug and provide extra space for breathability, they are the right fit.

Q: How To Clean My OTG Goggles?

A: Wipe clean your snow goggles with a soft, dry cloth in a circular motion. You can use a wet cloth for the interior parts then let them air dry. Avoid scrubbing or constantly wiping the lenses to prevent scratches.

Q: What Is OTG Goggles And Are They Safe To Wear?

A: OTG goggles are goggles that can be worn over prescription glasses. They are extremely safe to wear and are constructed to accommodate glasses.

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The reviews above do offer a more favorable option for ski goggles. They are more versatile and functional especially for people wearing glasses. I personally go for these options and what better place, to begin with than the list of the 10 best OTG ski goggles above.

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