For the sport of skiing, children need protective helmets to fit their small head sizes. When it comes to choosing a toddler skiing helmet, the safety of your child is the primary key. In addition to getting some high-quality ski pants and a jacket, you should always invest in top-tier head protection.

We, at Globo Surf, are happy to showcase the best ski helmet kids’ options on the market in 2023. With plenty of features and designs offered, we are sure that you can pick one your child will love. Without further ado, let’s get to them:

How To Choose A Kids Ski Helmet – Buying Guide


Buying a snow helmet for kids is not at all difficult as long as you keep a couple of things in mind. Your number one priority should be safety – a kid snowboard helmet’s job is to protect your kid’s head if he or she happens to crash. Precisely because of these reasons, the helmet needs to be really well-made, both in terms of design as well as materials used.

In addition to this, the helmet needs to properly fit onto your kid’s head so it can function well. Make sure to read our buying guide in detail so that you can be fully informed about everything you should look out for when choosing a child helmet.


Anything that rides on your kid’s head needs to be comfortable. This includes boys and girls helmets. The interior of the helmet, including its padding, shape, and overall fit will come into play here. Even when things are great on top of your head, a scratchy chin strap that doesn’t sit well can be a deal-breaker. The kid’s helmet you choose should be smooth on the interior with proper padding, as well as a nice liner which will keep your head dry and the smell factor down.


Apart from comfort, the second most important thing you should consider is the size. Toddler’s helmets come in various sizes. There are sizing charts you can find on the most helmets’ packaging description. Before you purchase any helmet ensure that it will fit well. You can use a tape measure to ascertain the same.

Age Range

The kid ski helmets included on our list are made exclusively for kids. Children must wear a proper-fitting helmet to protect their head the best. You do not want one that moves around on the head or one that can come off easily. It must be snug, but not too tight. Kids feel way more comfortable in children’s helmets than in adult ones, and if they feel great in them they will not have a need to take them off all day long. While there is not a precise age range one should follow, kids should stay with a helmet as long as their body dimensions aren’t adult-like

Color and Design

Color and design matter only for higher visibility. Style counts too, but not too much. You should not get too bothered with the design of your kid’s helmet. The helmet should primarily be comfortable and safe. Picking a design that your child likes will probably make him or her more interested in wearing it in the first place, but please don’t choose the helmet only based on that factor.

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Finding the best ski helmet kids’ options should be based on safety and security as the first consideration regardless of any other activity. Keeping that little head safe requires kids ski helmets that have safety mechanisms and an optimal build. All helmets in the market will do its work but a sturdy material will protect your child’s head a lot better. The helmets on our list are tried and tested and will pretty much guarantee your child’s safety, so don’t look any further

Compatibility With Ski Goggles

Choosing a helmet that is compatible with ski goggles will be of great help to you. In fact, some of the helmets on our list come together in the package with a pair of ski goggles, ensuring compatibility. The goggles on your head should fit snuggly. Ensuring that you get a helmet that is compatible with most goggles on the market will definitely be of great help to you.



Q: Is There A Difference Between Boys And Girls Ski Helmets?


All of the models on our list are unisex, so there is no reason why both sexes could not use any of these kids ski helmets. There is nothing about them to make them for one or the other gender. Only the choice of color would be the deciding factor for this. Most of them have a good selection of colors, so this should not be a problem in itself. Keep in mind that, for example, if you have a son he will probably be annoyed by pink colors or anything similar on his helmet, so choose accordingly.

Q: Should The Helmet Be Tight Or Loose?


You want your kid’s helmet to be snug but not too tight. It should not move around freely on the head or twist and turn when the child moves around. Use the measuring system of the manufacturer for the helmet you are interested in to get the proper fit. Returning kids ski helmets that are too small or too large is usually not a problem for customers online, as manufacturers are quire accommodating about returns.

Q: Where Should I Look For The Safety Certifications?


There are two primary safety certification standards: ASTM F2040 and CE EN1077. ASTM is the standard in the United States, which covers non-motorized snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Look for the certification on the inside of the helmet. CEN is a collaborative of 33 European countries responsible for developing standards for the EU. The sticker of this certification can also be found on the inside of the helmet.

Q: When Should I Replace My Child’s Ski Helmet?


Replace it only if one of the following conditions applies:

  • When it fits too tight and squeezes your child’s head
  • When the helmet is older than 5 years
  • When it has been involved in a substantial collision
  • When it has visible signs of damage, cracks or missing foam

Q: Is It Compulsory For A Child To Wear A Helmet?


In some ski resorts, it is compulsory to wear a helmet under the age of 16. Most ski schools will insist that a child wears a helmet. There are even countries that have made wearing a helmet compulsory, such as Austria, Italy, and Canada.

Globo Surf Overview

Getting one of the best snowboard and ski helmets for kids is perhaps one of the most important pieces of equipment that you can purchase for your child. It keeps him or her protected if something unfortunate happens, so you need to be smart when choosing it. As we have pointed out in this guide, it needs to be well-made and meet all the safety requirements. Additionally, it needs to be properly sized and comfy to wear, otherwise, your child will be tempted to take it off.

The helmets we reviewed on our list rank highly in all of the categories we mentioned. Most of them are very stylish too. We are sure that you will find the one that suits your child perfectly. Everything in our buying guide is based on helmet reviews, so you can be confident in the options listed. Make sure to read everything thoroughly and later choose the remaining ski gear you need for your child.

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