Snowmobiling in the wintertime can be used as both a method of transportation and a fun recreational sport. But no matter how you choose to use your snowmobile, you should put your safety at the forefront. Snowmobiles are built to tackle deep snow and cold temperatures, but your body isn’t made of metal. Wearing protective snowmobiling gear is the best way to stay safe and one of the most important pieces of equipment is a pair of goggles.

Top-rated snowmobile goggles are essential because they will protect your eyes and keep your vision clear so that you can safely steer your snowmobile. But finding a quality pair of goggles for snowmobiles can be challenging. With our list of the ten best snowmobile goggles and a comprehensive guide, it will be easy to find which are the best snowmobile goggles for your needs.

How To Choose The Best Snowmobile Goggles – Buying Guide



If visibility with your snowmobile helmet goggles is poor, then why would you bother to use them on the trail? Visibility is the first feature that you should consider in a pair of goggles for snowmobiling because without it you will be driving blind or dangerously vision impaired.

The visibility of anti-fog goggles will actually depend on the design of the frame and lenses in relation to what type of conditions you expect on the trails. A wide and open frame is better because it provides you with an unobstructed view. However, the color of the lens and the weather conditions can also determine your level of visibility.

VLT is the amount of light that the lenses allow to pass through, and it is measured by percentage. Lighter VLTs are better for sunny days because you don’t need a large increase in contrast. Darker. VLTs are ideal for overcast days because it will increase the contrast visibility and increase your depth perception.


The perfect goggles will use a lightweight, strong, and flexible frame to increase your safety. A heavy frame may quickly grow uncomfortable, so a lightweight material is better. However, you want the frame to be strong and flexible.

Most frames are made of ABS plastic or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). The strength of the frame will ensure that it is long-lasting, but the flexibility reduces the risk of injury in case you ever are in an accident because a flexible frame is less likely to snap in your face.


Top-rated goggles will also have quality optics. The optics refer to the finish of the lenses or the coating on the exterior. The mirror finish is a popular choice because it can help reduce glare in the snow. However, there are a variety of optic finishes that you can choose from for different weather conditions. Lighter optics like blue or red are best for low visibility conditions, while darker optics like black or grey are better on sunny days.


The best snowmobile goggles will use a high-quality lens that is made of polycarbonate, carbo-glass, or Lexan. These three materials are durable and reliable so that you get perfect visibility out of your lenses.

You will also have to choose between a photochromatic or polarized lens. Photochromatic snowmobile helmet goggles have lenses that get darker when exposed to light. Polarized goggles have lenses that are excellent at reducing glare and adding contrast to your vision.


Most lenses have a universal size that can fit men, women, and children. However, you may find that there are size options available. If it is not a universal size design, follow the brand instructions to find the size that suits your face and head. Snowmobile goggle reviews are a great resource to determine how true the size of a pair of goggles will fit.


Similar to size, the fit is mostly universal in top-rated goggles for snowmobiling because of an adjustable strap that goes around the head. The strap allows you to adjust the fit by making it tighter or stretching it out. The perfect goggles for snowmobiling will have a strap that is also helmet-compatible.


Comfort can be the key to you adventuring all day or stopping short because you are frustrated with your gear. The perfect goggles will be comfortable to use all day long. Features that make snowmobile helmet goggles more comfortable are the width of the strap and the thickness of the foam padding. Ventilation is also a key to comfort because overheating goggles will lead to foggy vision and an uncomfortable ride.

Reviews can help you determine whether a pair of goggles are comfortable and worth the investment.

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Your top rated goggles for snowmobiling should have padding placed around the frame so that the goggles rest comfortably against your face. Most often, triple-layer padding is popular because it can be molded and contoured for a customized fit.


The right goggles should have a wide strap that is extra-long and fully adjustable. The width of the strap will increase your comfort to ensure that it doesn’t dig in or that it stays secure around your helmet. Some straps even have silicone grips to keep them secure around your head or helmet. You may also want to check to see if it is easy to use the straps with snowmobile gloves for easy use and accessibility.


Ventilation is key for fog-free vision. Even cheap goggles should have a functioning ventilation system that lets the cool air in and the hot air out. You should look for vents in the lenses or around the frame to be certain that your goggles won’t overheat on the trail. Heated goggles may also be an option that will have excellent ventilation to let the heat out and keep the lenses fog-free.



Q: Why use snowmobile goggles?


The reason why snowmobilers use goggles is for protection. Snowmobiling often takes place in rugged conditions and the added elements of wind blowing the snow and debris can make it difficult to see on the trails.

Top-rated goggles for snowmobiling will protect your eyes from injury and keep your vision clear so that you can safely drive your snowmobile. The perfect goggles for snowmobiles will also protect your eyes from sun damage by having reliable UV protection built-in.

Q: Can I use my regular ski goggles?


Some ski goggles may have a design that is compatible with a variety of winter sports. However, it would be best to check the brand information about whether your ski goggles can also be used as goggles for a snowmobile. You want to be certain that your goggles are reliable, flexible, and durable. If your ski goggles match that and have lenses that would work for snowmobiling conditions, you may be able to use them for both sports.

Q: What lens color is the best for snowmobile goggles?


There isn’t one lens color that is best for snowmobiling because the color relates to the weather conditions and not the sport specifically. Typically, lighter lens colors like red and blue are best for sunny days. The darker lens colors like black or grey help filter light more and would do better in overcast or whiteout conditions.

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No matter where you go with your snowmobile, safety should always be top priority. Cheap goggles can protect your eyes from injury on the trail and increase your visibility in harsh weather conditions. We hope that our top picks and guide will help you find a quality pair of the best snowmobile goggles that you can use for all your winter days on the trail.

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