Snowmobiling is an adrenaline yielding and fun-packed activity – imagine the thrills of motor sledding through fine white powder as you take in the snowy alpine scenery. However, to safely enjoy the activity, you must ensure that you have appropriate clothing and gear.

Snowmobile pants & bibs go a long way to providing you with proper insulation to make the outdoors more conducive for you. These gems for outdoor enthusiasts are also designed to deliver excellent wind blocking abilities – a typical condition to expect out in the snow, especially when you are engaged in fast-paced sports such as snowmobiling.

Listed below are the 10 best snowmobile pants and bibs for 2023 – each is fabricated with unique features that make it worth the investment – the choice is all yours.

How To Choose A Snowmobile Pants & Bibs – Buying Guide



Size is an important feature when choosing the best snowmobile bibs and pants to invest in. Size is also highly affected by the brand as well as its fit. You may come across pants and bibs with a relaxed, modern or classic fit. It is important to know your standard pant and overall size so even if you browse through the sizing guide of the brand; it is easy to pick out one that will fit you.


Because you will be using your snow pants and bibs in the outdoors, they must be at least water-resistant. The best snowmobile bibs and pants feature a durable water-resistant coating (polyurethane is mostly used) on their outer shell – the rating of the waterproofness is highly varying, however.

Other pants and bibs feature the brand’s special waterproofing system such as those with Gore Tex snowmobile bibs or patented brand systems such as the Omni-Tech, of which the brand takes extra attention to ensure waterproofness.


Insulation is also a very important determinant of how warm your snowmobile pants and bibs are. The heavier the insulation the warmer they are, for example, 200g polyfill insulation provides more warmth than 150g polyfill insulation. However, you also want the insulation to not affect breathability. Thus, synthetic insulation such as polyfill is great – they maintain a higher level of warmth and are highly breathable.


You want your snowmobile pants and bibs to be breathable to enhance their functionality and also leave you comfortable. Look for ratings denoted as 10K/1000g of water or 10000mm of water – the ratings express the degree of the material permeability. The higher the rating, the more breathable the fabric. The breathability of your pants and bibs provides adequate air circulation.


The best snowmobile bibs and pants are fabricated with reinforced cuffs. This is because in the rough outdoors, cuffs are most likely to be exposed to the terrain, snow, and rain. Thus, a reinforced finish enhances its durability.

The best snowmobile pants and bibs even come with internal boot gaiters which help to provide more durability and warming functions. Zippered cuffs also make it easier to wear and remove your pants and boots, thus, removing the need to pull on your pants every time you put them on or remove them.


Go for snowmobile pants and bibs with protective pockets to offer more security to items such as keys and ticket passes. Look for details such as top flaps and zipper closures. Also, make sure the pockets are covered with waterproof fabrics.

Glove Holster

You are definitely going to need gloves when wearing snowmobile pants in the outdoors. Choose pants that come with love holsters so when you are not using the gloves, you can easily hang them on your pants or bibs.

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You can also snag a deal that features a 2-in- snowmobile pants & bibs. The best snowmobile pants come with suspenders that allow you to transform them into overall bibs. This feature allows you to adjust your outfit to your liking.


Seams determine the functionality of your pants & overall bibs – how warm will you be/ are they moisture wicking? Are they wind resistant? The three most common seam types include welded seams which are considered the best and incorporated two fabrics bonded together to the edges.

The second type is a taped seam with waterproof fibers sealed over the edge to prevent water from entering. The last is the critically taped seam which functions similarly to taped seams but only effective with moisture.

Articulated Knees

The best snowmobile bibs and pants are constructed with a pre-curved knee. This makes these kinds of pants and bibs more ideal for outdoor sports due to their enhanced mobility and movement they offer your knees.

Waist Adjustments

The best snowmobile pants and bibs come with waist adjustment ability. This includes Velcro belts on the waist which can easily be adjusted to the desired waist size.


Some of the best snowmobile bibs & pants come with internal or outer thigh vents which add to their breathability. Vents help to enhance air circulation within the pants especially on sunny days.



Q: What Is The Difference Between Pants And Bibs?


Pants offer coverage only to the lower part of your body. Bibs on the other end extend to your chest in overalls style with suspenders that hold them together.

Q: What Should I Choose: Pants Or Bibs?


It all depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for more protection for the cold and wind, bibs are a great choice. If you are looking for more style and comfort, then pants are a better option.

Globo Surf Overview

The bibs and snowmobile pants reviews above provide quite a detailed guidance on choosing the right clothing for your next outdoor snow sports. The best outdoor pants and overall bibs take into consideration warming, comfort, and stretchability.  The buying guide on the other end outlines what to look for to find a pair that will match your needs and preferences. The list of the best snowmobile pants and bibs above is an excellent avenue, to begin with, to find an ideal pair.

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