If you are looking to engage in an adventurous and memory filled snow sport – snowmobiling is should definitely be on your list. However, you have to ensure to carry all the outdoor essentials and emergency supplies for when you are in the outdoors.

Snowmobile tunnel bags are ideally designed for just this. Their unique design allows them to supplement the use of backpacks as they can easily be attached to your sled. This removes the weight and strain on your body so you can focus on actually enjoying the sport.

Listed below are the 6 best snowmobile tunnel bags in 2023 – each outline their unique fabrication and how they best serve you in the snowy outdoors. So the choice is yours to go for whichever snowmobile storage bags appeal most to you.

How To Choose A Snowmobile Tunnel Bag – Buying Guide


Water Resistance

When looking for the best snowmobile tunnel bags, the water-resistance of the bag is important to consider. This is because typically you will be using the bag in snow conditions for a prolonged period.  Even on a sled, chances are that your bag is most likely to collect snow.

When snow rests on the surface of your bag over time it begins to melt thus, making your bag and inside gear damp (if the bag is not waterproof). Thus, a waterproof shell on the bag helps to protect the contents from being ruined by the dampness.


The robustness of your snowmobile bag denotes how tough and rugged it is. The best snowmobile tunnel bags are built to be tough and durable so that they can survive freezing conditions. Thus, when you are looking for a bag to invest in – focus on the material used to determine robustness.

Material such as nylon and other similar thermoplastics are ideal thanks to their ruggedness and durability.  Additionally, nylon is used due to its sturdy, lightweight, and weather resistance. Smaller details such as strap and zipper materials are also important.

Stainless steel strap buckles, for example, enhance the durability of the bag. This is because stainless steel is known to be rust-resistant. Additionally, waterproof and alloy zipper systems are also known to be weatherproof which helps to protect your gear as well as enhance the snowmobile bag’s longevity.


Portability on the trail is extremely important to make it as convenient as possible for you. Look for details such as the weight of your bag to determine how portable it will be for you. However, you should remember that as your gear capacity increases so do the weight of your bag – this is so that it can preserve its quality. However, the weight highly varies amongst manufacturers.

The arctic cat snowmobile, for example, weighs 2.45 lbs and boasts a gear capacity of 28 liters A similar gear capacity tunnel bag can weigh as high as 4 lbs. additionally, some of the best tunnel bags for snowmobiles bear features that enhance their portability. The Polaris Underseat tunnel bag, for example, features a removable water-resistant liner that lets you move with your items to and from your sled.


Go for a tunnel bag with a zippered lock to enhance the security of your snowmobile bag.  This is especially important in the chance you have delicate items such as mobile phones or cameras to capture your adventure. However, this feature may sometimes be conflicting.

This is because you will be carrying snow safety tools thus, during emergencies you want to easily access your tools. Thus, go for a locker system that still allows for easy and quick accessibility of your gear.


Size is also an important feature to consider when looking for the best storage bags for snowmobiles to suit your needs. The size varies according to your what you are looking for, so you can choose what works best for you. You can easily know the size by looking at the dimensions or listed gear capacity normally denoted in cubic inches or liters.

Some gear bags for snowmobiles are extendable in size to allow you to comfortably fit your gear in case you lack enough space. The Giant Loop Revelstoke, for example, boasts a standard gear capacity of 5Lbs, however, with the zipper system adjustment; the size extends to 9.5 L.


Thermoplastic materials such as nylon make water resistance snowmobile tunnel bags. This is due to their sturdiness, lightweight, and fully sealed construction. Additionally, they also boast excellent waterproof and weather-resistant properties that make them ideal for snowy and freezing outdoor conditions.

It is also important to be on the lookout for the material used on other details such as zippers and straps for mounting such as the ones mentioned above. You want such details to also be made of durable material such as stainless steel for strap buckles and zipper systems to enhance their functionality as well as to maintain durability.

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Especially in the cold and rough outdoor conditions, you want to make sure you have durable gear. Thus, the durability of the snowmobile tunnel bags is extremely important. Look out for details such as material and construction to gauge the durability of the bag you want to invest in.

The use of high quality and strong material such as nylon is a good indicator of the durability of your bag. The manufacturer’s ingenious use of detailed features also helps to enhance the durability of your bag. The use of stainless steel buckles on mounting straps, a waterproof zippered system, and double-stitched straps is also an excellent way of enhancing the durability of the bag.

However, also keep in mind that the way you care for and maintain your snowmobile tunnel bag will affect the durability of your bag. Make sure to follow instructions from the manufacturer on how to care for your bag to ensure it lasts longer.

Additionally, it isn’t a bad idea to go through the snowmobile tunnel bag reviews for the product you have in mind. Reviews are a great way to find raw and up to date information about your product.


Snowmobile storage bags with padding come with more advantage over those tunnel bags that don’t. There are two types – snowmobile tunnel bags with paddings on the sides and those with paddings all over.  Snowmobile gear bags with padding on the side enhance comfort and reduce strain when you are carrying them. Snowmobile tunnel bags with padding all over help to protect the contents of the bag in case of an impact to prevent damage.



Q: What Is The Difference Between Snowmobile Tunnel Bag And Backpack?


To a certain degree, snowmobile storage bags and backpacks do bear resemblance, especially in their functions. However, they also have differences that distinguish their focuses when it comes to their functions. Unlike backpacks, for example, storage bags are normally housed on or under sled seats thus, removing the strain on your back as you ride.

Because you attach the snowmobile bag to the sled, this means that you can add more gear which would otherwise why you down if you were to carry the bag on your back whilst riding. Additionally, they can also come in handy together. This means that on a single trip – both your tunnel bag and backpack can be used. Thus, you can use your snowmobile tunnel bag as secondary safety gear in case of a second avalanche.

Q: Why Do I Need A Snowmobile Tunnel Bag?


Snowmobile tunnel bags have become a must-have in the outdoors. The best tunnel bags for snowmobiles allow you to comfortably store all your snowmobile accessories including snacks, lighting, first aid kits, emergency kits, and even snowshoes. Snowmobile bags are designed with the idea of gear storage in mind thus, this ensures your gear is kept dry as well as it’s easy to access.

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The snowmobile tunnel bag reviews outline their invention has brought about snowmobiling on the safety scene. In addition to the airbag vest, they also offer a safer and more protective solution to securing your gear in the freezing outdoors. The buying guide above also clearly directs you on what to look for when choosing the best snowmobile tunnel bag to cater to your needs. And there’s no better place to look for your match than the list of the 6 best above!

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