Riding a snowmobile is most enjoyable when you have the right tools and are dressed appropriately for the activity. Apart from a good snowmobile, proper insulation goes all the way – the right layers and accessories such as snow mobile gloves.

Top-rated gloves for snowmobiles are well insulated and highly thermal yet well ventilated. With the nature of the activity, your snow mobile gloves must also allow easy mobility and movement of your fingers and hands. And just because you are in the cold and snowy outdoors, it doesn’t mean you are not entitled to style.

Below are the 10 best gloves for snowmobiles in 2023 and each of the choices make a great additional to your snowmobile riding checklist.

How To Choose The Best Snowmobile Gloves – Buying Guide


Water Resistance

When choosing the best snowmobile gloves, you should look for good water resistance. Snowmobile gloves that are water-resistant normally have an insert or coating that repels water, snow, and slush, thus, keeping your hands warm.

Water-resistant snowmobile gloves should also be breathable and moisture-wicking to be able to accommodate the water-resistant dynamic effectively. Moisture-wicking and breathability allow for the wicking of sweat and moisture.

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Insulation is also an important feature to make your snowmobile gloves functional. The most common insulation is 3M Thinsulate synthetic fiber (sometimes combined with high thermal cotton). This insulation is very functional and the higher the thickness, the more insulating, for example, 150g 3M Thinsulate is more insulating than 150g. Insulation is important to repel wind and cold air especially in the cold outdoors.


Comfort is affected by many features. Snowmobile gloves with pre-curved construction, proper closure systems, and thermal yet breathable fabric are more likely to be more comfortable. A quick try to gauge the feel and perfect fit also goes a long way to ensure you get comfortable snowmobile gloves.

Snowmobile mittens, for example, provide maximum warmth, insulation, and comfort and are normally preferred for outdoor use. But in terms of grip and handling as well as the flexibility of fingers, it is extremely cumbersome when using snowmobile mitts.


The best snowmobile gloves will offer protection from the cold as well as other environmental hiccups. The construction features high thermal and breathable fabric whilst the outer finish is abrasion-free, which goes a long way to protect your hands from injury in case of collisions with trees and other related objects.


Pre-curved and form-fitting snowmobile gloves are more likely to be flexible on fingers and hands. Additionally, less thick snowmobile gloves are more flexible. However, at times flexibility to move fingers can compromise the warming qualities because this means the gloves are thinner. However, flexibility ensures your hands are able to move and grab on to things easier.


You also want your inner lining to be soft and comfortable on your skin since you will be wearing gloves for a long. Additionally, the lining should be warming enough to complement the outer shell. Polyester or fleece lining works great for this type of snowmobile gloves.


The most common material for snowmobile gloves is polyester and nylon. These materials work great for outdoor gloves. They are extremely warming and insulating yet breathable. Polyester and nylon also boast excellent weatherproof and waterproof qualities. Other materials such as Polyurethane are used on palms and fingers due to their natural grippy nature.


Padding on the gloves adds protection from the cold as well as from impact. Additionally, padding on the underside. Particularly on the palms, enhances grip.  However, padding may to a certain point affect the dexterity and flexibility of your gloves.

Touch Screen Ability

Some snowmobile gloves are constructed to be touch screen friendly. Well obviously these are gloves, gloves to be used in the outdoors. As much as manufacturers try to make them as versatile as possible, the best you can do with them is to answer a call. Do not expect to tweet or gram on the go whilst wearing them.


Cuffs also contribute to the closure system of your snowmobile gloves to prevent snow, slush, and cold air from seeping through. Go for gloves with elastic skin-hugging fleece cuffs or those that come fitted with drawstrings and support from wrist buckles for full closure and protection.

Additional Features

The more functional features your snowmobile gloves have the more valuable they are. Features such as zippered pockets to store hand warmers for added warmth. Other features include the anti-lost button to hold gloves together when taken off and pull-on loops.



Q: What Is The Difference Between Snowmobile And Ski Gloves?

A: Snowmobile and ski gloves are pretty much similar when it comes to insulation and warmth; I mean you are still in the cold outdoors. However, due to the nature of the activity, gloves for snowmobile should be flexible on the fingers and be constructed with a strong grip – to also make sure you keep safe.

Q: How Should I Wash And Maintain My Gloves For Snowmobiles?

A: Most gloves are hand wash. Due to the material they are constructed from, this is important to maintain the structure of the gloves.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of Gloves For Snowmobiles?

A: Provides warmth and dryness from the cold Protects palms and fingers from abrasions by grabbing on to the snowmobile for long Zipper pockets – extra space for items such hand warmers and keys Pre curved design enhances grip handle

Q: What Are Handwarmer Pockets?

A: Hand warmer pockets allow you to store portable and single use hand warmers. So in case you find yourself out in extremely cold weather, you can simply activate your hand warmers and slip them into the pockets to keep your hand warm.

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The gloves reviews above provide interesting and enlightening know-how on purchasing just the right kind of gloves. The key take is that the best snowmobile gloves should be versatile in terms of features – just make sure you get highly insulated, breathable, and flexible and gloves with superior grip. And where else to begin than with the 10 top-rated gloves above?

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