The Top 6 Snowmobile Backpacks In 2023

Snowmobiles are a fun activity and reliable way to travel during the wintertime, but the only downside is that they don’t have a lot of onboard storage space. However, in the deep snow you can’t randomly choose a travel backpack design because you need an option that has reliable weather resistance. Instead, a top rated snowmobile avalanche backpack can help you stay prepared on your journey by holding all your essential snowmobiling gear and keeping it dry.

But finding quality snowmobile packs can be difficult if you are uncertain about what features to consider in the backpack’s design. To help you get out on your adventure faster, we have made a list of the six best snowmobile backpacks and included a comprehensive buying guide. With our help, you can hit the trails with the confidence that you are fully prepared for your journey into the snow.

How To Choose The Best Backpack For Snowmobiles – Buying Guide



The first big consideration when you’re looking to purchase a snowmobile airbag backpack is the size. Size is normally measured in inches, which will give you the overall dimensions of the backpack. Snowmobile bags for gear come in a variety of sizes, so it is best to check the size before you. Make a decision.

The size of your backpack should always be listed in the product specifications. But size is also affected by the overall capacity of your backpack, which will be measured in liters.


The capacity of your backpack is measured in liters, which determines the amount of gear that can be comfortably packed into your backpack. A smaller sized backpack would hold about 20 liters, whereas a larger sized backpack would hold 40 or more liters.

The higher the number of liters or the larger the capacity, the larger the size of your backpack will be. With a higher capacity, the dimensions of your backpack will change and make the snowmobile bags for gear larger.


The best snowmobile backpack will use a lightweight, but durable material. You want to choose a material that is water-resistant or waterproof but doesn’t weigh you down too much. Synthetic materials like nylon and polyester are good choices because they feature all of the qualities we listed. But on rugged trails, you also want the material to be high quality and resistant to scrapes, tears, or wear.

Reviews are a great resource to determine what materials will make the best snowmobile backpack kits. Many reviewers will comment on the quality and construction of the material and whether it is worth the investment.


The best snowmobile backpacks will be durable so they can withstand conditions on the trails and multiple years of use. Durability is often determined by the material of the bag and the construction.

A high-quality material should be resistant to breaking down or signs of wear, which helps make it last longer. Synthetic materials are usually the most durable and lightweight, which makes them the top choice for adventuring in the snow. However, the construction of the bag can also determine the durability.

Well-constructed snowmobile packs should have reinforced areas of the bag, especially around the straps and seams. One of the best ways to ensure durability is to have double-stitched seams. The double stitching is better to carry the heavyweight of your gear and is less likely to break, which means it’s stronger for longer. If you look at snowmobile gear bags with wheels, you will want to be certain that they have extra durable features so that they do not collapse under the weight of your gear.

Reviews can provide reliable information on the durability of a snowmobile gear bag. Reviewers will likely be honest about the durability of a design and comment on whether they believe it to be worth the investment.


Alongside durability is quality. A top-rated snowmobile avalanche backpack should be made with quality materials. However, you may also consider the quality in regard to the brand. Quality brands will be focused on keeping their customers happy and want to produce a smart design that is fully functioning and reliable.

Reviews can tell you whether a brand is of high quality or whether quality materials are used in the backpack. Keep in mind that having one of the best backpacks for snowmobiles will be a pricey investment, so it is best to purchase a high-quality design over a cheap model.


Many snowmobile gear bags will use zippers as secure closures for the main compartments and exterior pockets of the backpack. Zippers are a great way to easily and quickly access all your gear. But when you’re in the snow it is better to have zippers that feature a protective flap or covering.

A covered zipper will provide better protection to the gear inside your backpack and stop water from seeping through the zipper’s teeth. You can determine the quality of the zipper by reading product specifications or looking at provided photos of the product.

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Pockets are essential to easily storing and organizing your gear inside your backcountry snowmobile gear bag. The best bag will have the main compartment but feature a copious number of pockets for your smaller gear items.

Interior and exterior pockets are the best way to pack your gear and they should have secure closures. Most pockets will use a zipper closure, that will stay firmly closed while you’re on-the-go but be easy to access.

Additional Features

Additional features can be what makes a backpack stand out. Reflectors, padding, and additional compartments can compel snowmobilers to choose a design over others. Reflectors are strips or pieces of highly reflective material, which is placed on the exterior of the backpack. The reflection of the material makes you more visible in low light or poor visibility conditions, which keeps you safer and avoids collisions with other snowmobiles.

Padding should be featured throughout your snowmobile gear bag to keep you comfortable. A top-rated snowmobile gear bag will feature padding in the straps, waist belt, and back area so that you can comfortably carry the weight of your gear. A snowmobile airbag backpack may feature additional padding so that it can keep sensitive electronics, like a laptop, safe on your journey.

Finally, some snowmobile gear bags have a special compartment that is used to store your snowmobile goggles. This compartment is often fleece lined and located on the exterior for easy access.



Q: Why Do I Need A Snowmobile Backpack?


The biggest advantage of a snowmobile gear bag is the weather and waterproofing features. Snowmobile packs are designed to combat wet weather, so they should be made of waterproof material and have features like sealed seams the protected zippers to keep the water out. Other snowmobile backpacks may not excel in their weather protection, like a backcountry snowmobile gear bag, which means your gear will likely be wet.

Q: What Should I Pack In My Snowmobile Backpack?


Essentially, any of your cold-weather gear should be packed into your snowmobile gear bag. Items like neck gaiters or snowmobile gloves are great to carry with you on the cold trails. But you may also want to consider packing avalanche safety gear or a snowmobile tow strap for emergency situations. It is also important to stay hydrated on the trail, so packing water bottles or a hydration bladder would be a smart move too. Ideally, you want to pack anything that you may need on the trail to stay warm, stay safe, and stay energized.

However, don’t forget to pack personal items like your driver’s license, insurance, and cell phone. A driver’s license and insurance is required to legally use a snowmobile and a cell phone is another tool that could be helpful in emergencies.

Q: Is The Color Important?


Yes. We suggest that you use a colorful snowmobile gear bag or one that at least has reflectors on the exterior. Bright colors and reflectors make you more visible in low light or poor visibility conditions, which can prevent accidents, collisions, and injuries. Many brands offer their products in a variety of colors so that you can choose one to suit your preference.

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Safety is also important when you’re snowmobiling and a great way to stay safe is to be prepared and carry all your essential gear. A top rated snowmobile avalanche backpack will keep you prepared and provide your snowmobile with crucial storage space. With our top picks and guide, we hope that you find the best snowmobile backpack that will last you throughout the winter seasons.

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