Engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking sometimes requires you to dig deep into your pockets to invest in the best gear and equipment. This is so you can get the best and high quality products. With the emerging low cost gear and equipment designed for outdoor use come affordable costs to cater to any time of the consumer.

Hiking backpacks that cost under $100 are a great example of affordably priced apparel. The typically low cost doesn’t mean that quality is compromised. In fact, they come with additional features that make them more hiking appropriate and useful.

Listed below are the 10 best hiking backpacks under 100 in 2022 – each outlining their features and how they suit your needs in the outdoors. What’s left is for you to pick your match.

How To Choose A Hiking Backpack Under $100 – Buying Guide



When choosing the best hiking backpacks under 100 to invest in, gear capacity is an important feature to consider. Hiking bag capacities are denoted in cubic meters or liters (L) and typically, hiking backpack capacities range from 15 to 75 liters. Hiking backpacks under 100 75L to 55 L capacities, for example, are designed for longer trips, for example, 7-day hiking trips and camping trips.

Backpacks with capacities ranging from 15 to 20 L are designed to be day packs. Going for versatile bags that can be used in a range of different activities such as camping, hiking, traveling is also a good idea. Typically, a gear capacity of at least 30-40 goes a long way.


The best backpacking backpacks under 100 come fitted with internal frames especially those with a higher gear capacity of at least 35 L and above.  The fame helps to provide the back of the carrier with a proper fit as well as to balance out the load by transferring some of the weight to the hips for comfortable carrying. Frameless packs without frames work best if they are day packs thus, you are not hauling around a heavy and unbalanced load.


The ideal material for the best hiking backpacks under 100 should be sturdy and rugged. You also want the material to be abrasion, rip and tear resistant due to the nature of the backpacks’ functions and the environment to which they are used.

Additionally, especially or higher capacity backpacks, you want a material that will withstand the heavy load as well as other features such as attachment points to which you can attach more weight such as your hiking helmet. For comfort and protection, you also want at least a water resistant material. Nylon (especially ripstop) and polyester are an excellent choice of material for hiking backpacks.


The best backpacking backpacks under 100 come with features that add more value. Some of the most common features for backpacking and hiking backpacks include;

External attachment points

These come in a form of straps, bungee cords or carabiner rings and offer extra space to attach gear for easy accessibility or that would otherwise take a lot of space inside the bag.

Sleeping bag compartment

These are especially ideal for bags designed for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking, as they offer special space to store your sleeping bag.

Compression straps

These help to tighten your load thus, securing holding it and preventing bounce off as you walk.

You want a backpack with generous pockets – both zippered for smaller items as well as side mesh pockets where you can simply[lug in your water bottles or umbrella.


Space Saving

The majority of the best backpacking backpacks under 100 can easily fold into its own pocket for easy storage and transportation.


When looking for the best hiking backpack under 100, weight is also a crucial feature. You, however, need to consider both sides of the coin. You don’t want a bag that is too heavy that it weighs you down and makes you tired and uncomfortable. On the other end, you also don’t want a bag that is too light that it loses its functionality. Especially for larger capacity bags, think of their features –the weight of the frame, thickness of the material, etc. a bag of at least 60L capacity shouldn’t weigh more than 5 lbs.


Length correlates with proper it. The best hiking backpacks under 100feature adjustable straps – shoulder, waist, sternum, that you can easily adjustable according to the length and size of your body.


Hiking backpacks come with versatility depending on capacity, features, and references. They can be used in a range of activities ranging from travel to hiking, backpacking and even as everyday backpacks.

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The material and construction affect durability. The best backpacking backpacks under 100 feature special stitching as well as features such as nylon webbing on the fabrication, reinforced stitching with bar tracking, just to name a few.


The dimension of the bag will typically say a lot about how you pack as well as store the bag.  Some of the best backpacks even pack down into their own pockets when not in use.


Volume is similar to the gear capacity. It is also denoted in liters (L) or cubic meters. It simply means the backpack’s gear capacity.



Q: Does Lower Price Means Lower Quality?


No. Some of the best hiking backpacks cost less than US$100 and still maintain excellent quality.

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Q: What Is The Difference Between Hiking And Backpacking Backpack?


Hiking involves walking in the outdoors by hiking trails or mountains whilst backpack is simply being in the outdoors walking but with a load on your back, carrying all your essentials. Backpacking can also be done anywhere – be it in the wilderness or the middle of a big city.

Q: How Do I Know Which Size Of Backpack Should I Choose?


It all depends on your activity. Typically, a day pack for a day's trip will be around 15 – 25L whilst midsized travel or overnight activities should be up to 40-45L and for longer trips consider at least 55L backpack.

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The hiking backpacks under 100 reviews outline excellent potential options to bring with you on your next trip. They also come with the advantage of cost affordability without losing quality. The buying guide also provides information on how to go about to choose the best option from you – be it a  small day pack for the day’s trek to heavy duty camping or travel. The list of the 10 best hiking backpacks under 100 provides quite a versatile choice you can choose from.

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