Stand up paddle boarding is becoming a popular sport for any age. It is a fun and unique way to get out on the water and experience nature. Most people are familiar with what a stand up paddle board looks like, but they may not know which one to choose. A top brand is Hala.

Hala is a company that has been making inflatable paddle boards since 2011. The company is very popular because they always evolve their paddle board designs to be the best and most innovative. Hala offers a variety of designs and each delivers a high performance, but it can still be tricky determining which Hala inflatable paddle board to choose.

Our guide is designed to help you find the best Hala SUP, so that you’ll be excited to get out on the water year after year. Below we have some important features, as well as a list of the six best Hala paddle boards.

How To Choose A Hala Paddle Board – Buying Guide


Hala is an outstanding company based out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado that is determined to get people outside on wild adventures. They offer a versatile stand up paddle board line with a variety of designs for whitewater, flat water, ocean, racing, touring, fishing and surfing. With all these options available, you may be overwhelmed with which board to choose.

Here are some features that will help you determine what makes a top rated Hala SUP. These tips will help make the buying process effortless and match you to the perfect Hala inflatable paddle board for your needs.


Not all Hala inflatable paddle boards are the same length. There are different lengths for different skills and SUP activities with Hala’s designs ranging from 6 feet 11 inches in length up to 14 feet long. Hala’s newest models like the Hala Rival Hoss range from 9 feet to 11 feet long.

If you know exactly what type of SUP fitness you want to try, the length of your board will likely be dictated. The longer a board is, the more stable it is, which can be great for beginners or yoga poses. Shorter and narrower boards are easier to maneuver, but less stable, which means they are great for experienced paddle boarders who enjoy an extremely responsive board like the Hala Peño.

For the best all-around board, look at the Hala Carbon Straight Up. This Hala design is extremely versatile and features the most universal design for recreational paddlers. It is very popular because it can be used in whitewater, on flatwater, and for SUP surfing.


Just like length, not all Hala paddle boards will weigh the same. The larger the board, the more it will weigh. Most boards are a manageable weight but be aware that some may be rather heavy, and you may need help maneuvering them.


Durability is extremely important for a stand up paddle board because you may be taking it into rough water. Hala inflatable paddle boards are built for tough SUP sports. You can go in the waves on the ocean or a river and still be secure your board won’t break.

It is also important that your Hala inflatable paddle board is durable to be long-lasting. It is an investment, after all, and having it break on the first try would be disappointing. Luckily, Hala is worth every penny because of the high quality and 3 Year Warranty provided by this popular company.


When looking at the prices of Hala’s paddle boards you may see that they cost more than other boards and brands, but we can assure you that the investment is worth it. Hala strives to deliver the best stand up paddle board designs and they do.

The company is constantly looking towards the next and best design that will propel you on your adventures. It would be well worth raising your budget to invest in a Hala inflatable paddle board that you’ll love throughout the years.


Hala uses only the best and quality materials on every inflatable paddle board in their line. This means that their designs have durable and strong plastic with foam cores to support your weight on the waves. Their paddle boards are meant to be taken on rough adventures, so the best Hala SUP can survive a few dings and scrapes too.

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Q: Why choose a Hala paddle board?


Hala inflatable paddle boards are made of the best materials and features the most innovative designs on the market. They are a company that offers a full line of SUP paddle boards that are geared towards a variety of SUP activities, so you can one stop shop. Along with their great designs, Hala is an easy-going company that cares about their customers.

Along with one of their designs, like the Hala Atcha, you will receive excellent customer service and a 3 Year Warranty. With Hala you can feel confident in your investment and you’ll likely find a stand up paddle board that you’ll love year after year.

Q: What are the pros and cons of a Hala paddle board?


Hala has a lot of pros, which is what makes them a popular company for paddle boarders to choose. The biggest pro is that Hala offers a full line of innovative paddle board designs, so you won’t feel constrained with choosing one design. Whether you want to surf on go on some whitewater rapids, Hala has a board design for you. Hala also uses the best materials to ensure that their designs are stable, sturdy, and durable for multiple adventures.

The only con to Hala boards is the price. Hala inflatable paddle boards are some of the more expensive designs on the market, but this is because of their smart designs and quality materials. Many Hala paddle board reviews will tell you that it is worth every penny to invest in this company because of their great designs, excellent customer service, and 3 Year Warranty.

Q: What is the difference between a regular and a Hala paddle board?


The main difference is the material used. Hala paddle boards are inflatable designs, which means you will have to learn how to inflate your ISUP. Regular paddle boards are made of a hard material, which is not inflated or deflated. While a regular paddle board may sound sturdier because of its solid construction, it can actually be a pain to transport.

Hala paddle boards, because they are inflatable designs, are easier to transport to any location for any adventure. Hala uses quality materials and has smart designs, that will perform just as well, if not better than a regular paddle board.

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A top rated Hala SUP will always be a popular choice for paddle board enthusiasts because it offers a smart design, versatility, and durability. With the best Hala paddle board you will be able to go anywhere, from the lake to the ocean and river. The best Hala SUP can be used throughout the years by anyone eager for an adventure.

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