Aqua Marina is a well-known company providing paddle boards for fitness and leisure. They envision offering maximum safety and fun for paddle boarders with their array of inflatable paddle boards. They provide affordable and versatile paddle boards for kids, beginners and experienced paddlers. They also provide Aqua Marine boards for SUP fishing, racing and all-purpose recreational use.

Aqua Marina Paddle Board Reviews

In this review, we’ll take a look at 8 high-quality Marina boards including reasons why we picked them to help you purchase the best Aqua Marina SUP before heading down the river to enjoy your favourite water sport of paddling.

How To Choose An Aqua Marina Paddle Board – Buying Guide


Before you invest in your next Aqua Marina inflatable paddle board, consider the following factors to help you choose the best Aqua Marina paddle board that has the specific details you’re looking for depending on your needs.


The length of the board you choose matters if you want a board that focuses more on speed or stability. A longer board with 12 ft range will be faster compared to a 9 ft board. Racing boards are often narrow and long and can easily slice through rough waters.

This is the type of board that’s commonly used by paddle boarders who want a paddle board they can use to work out on. If your choice is a fast board that can easily handle a day at the beach, then opt for a paddle board that’s at least 12 ft long.

A shorter, wider paddle board will offer more stability. These are usually the perfect boards for beginners who are just learning the basics of SUP yoga and need something stable to learn how to perform basic moves. These boards are used for yoga because they provide a solid foundation on the water.


The wider your board is, the more stable it will be for you while on the water. However, more surface area means more weight. You should, therefore, try to find the right balance of the two for your abilities to ease things.

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It’s a good idea to go for boards that use double/triple or even quadruple layers of PVC for maximum strength and durability as opposed to those that only use a single outer PVC layer. Aqua Marina paddle boards are an excellent choice since they use double layers.


You should pay attention to the specs sheet that’s usually provided by the manufacturer for each board to determine if a new paddle board is the right length, width and thickness for you before you buy. Most manufacturers list the different volumes, width and size clearly on the specs sheet.


The high cost of paddle boards can easily put off those paddle boarders that want to take up the sport. You can get a paddle board for as a little as $300, but it won’t perform as well as the more expensive boards because it is made from low-quality materials.

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You should invest in a paddle board that’s durable if getting into paddle boarding is your goal. In the long run, you won’t have to incur extra costs on repairs or even buying another paddle board.

When researching boards and figuring out the model that’s right for you, start off by shopping online. You’ll find high-quality paddle boards that are within your budget.


Each Aqua Marina paddle board is built with their own drop stitch core technology. This is a process where thousands of individual threads support the top and bottom layers. This technology changes the board from a big floppy structure to something that can hold its form.

Aqua Marina uses a PVC deck that has been treated with plenty of UV protection. The layers are then wrapped with both internal and external PVC rail tape. Also included in the construction of the board are hard rubber and multiple layers of polymer for maximum strength and durability.



Q: Why Choose An Aqua Marina Paddle Board?

A: There are many benefits why you should choose an Aqua Marina inflatable Paddle Board. Below are some of the benefits:
  • Inflation only takes a few minutes while deflation is even quicker so you can be ready to go in less time than it usually takes to detach a solid board from a roof rack.
  • You don’t have to worry about storage space. When not in use, Aqua Marine SUP board can be rolled up to a small size. This means you can store and take your paddle board anywhere with you.
  • They’re affordable and cost only a few hundred dollars. Regardless of your budget, you’ll still find a quality board bringing them into the category of inexpensive water sport hobby items.  
  • They’ve some sort of fin configuration for improved adaptability.

Q: What Are The Pros And Cons Of An Aqua Marina Paddle Board?


There are many advantages of using an Aqua Marina inflatable SUP. But there also exists downsides of owning this SUP. 

Let’s first begin with the positive aspects of this paddle board.


Extremely Durable

These boards are better suited for rocky shores and river paddling. They aren’t flimsy whereas a fibreglass board will get dinged in case it crashes into rocks, an inflatable board will bounce right off.  Any type of repairs is unlikely since they’re tough. 


The most common reason for owning an inflatable board is because they are extremely easy to transport. They are small and compact when deflated and fit into a large magic backpack or carry bag. 

You can transport them easily in an RV, trunk of your car or on a boat. They are very convenient to take anywhere including on a cruise ship. 

Softer Surface To Cushion Your Fall

Every paddler falls at some point while stand up paddling especially when first starting out or paddling in waves. Although iSUP’s can be rigid, they don't have the same hard surface like that of a fibreglass board.

You are unlikely to feel the impact if you fail. This can be great especially for beginners or kids. 

Perfect For Dogs

They are an ideal choice for paddlers who may want to SUP with their pup. You can take your dog with you on your paddling trip because the inflatable board is great and stable for him. The surface will allow him to sit without his paws sliding around as he might do on a fibreglass board. 

Great For Travelling

It can be very difficult and costly to travel with a fibreglass board. However, transporting stand up paddle boards is very easy. You can check them onto a ship or aeroplane with no extra fees because they don't take up much space or weigh very much. 

Bringing a paddle board along on your travels usually opens up a lot of opportunities. You will get a chance of paddling in waters that you never would have otherwise been able to. 


Inflatable SUP’s are more stable than a hard-shell board. They offer a more stable ride and are much easier to learn on. 

Can Be Stored In A Small Space

You don’t have to worry about constructing a storage shed or looking for a garage to store a stand paddle board. These boards can be deflated, rolled up into their carry bag and stored in a closet. This makes it great for paddle boarders that lack storage space.


Aqua Marina paddle boards are cheap but also of high-quality meaning you will be able to find a board that’s within your price range.



Flex (sinking in the middle of the board) is a common complaint with the inflatable stand paddle boards. Paddle boarders end up feeling frustrated as it limits performance. 

However, you can easily solve this problem by ensuring you have inflated the board to the proper level, especially with good boards. In general, the heavier you are, the more air pressure the board will need.

Incomplete Accessories

Paddles aren’t always included with every board leading to extra costs incurred since you will need to purchase a paddle separately.

Q: What Is The Difference Between A Regular And An Aqua Marina Paddle Board?

A: What differentiate a regular paddle board from an Aqua Marina paddle board are the materials used in constructing the latter SUP board as well as the included features. An Aqua Marina paddle board has:
  • A stainless steel D-ring system for onboard storage with bungee straps for attaching a kayak seat or leash.
  • Extra strong and durable double-wall drop stitch PVC.
  • An EVA deck pad with a honeycomb groove design for maximum comfort and traction.