If you are a wakeboard you surely are aware of how exciting this sport can be if it is done with the right equipment, including the best wakeboard helmet. Wakeboarders combine their love of water and extreme sports into one enjoyable thrill-ride, and since it can be dangerous, you must be completely prepared. Seeing someone zig-zag behind a boat can be very thrilling, but doing it yourself is a whole new world of fun and experience.

As with all the high-impact sports, wakeboarders protect themselves with the right gear, including helmets too. When it comes to protecting your head, you cannot be too careful, and that’s why you’ll need the best wakeboarding helmet since anything can put you in danger.

In order to help you, our team was on a mission to discover the best wakeboard helmets in 2023, including a useful buying guide to help you find the best helmet. Before buying a helmet that won’t protect you from the unwanted harm, take a look at our options and make sure that you’ve found the right match!

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How To Choose A Wakeboard Helmet – Buying Guide

It goes without saying that the fit of your wakeboard helmet is very important to your comfort, but you should also know that it is very important to your safety too. You do want something which will fit you well and not bother you as you glide through the water, but special care should be taken to ensure that the helmet fits snug on your head.

A snug-fitting helmet will not come off at the time of impact, nor will it slide backward off your head, posing a strangling hazard. You should measure the circumference of your head every two years (it can change slightly) and use that measurement to choose a helmet based on the size chart for the brand. A properly fitting helmet can really save your life.



Helmets for wakeboarding have undergone rigorous tests to make sure that they are safe. You should make sure to do a little research to ensure that the helmet you are choosing has undergone those tests. If a helmet has not been tested properly, then it is not safe for wakeboarding.

You should also avoid used wakeboard helmets. When a helmet is impacted there can be visible damage, but also unseen damage. With a used helmet, you do not know the history of the helmet. Always choose a new wakeboard helmet.

The other thing to think of is replacing your helmet. Every 2-5 years (depending on how often you use the helmet), you should replace it. You should also replace it after a high-impact crash against a hard surface.


If you are wakeboarding, then you are going to end up in the water at some point. You want to find a helmet that has good drainage so that the water is not held in the helmet while you are wearing it. You also want to find a helmet that will not absorb the water which gets inside. Once you are done with your helmet for the day, you want it to drain and dry effectively.


The lining is very important in a wakeboarding helmet. It is also the part of the helmet which will wear out the quickest. With this in mind, you should look for a helmet that has a lining made of high-quality materials. Other things to look out for are waterproofing, padding, and comfort. A good lining will help to protect your head and keep you comfortable.



Q: How Should a Wakeboard Helmet Fit?


The first step in getting the perfect fit is getting a perfect size. Measure the size of your head and then use the sizing chart to choose the correct size. Once you do, you should try it on for the correct fit. Your water sport helmet should fit snug on your head, but should not feel constrictive. If you shake your head, the helmet should stay in place.

To adjust the straps on the wakeboard helmet correctly, there are some things that you can do. Look up at the helmet when it is on your head, and if you can see the edge of the helmet, then the helmet is in the right place.

On the sides of the chin strap, the strap will branch off into a ‘Y’. The ‘Y’ should sit just below each ear. If it does not, then you should adjust the strap until it is. The chin strap should also fit snugly under your chin (and should not constrict you. It should be touching your skin, but you should still be able to get a finger in between the strap and your chin.

Some wakeboard helmets also have a small dial at the base of the helmet at the back. You can adjust this dial while the helmet is on your head to give a precise fit.

Q: How important are wakeboard helmets?


Wakeboard helmets are always a great idea when you are participating in any sport where there is a chance of head impacts. A good watersports helmet will protect your head from any impact. If you do hit the water, the lining inside and the helmet itself will protect your head and absorb any impact from the water. Should you hit anything harder, then the helmet could save your life.

Being in the water, there are a lot of dangers, especially if you are flying through the water at high speed. Other boats provide a threat, as do other wakeboarders and other people. There have been instances of people hitting rocks as they are thrown loose from the boat, or colliding with the boat itself. Wearing a wakeboard helmet can protect your head from serious injury.

The one thing to think about when wearing a helmet for wakeboarding is the feel of it and the balance when wearing one. A helmet will create more drag as you are pulled through the water, and it may get a little getting used to if you are not used to wearing one.

I would always recommend wearing a helmet, the small amount of discomfort is offset by the protection it gives, as most of the people have stated in all the wakeboard helmet reviews.

Globo Surf Overview

A wakeboard helmet is a vital piece of equipment for any wakeboarder or water sports enthusiast. There has been a lot of debate over recent years with regard to wearing a helmet in some water sports. There is some truth in the theory that wearing a helmet will create more drag and will move your head into an awkward position and throw your balance off. There is truth in that, but the change to your position and balance is so negligible, that it is not even worth talking about.

The reason we wear a helmet in any sport is to protect our head from impact, and this is exactly what the wakeboard helmets on our list do. If you choose one of our top rated wakeboard helmet options, you can be sure that you are getting one of the best wakeboarding helmets when it comes to style, materials, and, of course, protection.

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