Flips flops have long been associated with having a great time, whether you’re having fun at the beach or just simply chilling by the pool flip flops are essential in order to protect your feet without having to deal with sand or water in your shoes which you would do if you were wearing trainers.

As soon as the sun shines you’ll want to find the best mens flip flops on the market and head out ready to have plenty of fun in the outdoors. Flip flops though have become a lot more stylish and comfortable than ever before, so it’s hard to figure out what exactly are the best mens sandals out there.

Thankfully our review is on hand to guide you through the process of buying flips flops that will keep for feet comfortable all day long

How To Choose The Best Men Flip Flops – Buying Guide



As with most shoes, size matters. It is, however, not always as important a consideration when it comes to flip flops due to their more open design. If you have a sandal that just has one strap coming down, then you don’t really have to worry about the size as long as it’s near to your accurate shoe size.

When it comes to models that have more support around the ankle then you want to make sure that it will fit you perfectly, but a lot of these models are adjustable on all sides of the sandal. You may though have a wider than average foot, and this is a consideration that you have to take into account when making your purchasing decision. Some of these sandals are designed for a slightly wider fit, so this will give you the level of comfort that you’re looking for without having to compromise on anything else.

When it comes to the fitting of the shoe, then you might have specific foot needs that need to be catered for. If you’re the type that needs constant arch support then there are options out there which give you more protection in this department.

If you’re worried about sizing issues, then there is no need to fear. The questions section on Amazon can be an amazing resource for answering the question that you want answering, and it’s often very easy to search for the result that you want. If the question you have hasn’t been answered, just post it on the Amazon page and you’ll be sure to get a quick response.


When designers are thinking of making a flip flop they must scratch their head and wonder how they are going to make them a product that is going to be comfortable. Not only do they have to be resistant to small particles and easy to clean, but they also don’t have the all-around support of the foot that others shoes may have.

Having memory foam is not going to work in a shoe that has to be resistant to water, but there are other materials out there which do a brilliant job in giving you the level of comfort that you need. On most products, you’ll see that they have an EVA footbed and you might be wondering what that is. Well it is a blended material that is resistant to water and the same kind of material that you get on most flip flops and water flotation devices. They come in different levels of quality, but most are very comfortable.

Other footbeds are made as well, such as cork, which will give a similar level of bounce while still giving you that protection that you’re looking for. Most flip flops are comfortable and resistant to water, but there will be others which are designed for more use on dry land. Leather or suede straps can be stylish, but aren’t great at keeping out water unless they have some sort of protective layer. What’s more important than the actual materials though is what they actually provide.

As long as the base of the shoe is comfortable, then it doesn’t really matter what it’s made of, but some will be softer than others. With the material, you are also looking to make sure that it provides resistance both in the footbed and on the sole. On the footbed, your feet might be wet so you want to look for a non-slip material that won’t move around. On the sole, you’ll want there to be a material that gives you all of the grip that you need.


It’d be good to live in a world where people didn’t care what you looked like and you could just wear what you want, but that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. When you head off to the beach or the pool, you want to look good, and having a stylish pair of sandals can defiantly add to that. Adding design features to a sandal can be a great added extra.

In the main, sandals come in three distinctive styles which can all be great for different things. Firstly you have the sandal that looks like a regular shoe, expect there will be gaps in the material to keep it lighter and able to dry quickly after it has been in the water. These types of sandals are great for the more active of users as they can be great for hiking and everyday use. They are more rugged and are the sandal that you would use to walk through streams and rocky beaches.

Another type of sandal is one that has straps going over the foot and secures your feet from the top. These are a very open sandal that can be great for going to the beach, and a good alternative for those that don’t like having the feel of having material between their toes. These can be very secure as the adjustable strap for buckle will be able to keep your feet in place while you are out by the pool and at the beach. These sandals can also be great for more walking uses.

By far the most popular sandal though is the type that have a piece of material in between your two biggest toes which is generally called a toe post. With just having one strap over a footbed, you wouldn’t think there would be much room for design, but there are some great looking sandals out there who have made great use of the limited space. These sandals are obviously designed for the casual user and will give you a great level of comfort if you’re walking around the pool or a bar as you wind down and enjoy the sun.


You want to make sure that your flip flop is comfortable as you’ll be wearing them at a time where you should be relaxing and enjoying yourself. The best flip flops come with arch support which is essential if you’re going to be walking long distances in them. You could have flip flops that are made out of the softest materials, but if you don’t have the right amount of adequate heel and arch support then you might be finding yourself in some discomfort.

If all you plan to do is have a lazy day on the beach in your flip flops, then this won’t matter as much. Your flip flops also need to be flexible, not only to mold your feet into them but also to be able to grip onto any surface that you might be walking on. Whilst having that flexibility, your flip flops also need to be rigid enough to deal with all the movement that you will have in your feet.

In terms of comfort, there also comes an aspect of personal choice when it comes to flip flops. Some people don’t like having a toe post in between their toes, while others might not like the feel of having multiple straps over their feet. When it comes to buying your flip flops, be sure to consider which style is going to be the most comfortable for you and your feet or you could end up buying a pair that you will never use.


There are many design challenges that are faced when making a sandal, and one of them is the fact that you simply don’t have the same amount of material to work with. If you think of a basketball shoe, then you can see the sheer amount of design that has gone into them and you can imagine how stable the foot would be in them. They have all around material for the foot, and also give ankle support as well. With sandals, the material is minimalistic as they need to be easy to use and easy to clean, but they should still be able.

Buying a sandal that has a contoured footbed will give you a lot of support so your feet don’t slide sideways out of them. Added to that a well-fitted strap then that should provide enough stability for your feet, if you want to wear a sandal that would be perfect for hiking, then there are options out there which look more like regular shoes which will give you even more support.

There is a balancing act when it comes to sandals and that is because you want to have nice and soft material that will protect your feet, but you also want that material to be stable enough to support your heels and your arches. The best sandals on the market thankfully give that type of support and will have a great amount of stability to go with their ease of use.

What Occasion

Flip flops can be used for any occasion, but they are obviously mostly associated with the beach. Going to the beach in anything other than flip flops isn’t really an option unless you want to get sand everywhere.

If you’re heading to the beach then flip flops are a must. Of course, however, it isn’t just the beach where you’ll be using your flip flops, there are other times where they come in equally as important. Lazing by the pool in flip flops is also great, as you avoid the danger of slipping in your bare feet which can cause a big problem.

Generally being out and about in the sun though is a great time to wear flip flops even if you’re out in the garden or taking a stroll to the shops. Also, the more well-built flip flops are great for hiking and walking through shallow streams as you won’t be getting your shoes wet and your feet will be able to breathe in the hot weather.



Q: How should mens flip flops fit?


A lot of people see flip flops as a means to an end in order to either protect your feet as you’re walking to a beach or stop your feet from burning on hot sand. The reality though is that there’s no reason why flip flops should be uncomfortable.

The best flip flops on the market should fit you well just as a regular shoe would. Your heel should sink right back into the shoe and as the material should be soft enough to give you a level of comfort. Some flip flops have a narrower profile, so if you have wide feet then you’ll want to look out for the products that specifically state that they are wider, and some of the products we reviewed highlight this.

The footbed should feel like a regular shoe as you want to be getting heel and arch support. Flip flops aren’t meant to be uncomfortable, so if you’ve been walking around in some that haven’t got the best fit, then it’s time to invest in a good pair of flip flops. Just because you’re wearing flip flops, it shouldn’t mean that you have to sacrifice comfort.

Q: How to clean flip flops?


One of the main reason people wear flip flops in the first place is that they don’t trap material like a regular shoe does, and also they don’t hold water. Anyone who has made the mistake in the past of going to the beach in a pair of trainers will know that you’ll be finding sand in between your toes for weeks afterward.

There are though things that will mean that your flip flops need to be cleaned, and before you put them away for the winter, you need to make sure that they are clean. How you clean them can depend on the type of material that they are made out of, with a lot of flip flops though you can just through them in the machine is they are machine-washable, but some won’t be, so it’s always important to check. For example, leather shouldn’t be placed in a machine and to clean them you’d need to clean any blemishes with a more gentle cleanser. If your flip flops have a cork footbed, then just like with leather you’ll want to avoid putting them in a machine.  You’ll need to use warm water to scrub the area and towel dry them after, again the same applies to suede shoes.

Even if you have flip flops without any of these, they are likely to have rubber on them. Salt water can damage rubber over time, so it’s important that you rinse off your flip flops with freshwater after every use to stop them from deteriorating over time.

Q: Are mens flip flops comfortable?


The short answer is yes, if you buy the right ones. Again, there is a line of thought that flips flops are never going to be that comfortable and people just wear them as they don’t want to wear a pair of trainers to the beach, but it doesn’t have to be like that at all. In the long-term, flip flops aren’t the type of shoe that you want to be wearing 24/7 as even though some are very well made, they still don’t offer the same level of foot support as a well-made shoe or trainer would.

For a day out at the beach though, they can be perfect and should be more than comfortable, it’s only long-term prolonged use that you would advise against. If you’re going to be wearing flip flops for a lot of the time, then just make sure that you buy ones that have a good amount of heel and arch support. Flip flops don’t have to be uncomfortable, and if yours aren’t then it’s time to buy a new pair.

Q: How long will a pair of flip flops last?


As with any shoe, over time there will be a gradual wearing down process whereby you’ll eventually have to go out and buy new shoes. The more well-made sandals will last a lot longer, but even they will have to go eventually. So just how long should your flip flops last for? Well, that depends on a number of factors, with the most important one being how often you wear them.

If you live somewhere cold and only use flip flops to go on holiday, then you really don’t need to worry about changing them for many years as long as they’re cleaned properly after use. If you’re a regular wearer, then you’ll be wanting to change those flip flops every 1-2 years. If they have received any damage or they are not giving you the level of comfort that they once did, then it’s time for a change as well. As with most items, you get what you pay for so the more expensive and well-known brands should generally last for longer than others.

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There is no need to sacrifice comfort when you head off to the beach, wearing a great pair of sandals can help you relax at the beach, but also you’ll know that if you needed to do a decent amount of walking, then it wouldn’t be an issue as you’d have your well-made sandals on.

If you’re looking for mens sandals with arch support then the flip flops reviewed give a great range of options with will help protect your feet from being sore. Especially if you’re on holiday, the last thing you want is it to be ruined by being in pain with your feet. Trying to relax in the sun can’t happen if you are in pain, so getting the right sandals can be vitally important.

These mens flip flop reviews are a great guide to be able to get you the flip flops that you need. There are though a lot of differences between the pair, so it’s important to work out exactly what you want to you aren’t disappointed. If you simply just want to stroll around a beach while protecting the bottom of your feet, then sandals with a simple toe post design would be perfect, or if you’re the type that will want to explore the rocky beaches and search for crabs, then you will want a more sturdy pair that has a greater level of support.

If you’re going to be dipping your feet in the water, then you’ll be looking for mens waterproof sandals that will dry quickly. All the sandals reviewed will be able to dry quickly enough, but some have been specifically designed to be water resistant and be as easy to use in and out of the water. If you’re just looking for mens beach sandals then any of these items reviewed would be more than good enough for the job at hand.

Flip flops used to be seen as something ugly that you’d wear just because you would have to, and the fashion faux of men wearing flip flops with socks is one that is very well known. These days though, people are a lot more aware of their fashion and this shows in the style and range of good-looking flip flops that are available. Never has it been easier to find a nice looking pair of mens waterproof flip flops for any situation where the sun is shining. There are some elegant designs out there, along with a few every practical ones as well.

Whatever your need for flip flops, it’s time to find your perfect pair and head out there knowing that you’re feet are being supported like never before with flip flops that will get people asking where you have got them from. Make sure you use this buying guide to carefully work out what you need, and once you do then you can enjoy your holiday or day out with the peace of mind that your feet aren’t going to be sore at the end of the day

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