Whether you’re going to the beach, the pool, or need something to wear casually, flip flops and sandals are the ultimate summer footwear. They feel light and comfortable on your feet while providing a level of breathability that no sneaker can match.

While most of us choose our flip flops based on their looks, paying attention to the materials and the overall design can result in a much better purchase. In this article, we’ll discuss everything that goes into making a good flip flop, and present both the best mens flip flops and the best mens sandals so you can have great footwear for warm weather.

How To Choose The Best Men Flip Flops – Buying Guide



Like with any shoe, picking the right size is essential when it comes to its performance. You want your new summer sandal to give you good support on the sides and in the ankle area without feeling too constricting or causing discomfort. Most of the products we’ve featured come with size charts, and we recommend you get your standard size (if the particular model runs true to size).

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Choosing materials for flip flops and sandals is very specific – they need to be soft and comfortable, but sturdy and durable enough to provide protection. To achieve this, most top-rated products use a combination of materials. The outsole is usually made from strong rubber, while the footbed often uses soft EVA foam. As for the upper, a combination of mesh and synthetic leather is probably best but other materials like nylon do a very good job too. 


The entire point of buying flip flops for man is making your feet comfortable, so this aspect shouldn’t be overlooked when choosing. We suggest buying a model with a soft foam underfoot that has shock absorption and feels great on the sole regardless of the surface. Additionally, mens sandals with arch support will further improve both comfort and stability.


Due to their open design, flip flops and sandals will be less stable than your standard shoes. While this won’t matter too much on the beach, we advise that you pay attention if you plan to use your summer footwear elsewhere. For wider outdoor use, we recommend sandals like the KEEN Newport H2 – they have adjustable straps and a contoured footbed, guaranteeing a stable step on uneven terrain.

Style and Occasion

While sandals and flip flops can be used for any occasion, men wearing flip flops are mostly associated with the beach. However, the style has advanced significantly so nowadays you can find models that are not only great for sand but also stylish enough that you can wear them casually every day.



Q: How Should Mens Flip Flops Fit?


The best flip flops should fit just as regular or running shoes would, so we advise buying your standard size. Keep in mind that some flip flops have a narrower profile so, if you have a wide foot, you should look for a model with a wide profile.

Q: How To Clean Flip Flops?


For everyday maintenance, the only thing you need to do after use is rinse them with fresh water to remove the salt and sand. If your flip flops have stains, you can scrub them with a sponge and mild detergent. On top of this, some synthetic models are even safe to put in a washing machine.

Q: Are Mens Flip Flops Comfortable?


Yes, if you buy the right ones. For a day on the beach, a good pair of flip flops are the most comfortable item you can wear. Many models come with a soft footbed and arched midsole so they feel great on the feet.

Q: How Long Will A Pair Of Flip Flops Last?


That depends on many factors, the most important of which is how often you wear them. If you’re using them only when you go on a holiday, your flip flops for men can last for a large number of years without a problem. However, if you wear them every day, an average pair will last a year or two. Like with everything else, you usually get what you pay for.

Globo Surf Overview

When summertime comes, flip flops and sandals are the footwear that provides us with the comfort and convenience we need. In addition to looks, it’s important to ensure that the model we pick feels comfortable and gives natural foot support. We hope that our reviews and guide helped you find a model that you will enjoy wearing every day.

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