Suitable for almost every season, occasion, or outing, women walking sandals are one of the most popular items purchased by women. However, when you start considering the options, you easily get confused as justifying the best women’s outdoor sandals is never easy. 

To pick the best sandal for women you need to consider the amount of comfort, support, and protection each one has to offer and map them to your needs. Moreover, you need to consider some technical details such as different types of the sole, lining, strap types, and heel support.

To help you in doing so, we have gone through several women sandal reviews, studied them thoroughly, and created a list of the 10 Best Sandals for Women In 2023 with a comprehensive buying guide to help you out with your decision.

How To Choose The Best Sandals For Women – Buying Guide



There are several styles you may encounter while you are looking for the best women’s outdoor sandals. Two important areas to consider while looking for style is strap and footbed. While you can check for some contouring on the footbed, consider sandals with a footbed that provides arch support and gives a comfortable feel. When it comes to straps, check out how and where adjustable staps are being used on a sandal. In general, you need to see whether straps are wrapping your feet as one or splitting your toes. 


Fitting is an important aspect of women’s active sandals. If they do not fit correctly, they will not serve the purpose of wearing a sandal. It becomes even more vital when you’re doing anything near the water like stand-up paddleboarding. If your sandals don’t fit, then they can fall off. If you’re in the water, you could lose one in a murky lake or ocean water. Even a misfitting sandal can harm your feet as well as your back in the longer run. That is why give some extra consideration in picking the right size. 


When it comes to walking shoes, two main areas need to be comfortable: the straps and the contoured footbed. The footbed of women’s sandals hold up your arch and protect the bottom of your foot from anything you’d walk over, like rocks. You want that to be thick and soft so that the sandals aren’t uncomfortable to wear. Plus prefer a sandal that has support for feet as well. 

With supportive walking shoes, women also look for comfortable straps. The straps can pull and tug at the top of your foot, which can be painful and uncomfortable. You won’t be able to enjoy your family vacatiın if the straps on your sandals aren’t comfortable.

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Women’s sandals range in prices depending on the material they’re made out of. It depends on what you want, but check and make sure that the material such as patent leather you’re paying for is worth the money you’re paying for it. Look at the features of whatever sandals your buying to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Another way to do this is by viewing women’s sandal reviews to find the best walking shoes for women within the budget. 


Another thing to consider while looking for top rated women’s sandals is the occasion you are buying them for. If you’re looking for a specific occasion, then look for an option that suits the best for the purpose. If you want it for outdoor activities including water, then pick women’s hiking water shoes or women’s water sandals. If you are sure that you do need to engage with water and rather need it for hiking and camping, hiking sandals women should be your choice. 


Another important aspect to keep in mind while looking for the best women’s outdoor sandals is stability. To pick a strap sandal with high stability, check out its footbed, the drop in construction, the height of the heel, and the design of the heel cup. 



Q: Why do women wear sandals?


Women wear sandals because it protects their feet from the harms of a terrain. Wearing a pair of sandals also supports and gives a comfortable feel to the feet only to enjoy a family vacation even more. Plus, they add style as they can be paired with dresses and help them in aligning their fashion.

Q: What do you wear with sandals?


You can wear anything with sandals! Part of what makes sandals so great is how versatile they are. You can wear sandals to formal occasions by pairing it with a simple or complex dress. Moreover, some sandals are also geared towards active use, so you can kayak with them or hike in them.

Q: How to choose the right beach sandals for women?


For choosing the right beach sandals for women you need to consider the design and suitability of a sandal for sandy terrain. Such a sandal should allow plenty of room with a firm sole with a little bit of cushion to provide support. Further, try to pick a sandal that is water-resistant so that you can go in the water with them if needed. 

Q: What are the best walking sandals for women?


The best walking sandals for women have a few key features such as how well the sandal stays on, how comfortable they are, and how much breathability they offer. That is why the right pick for the purpose would be a sandal with a strap and a cushioned footbed. Plus, the upper material should be skin-friendly and should have a lot of openings for air circulation. 

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Several reasons justify the importance and usefulness of woman sandals. Being such an important accessory for styling and foot protection it is not possible to avoid or compromise on picking the right wedge sandals for yourself. But while making a choice, you need to keep in mind the suitability of a sandal for your feet and occasion. 

As you will go through top rated women’s sandals that we have listed above, you will realize that you need to choose the level of comfort, support, and protection a sandal has to offer. Further, you need to check its suitability for casual or outdoor usage. In case it is outdoors, do consider its ability for water resistance and drainage. After all, buying a sandal can only be worth it when it serves the purpose. All the independently selected options listed above offer excellent comfort and superior support. All you need to do is map them to your need and pick the thong sandal that suits you the best.

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