Sandals are one of the most popular shoes for women, worn in almost every season by the brave and worn solely in the summer by many. Sandals are open-toed shoes that are comfortable and allow women to go where they want with their feet free.

Everyone knows about flip flops and how wonderful those feel in the hot weather; unfortunately, many people see flip flops as casual wear. However, sandals are the perfect in-between, and you’re able to wear them in both casual and fancy situations. With so many different kinds to pick from, here’s the best sandals for women in 2019!

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How To Choose The Best Sandals For Women – Buying Guide



There’s several different styles you’ll want to think about when you go to purchase women’s sandals. There’s different strap designs and footbed designs that can impact how well you like your sandals. There’s also different styles when it comes to how to put the sandals on.

One important strap design has to do with the strap around your toe that can split your toes up. If you’re not used to things like this, or like flip flops, you’ll want to steer clear of those sandals. You’ll also want sandals that have great footbeds so that your arch is supported and comfortable.


You want women’s sandals to fit correctly, otherwise you’re defeating the purpose of wearing them, especially if you’re doing anything near the water like stand up paddle boarding. If your sandals don’t fit, then they can fall off. If you’re in the water, you could lose one in murky lake or ocean water.

It’s also important that they fit right because you can actually harm your foot by having sandals that don’t fit. If your arch is being wrongly supported, you could walk wrong, which can cause posture issues and even back issues. It’s important to make sure that your women’s sandals fit for both comfort and health reasons.


When it comes to women’s sandals, there are two main areas that need to be comfort: the straps and the footbed. The footbed of women’s sandals hold up your arch and protect the bottom of your foot from anything you’d walk over, like rocks. You want that to be thick and soft so that the sandals aren’t uncomfortable to wear.

You also want the straps of your women’s sandals to be comfortable. The straps can pull and tug at the top of your foot, which can be painful and uncomfortable. You won’t be able to enjoy your activities if the straps on your sandals aren’t comfortable.


Women’s sandals range in prices depending on the material they’re made out of. It really depends on what you want, but check and make sure that the material you’re paying for is worth the money you’re paying for it.

It’s easy to make sandals look nice, so don’t base your purchase on looks alone. Look at the features of whatever sandals your buying to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Another way to do this is by seeing reviews to find the best women’s sandals. That way you know if what you’re buying is worth the money.


When you’re looking for women’s sandals, you’ll want to think about the occasions you’re wearing them for. If you’re looking for a specific occasion, then you’ll want to think about that or the lifestyle you currently have. If you’re outdoors a lot and looking for sandals for that, then you’ll want to buy sandals for that.

Even if you’re buying sandals for outdoor use and the occasional event, you can still find some that work well in both occasions! There’s plenty of water-resistant outdoor sandals that are made from leather that look great wherever you wear them.

Types of Sandal

There’s different types of women’s sandals, so you’ll want to think about what you want! One of the most popular ways that women’s sandals varies is by the sandal strap.

There’s some sandals that are defined by their strap; their personality lies in the ways the straps fall. With super strappy sandals like these, it’s important to think about how quickly you want to take your sandals on and off. Sometimes extra straps can be slow to put on.

Another different with straps is straps that separate your toe. Straps that separate your toe have to be gotten used to, so if you’ve never had a shoe that separates your toe, you’ll want to get used to wearing your sandals before taking them out.


There’s varying levels of stability in your sandals. If there’s a heel, then the sandal will naturally be less stable and harder to walk in compared to sandals without a heel. Sandals with a heel are great for events and for making an outfit more formal easily!

If you’re doing something like walking to the beach on a sunny day, then you’ll want sandals that don’t have a heel. A heel will stop you from falling, and it’ll be easier to walk in. Outdoor activities are great, and you don’t want to twist an ankle by getting the wrong kind of women’s sandals.



Q: Why do women wear sandals?


Sandals are great shoes no matter what you’re doing! They’re comfortable and can be either casual or formal, so they’re the perfect accessory for any woman no matter what they’re doing. You can wear sandals in any kind of situation, and it’s easier to carry one pair of multi-use sandals than three pairs of other shoes whenever you go on vacation!

Sandals can also go with any outfit, so women won’t have to worry about how they look with sandals on. Typically fashion isn’t something that is easy, but sandals are quick and easy in every way.

Q: What do you wear with sandals?


You can wear anything with sandals! Part of what makes sandals so great is how versatile they are.

You can wear sandals to formal occasions by pairing it with a simple or complex dress. A simple sundress and sandals is the perfect thing to wear if you’re going outside or even just for hanging out with friends in. You can wear sandals with a cocktail dress as well for a night out.

Sandals also work well with jeans and any kind of top. There’s plenty of sandals that look great whether you’re wearing a t-shirt and exercise shorts or with a nice tank top and black jeans. They’re perfect!

There are some sandals that are also geared towards active use, so you can kayak with them or hike in them. These sandals are a bit more casual and probably can’t be dressed up in a cocktail dress, but you can get active sandals that work great for simple casual use as well!

Q: How to choose the right beach sandals for women?


When you’re choosing beach sandals for women, you’ll want to think about a few things that are specific to the beach itself. You’ll want to think about things like the shoe design with sand in mind and the comfort of the sandal.

Sand on the beach can be wonderful and fun; however, getting sand stuck inside your sandal is a painful and annoying experience. With women’s sandals, some designs make it easier for sand to get trapped with your feet. You’ll want to make sure whatever sandals you pick out for the beach have plenty of room for sand to come out of them easily.

The bottom of the sandal is another thing you’ll want to think about when it comes to women’s beach sandals. You don’t want something extremely soft since sand can get stuck there again and it can be hard to walk in slippery sand with them. You also don’t want something that’s incredibly hard for the same reasons. The best women’s beach sandals are firm and provide support but also provide a little bit of cushion.

Q: What are the best walking sandals for women?


The best walking sandals for women have a few key features that you can look at before deciding to buy any. With so many sandals and different kinds, you’ll want to make sure that you pay close attention to what you’re getting.

One important thing to look at when buying walking sandals is how well the sandal stays on. If you’re walking, you don’t want a sandal that falls off every couple seconds. The best way to do this is to see how tight the straps are supposed to fit as well as the back straps. Sandals with back straps that go around your heel are much better to use for walking sandals.

You’ll also want to get a very comfortable sandal. You can do this by making sure that the footbed of the sandal is cushioned and provides support in the right places that will keep your foot comfortable and safe. You’ll also want a thick footbed and tread that will stop your feet from feeling every little thing you walk on.

Another important thing for comfort is the breathability of the sandal. You’ll want a sandal that lets your toes feel the air with an open-toed design. With this, you won’t have to worry about super sweaty feet or anything too smelly!

Globo Surf Overview

The best women’s sandal is the Teva Women’s Original Universal Sandal. This sandal is the perfect mix of things and can work in any situation! With lots of different colors to pick from, you can get a casual bright-colored pair or a simple black pair that can be more formal.

With a waterproof design, these women’s sandals are perfect for being out in the water. The back strap prevents them from falling off and into the water, and the rubber sole is great for water use. You won’t have to worry about slipping either since the tread is thick and made for traction.

These sandals can be worn in many different ways, so you’ll always be able to change up your style with them. You can wear them with socks for bold days, or even colder days, or wear them normally whenever you need to!

The back strap makes these sandals perfect for walking. The thick sole is also a great feature for walking sandals; you won’t be uncomfortable with these sandals on. You won’t feel any rocks or sticks, and your feet will have plenty of room to breathe!

Another great feature of these sandals is the strap design. It’s cute without being over the top, so you’ll easily be able to put them on and off. Because of this, these sandals are a cut above the rest because of this; you’ll be saving time and looking cute with these!

The company Teva is also a wonderful company that supports outdoor water activities and gives back to the community. Supporting a brand that shares interests with you and helps the community is always a great thing to do, so before you head out on your next vacation or casual day on the town, invest in a pair of Teva Women’s Original Universal Sandal!

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