The best waterproof notebooks will enable you to jot down ideas and thoughts anytime, anywhere, no matter the conditions. You can write on their pages in the shower or bath, outdoors in the rain, snow, ocean, and even in inclement weather. And there’s no fear that your notes will be ruined by wetness. Your writing will survive water, sweat, tears, coffee spills, the washing machine, and more to stay clear and legible.

Whether you want to keep an outdoor adventure log, note down the ideas that come to you in the shower before they go down the drain, take notes in the field or lab, or need a writing pad to carry anywhere, you need such a hardy weatherproof notebook you can count on. Following is our top five picks of the best waterproof notepads.

How To Choose A Waterproof Notebook – Buying Guide


In addition to the ability to work in wet conditions, there are some other things to look at as you shop for waterproof notebooks to ensure you get one that will work for your needs and be reliable in the conditions you will be using it in. Here is what else to assess:


Your intended use will determine the best waterproof notepad for you. As you shop, keep in mind where and how you will be using it so you can make the right choice. For example, if you want a notebook to use while exploring the underwater world, you will need to ensure you choose one that you can write on underwater. If you want to document your journey to the summit of a certain mountain, you will need a notepad that is not only rainproof but can also withstand and work in extreme cold and snow. 


When shopping for a waterproof notebook, you’re looking for a reliable notebook you can take with you anywhere and that can stand up to all kinds of weather elements and abuse. For the best performance, you need a quality product that does what it’s meant to do well.

The best waterproof notebook for outdoor use should be rugged enough to handle any element mother nature might present. It should hold up well to being rained on, snowed on, dropped in pools of water, spilled on, thrown in the laundry by mistake etc. It should also stand up to the constant in and out of the pocket handling.

The papers should be all-weather in order to work in any condition. The pages should be easy to write on in the rain, snow, sleet, frigid temperatures, high humidity, using sweaty hands etc and the writing should be clear and legible. Upon coming into contact with water, the pages shouldn’t stick together, turn into mush or tear easily. The binding should be robust. The covers should be tough enough to protect the pages from moisture, scratches, and stains.

Check waterproof notebook reviews by users to find out whether a notebook is water resistant vs. waterproof, works and holds up as well as it claims. Top rated waterproof notepads, such as the ones in our waterproof notebook reviews, will be high-quality and durable.


Waterproof notebooks come in all sorts of sizes so you can find the ideal size for your needs. Want an EDC notebook to have with you all the time to capture ideas and thoughts before they disappear? A compact and lightweight pocket-size is the convenient size. It will fit in your pant, shirt, or coat pockets or the exterior pocket of your backpacking backpack or bag. These waterproof pocket notebooks are ideal for small lists and quick notes. If you need a larger size for taking a lot of notes such as when working or studying in the field, there are bigger sizes too. Consider the number of pages/sheets the notebook has too, to ensure they suit your needs.


Other than the classic pocket notebook, there are other types of waterproof notepads that might be the ideal choice for you. There are field notebooks, hard-bound books, flip-up notepads, loose leaf paper, and more. Upon opening the notebooks, you will come across ruled, graph to plain papers. No matter what you need it for, there is a type of waterproof notebook designed just for the purpose you want it for.



Q: Why Use Waterproof Notebook?


If you’ve ever tried to write on wet ordinary paper or in a humid/wet environment, you know its impossible to make a mark. And when regular paper comes into contact with water, the pages stick together, the ink smudges and the writing is ruined, and the papers become so soft that they tear easily.

These two challenges are the reason why to use waterproof notebooks, whose paper can be written on in wet conditions. When exposed to moisture, pages in a waterproof notepad stay in good condition. And the writing stays clear and legible. If you need a reliable notebook to have with you always, write on anywhere and have confidence that your notes will stay intact, a waterproof notebook is it.

Q: When To Use Waterproof Notebook?


Whenever you need to take notes in wet or less than ideal conditions. They are great EDC notebooks to be taken anywhere and used anytime. It could be in the shower, in the lab, or outdoors.

Whenever you need a notebook that can withstand all kinds of weather elements and abuse. Need to carry a notebook to document your adventures and note down ideas that come to you when you’re relaxed? You need the best waterproof notepad. These notepads should be in every fishing trip checklist and they make great gifts for backpacking, hiking, and camping enthusiasts.

They are also the right tools for those who study or work outside in the military, construction, journalism, fisheries and more, and need to take notes.

Q: How Water Resistant Is Waterproof Notebook?

A: Some waterproof notebooks are truly waterproof and can even withstand submersion, which means that you can use them to jot ideas underwater. Some weatherproof notebooks are just water resistant/repellent and only able to withstand showers or light rain and not a heavy downpour, prolonged exposure to moisture, or submersion.

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We believe that a notebook is an essential accessory to have on hand no matter where you are. You never know when a brilliant idea might strike or when you might need to note down something. Smartphone apps are great. There’s no disputing that. But they can never beat the old-fashioned paper notebook. Writing on paper, you are better able to reflect on and commit to memory the ideas and thoughts. But a notebook isn’t going to serve you well if it is impossible to write on in less than ideal conditions or the notes get ruined when it gets wet.

By investing in the best waterproof notebook, you will have a reliable and hardy writing pad you can take anywhere and that can stand up to all kinds of weather conditions and abuse. Just be sure you use the right pen. A pencil, permanent marker, an all-weather or underwater pen work fine. Ballpoint pens will also work as long as the paper is dry. Water-based inks are a no-go. With this combination of waterproof pen and paper, you’re equipped to jot notes no matter the conditions and have peace of mind they will stay legible.

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