Snorkeling is a beloved sport that most tropical vacationers indulge in while abroad. This is the best way to get a taste of all the beautiful underwater world has to offer. However, this little taste may not be enough and strong swimmers will often be tempted to go a bit deeper. A dry snorkel features a one-way valve at the top of the snorkel that does not allow water to go into your snorkel. This is great for those who are looking to dive down or accidentally splash water on the end. The best dry snorkel will ensure your diving experience is much more enjoyable.

We’ve already reviewed other snorkel gear like snorkel masks, dive fins, and snorkel gear packages. So, now let’s talk about the best dry snorkels. We know you will fall in love with the ocean and did our part to make your vacation unforgettable by finding you the best snorkels on the market.

How To Choose The Best Dry Snorkel – Buying Guide


Size Of The Diameter Tube

Dry snorkels come with varying diameters of tubes. The later tubes have more space inside, so there is more space for the air to flow through. These tubes are great for beginners as they are easier to breathe through. Smaller tubes are harder to breathe through as there is less space, but they also take up less space than the larger tubes.

Rigid & Flexible Models

You should also be thinking a little about rigid vs. flexible snorkel tubes. As the name would suggest, a flexible snorkel tube will bend at the mouth, so that you can reposition it in numerous ways. The rigid tube is fixed in position. With a flexible tube, you have some variety about how you place the mouthpiece in your mouth. Rigid tubes can be uncomfortable if you cannot find the correct position for the tube, but they have the advantage of staying in place more when you are swimming through the water.

Mouth Piece

If you have a mouthpiece that is not comfortable, then you are not going to enjoy your snorkeling trip. When you are trying out mouthpieces, you should try to find one which sits comfortably in your mouth, and one which should not have to bite down too hard to keep in place. If you are clenching your teeth for the duration of your snorkeling trip, then you are going to feel sore and stressed through the swim, and especially when you are done. The other thing to look for is replacements. Over time, the mouthpiece is going to become worn and bitten. If you can replace the mouthpiece, then you do not have to worry about replacing the entire snorkel.

Purge Valve

There is nothing worse than getting some water in your mouth when you are snorkeling. Especially if the water is saltwater. When that happens, then you must get the water out of your snorkel quickly and easily. Make sure that your snorkel comes with a purge valve. When you exhale, the purge valve will force water out of the bottom of your snorkel. The valve should also be easy to blow through. If you do not have a purge valve, it will be necessary to puff any water out of the tube.

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When you are choosing your snorkel, you have a choice of dry snorkels, semi-dry snorkels, and classic snorkels. Your choice will depend on what you are looking for in a snorkel, and what you need a snorkel for.

The classic snorkel is a big curved tube. There is no valve at the top of the snorkel, and water can get in if the snorkel dips under the water. They can be hard to clear if you get a lot of water inside them, but they are cheap and easy to find.

Semi-dry snorkels have a splash guard on the top. If water splashes onto the snorkel, it will not get in, but if you submerge the snorkel, the water will.

The best dry snorkels have a valve on the top to keep the water out. They are more expensive and heavier than other snorkels.



Q: How Do Dry Snorkels Work?


There is a float inside of the dry snorkel (there are other ways of letting the water flow too). When the top of the snorkel is above the water, the float is above the water, and air can flow through. If any water splashes or drips on the snorkel, it will get in. You can purge the water through the purge valve, which will allow you to blow the water back out of the snorkel. If the snorkel becomes submerged, then the float rises, and the top is sealed. The water will not be let in, and neither will the air. This is great when there are waves above the waterline, or if you want to dive down deeper without filling your snorkel.

As water will splash, there are ways for water to get into the snorkel. If you are under the water and take your mouth from the mouthpiece, then water will also get in. This is when you will have to use your purge valve to get rid of the water. At the base of your snorkel, there should be a purge valve. This is a one-way valve that you can blow through. Expel one or two short, sharp breaths through the valve to get rid of the water. As small particles can get into the valve, you should always rinse it out when you are finished snorkeling.

Q: What Is A Dry Snorkel?


A snorkel is a snorkel with a valve. A float system will stop the water from getting in, and will keep the inside of the snorkel dry. They are bulkier than regular snorkels due to the float system. They are also more expensive than classic snorkels.

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Having a dry snorkel will ensure that you don’t get any water in your mouth and make swimming below the surface much more enjoyable. These snorkels are excellent for swimming in water with a bit of wave as it ensures a one-way movement of air and doesn’t allow any water to enter. This is the best snorkel type that is great when traveling to deeper waters as you no longer run the risk of inhaling water into your lungs. Any of the top 10 best dry snorkels on our list will ensure your vacation is unforgettable. Now, all that is left for you to do is grab your bathing suit and jump in the water.

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