Snorkeling is a beloved sport that most tropical vacationers indulge in while abroad. This is the best way to get a taste of all the beautiful underwater world has to offer. However, this little taste may not be enough and strong swimmers will often be tempted to go a bit deeper. A dry snorkel features a one-way valve at the top of the snorkel that allows water to not go into your snorkel. This is great for those who are looking to dive down or accidentally splash water on the end. The best dry snorkel will ensure your diving experience is much more enjoyable.

We’ve already reviewed other snorkel gear like snorkel masksdive fins and snorkel gear packages. So, now let’s talk about the best dry snorkels.

We know you will fall in love with the ocean and did our part to make your vacation unforgettable by finding you the best snorkels on the market.


Dry Snorkel Reviews

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Having a dry snorkel will ensure that you don’t get any water in your mouth and make swimming below the surface much more enjoyable. These snorkels are excellent for swimming in water with a bit of waves as it ensures a one way movement of air and doesn’t allow any water to enter. This type of dry snorkel is great when traveling to deeper waters as you no longer run the risk of inhaling water into your lungs. Any of the top 10 dry snorkels on our list will ensure your vacation is unforgettable. Now, all that is left for you to do is grab your bathing suit and jump in the water.


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