If you’re on a boat with an outboard motor then you are not going to get very far without a steering wheel. It’s a vital part of a boat but one which is often overlooked due to the fact that it is such a standard piece of boat equipment.

Many steering wheels though aren’t great to look at and some can even break or get worn over time. Getting the best boat steering wheel then will allow you to get back onto the water with a stylish new steering system.

Getting the best marine steering wheel involves getting the right size as well as the materials and design to suit your boat. We have developed a buying guide to answer any question you have to make sure confident in getting the right steering wheel for your boat.

How To Choose The Best Boat Steering Wheel – Buying Guide



The size of the steering wheel won’t affect the turning of the boat. If you replaced a 13-inch wheel with a 14-inch model then it’s not going to make a difference in performance or how the boat drives. There ae though other aspects to take into account.

When buying a boat steering wheel you have to make a note of what’s around it and what it might come into contact with. If you buy a steering wheel which is much bigger than your old one then you might find that it brings you a little too close to the throttle or that it’s now too close to your leg when you’re sat down. You just need to make sure that the steering wheel will fit into your console.


With material, the biggest consideration that you want to have is whether or not it’s resistant to the marine environment. If it’s plastic then that’s fine but you want to make sure any metal protects will be able to protect against corrosion.

After that, it’s mostly down to personal preference and whatever model will suit you and your boat. Having a plastic steering wheel can give you a lot of grip, especially if it’s textured and a stainless steel model might become a bit too slippery when wet. Wooden materials also become more weathered a lot more quickly which is something to bear in mind.


All of the steering wheels here serve the same basic function. They are circular in shape and will work by being turned over a shaft. When it comes to the mechanical design of the product, then there isn’t much that separates them as they all serve a basic purpose.

Perhaps due to that, companies but a lot more effort into the style of their product and making sure it looks good. The best steering wheels for your boat can depend on you and your console. Plastic wheels will be darker and show less dirt, stainless steel will look great but will need cleaning and wooden ones can look stylish but need more maintenance.


If you look at the steering wheel in your car and then look at ones that are in most boats then you are going to see a big difference. Most car steering wheels have a leather exterior that is stitched together. This obviously wouldn’t work on a boat as water would get into the wheel and you would quickly find that it will be unusable.

Thankfully boat steering wheels don’t require the same amount of grip so they don’t need such an outer layer. If you’re looking for grip then getting a plastic wheel would be the best bet or you could get a stainless steel wheel that has a turning knob.

Turning Knob

Having a turning knob can be ideal if you have lost grip on your steering wheel after it has got wet, you need to steer one handed or if you need to make more delicate turns. It can be a useful feature and one that gives you two options when it comes to steering.

Some people though don’t like it and feet as though it gets in a way. Some people like the way it looks on a wheel and others don’t. In this respect it comes down to whatever suits you. If you think it might get in the way then you can easily go without it.



Q: How To Fit A Steering Wheel To A Boat?


Fitting a steering wheel onto your boat is a simple and easy process and you should have your new model on in no time. The whole system will include a helm, bezel, a cable and of course, your steering wheel.

In order to replace one you need to uncover the center to expose the nut on the steering shaft and then undo it. Once you have done that then you can simply pop on your new steering wheel, making sure that it has the appropriate amount of grease to prevent it from sticking.

Once you have placed your new steering wheel on your boat then you can simply reverse the process and thread the nut back onto the shaft and place the center over the steering wheel. This is a simple process but does require a bit of force as the nut will likely be very tight to the wheel and you need to put it back on tightly too.

Q: Why A Good Steering Wheel Is Necessary For Any Boat?


Getting a cheap steering wheel can cause a few unwanted problems. It will break more easily which can be a huge problem while out at sea and it’s also unlikely to not be able to have the same level of grip, it will also wear more easily over time. Getting a good steering wheel would be able to avoid all these problems.

Globo Surf Overview

If you’re heading out on your boat then I’m sure you have great plans. You could have set up your marine GPS so what you can head off to your favorite fishing spot or you might just want to head out into your favorite place and anchor up your boat and relax on your deckchair.

None of that can happen though if you can’t get there and a steering wheel is clearly one of the most vital parts of your boat. They all serve the same purpose but some look a lot better than others and replacing your tired and discolored existing one might be a great idea.

Installing a stainless boat steering wheel or even opting for a plastic or wooden one can make your boat look a lot better and make it easier to steer. Whether you’re looking for a small boat steering wheel or a large boat steering wheel, it’s all covered here and hopefully this buying guide has made it a lot clearer on how to pick up the top rated marine steering wheel for you.

Once you have then you can head out onto the water with a lot more style with a good-looking steering wheel which is going to last you for many years to come. The steering wheel might be one of the most underrated aspects of any boat and getting a new one can help to transform its look.

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