Buying a new marine carpet can really freshen up the boat and give it a great new look, no matter if your boat doesn’t have a carpet or you have one which is old and worn out. As the name indicates, marine carpets are used specially for this purpose, and they are made differently compared to your typical indoor carpet.

They must be very durable to withstand unfavorable weather conditions – high temperatures and sun’s UV rays, and also constant moisture and exposure to water. We presented some of the best marine carpets you can easily install yourself, and we’ll also discuss important features like weight and size among others in the buying guide below.

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How To Choose The Best Boat Carpet – Buying Guide


As we mentioned, a carpet which is going to be installed on your deck needs to be very hard to wear out. You must know that every product will deteriorate in time, when exposed to rough conditions. But if you choose to invest now and buy the best marine carpet, not only will it only restore the look of your boat and increase comfort, but it will last for many years while maintaining the same qualities.

Size and Weight

It is necessary to properly measure the surface you need covered. A good idea might be to get a bit more than you calculated, so you have enough to work with when you fit the carpet. As you’ve seen, products featured in our boat carpet reviews come in different sizes. While width can be between 6 and 8,5ft, you have a large choice when it comes to length to find something that suits your boat properly.

When it comes to weight, marine carpets have Oz (ounce) ratings. These represent the weight of carpet piles per square yard of the carpet, meaning that larger weight means more dense fibers and generally better carpet quality. This usually affects the price too, but it’s certainly worth considering if you want a durable product which feels good under your feet.


When you’ve chosen your new carpet, you also need to get quality glue to install it on deck. You should use a special marine adhesive, which is going to connect well to both the rubber backing on the carpet as well as the wood. Pay attention to get the right type of glue, since wrong one can cause problems – you won’t be able to place your carpet properly or it can even damage the boat.

Before gluing the carpet, measure, cut and fit everything since this can be very difficult to do later on. Before you start, clean the deck and the rubber back from dirt, because it can make the process less efficient. Finally, apply enough glue and in an even layer and then place the carpet. A quality marine grade carpet adhesive is waterproof, high strength and a good sealant, so try to find the right one.


This is also very important, but more from a visual standpoint. You want your boat to look great, and for that reason there is a large palette of colors available when you’re buying the carpet. You can match it with the hull of your boat, bimini top, fenders, seats and chairs, as well as other details on-board. Most manufacturers will send out samples so you can compare. Buying a wrong tone can stick out and be very annoying, so it’s a good idea to get a small piece first.

Type of Boat

Carpets can be installed on most boats without any problems. While pontoon boats usually come with a carpet already in place when you buy them, you can also install it on a bass, bayliner or a deck boat among others. These carpets are multi-purpose outdoor products, so if you have a piece left when you’re done, you can put it in your garage or on your patio, it’s very handy.

Other Features

We mentioned weight as an important factor, but carpet texture also plays a big role. Good texture means better durability of the carpet. Also, you get a good grip when moving around. Marine carpets usually have rubber backing, which keeps water from going through and damaging the deck underneath.

However, water stays in the carpet, so you want a product which can resist water damage and mildew. Also, since you will probably spend long hours in the sun, the material needs some sort of UV protection so it doesn’t fade quickly.

Finally, it’s best to get a carpet which is easy to install. Some products will come with an installation kit to make your job cutting and fitting easier. Carpets we featured use glue application, but there are also carpets which use snap-in application. This may be quicker and the carpet can be easily removed later, but it doesn’t give the same protection to the deck underneath, and it can move or get detached.



Q: What Is A Marine Carpet?


It’s a special type of carpet meant to be used outdoors. It’s installed on your boat to give it a better look, but for practical reasons too.

Q: Why Do I Need A Carpet In My Boat?


There are several reasons – it looks nice, it keeps you from slipping and it’s nice to walk barefoot. But also, it’s a rather inexpensive way to cover up all the areas of your boat which would otherwise need finishing (and this can be expensive).

Q: How Do I Clean My Boat Carpet?


Keeping the carpet clean will prolong its lifespan. When you decide its time to wash it, you should vacuum it first to remove dust and dirt. It’s recommended to use mild detergent and water (from a garden hose for example). Moisten it well and then apply the detergent and scrub it with a brush. When you’re done, be sure to rinse it off completely and remove the excess moisture. Then you should leave it to air dry.

When it’s dry, you can use a softer brush to make it plush again. Aside from this process, try to keep it as dry as possible. This way you will reduce the chance of mildew, stains and odors. Try to vacuum it regularly, and if you get a stain don’t wait too long before removing it, so it doesn’t set in.

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Putting a new carpet on your boat can be both very practical and greatly improve the appearance. You should look into the quality of the product you’re getting, because buying the best boat carpet can guarantee you it won’t need replacing next year. Of course, you should also maintain it properly to get the most out of it. There is no reason for carpets to be a nuisance to you, so pick a good one, be safe and enjoy the water.

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