If you’re starting to build up the number of electrical devices on your boat then it’s time to think about installing a boat switch panel so that you can put them all in one place. Once you do it’ll make it all the easier to control all the electronics on your boat.

Finding the best boat rocker switch panel for you involves working out what your needs are and what type of features you’re looking for. In this guide, we break down all the key aspects to make sure that you are fully informed to pick the best marine switch panel for your boat.

How To Choose The Best Boat Switch Panel – Buying Guide



If you want a switch panel then you need it to be waterproof or at the very least resistant to any water splashes. Sooner or later your switch panel is going to come into contact with water whether that is spray from a wave or the rain. When it does you need to make sure that your switch panel can stand up to it.

Number of Switches

You want the same number of switches for the electronic items that you have with the appropriate boat rocker switch labels. Consideration though needs to be given for anything that you might want to add in the future. Due to this, you might want to leave a few empty switches available in case you want to add anything in the future.

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Cigarette Lighter and USB Sockets

Having these features on a boat electrical switch panel can be very useful for charging your phones or powering up your GPS. Some 12v sockets come with a cigarette lighter whereas others just have the port. The only negative aspect is that when they are open, they can compromise the watertight seal and they also take up space which can be important if you have limited room.

Other Features

There also other options such as having different colored LED switch panels as well as a voltmeter. This comes down to personal preference. You can look at each product and see which one suits you best. Some of these switch panels are made out of aluminum and having an illuminated rocker switch panel can make them look very stylish.



Q: What Is A Boat Switch Panel?


A boat switch panel is simply a panel on which all your electronics are placed so that you can control if they are switched on or off without having to go to each item.

Q: Why Do I Need A Boat Switch Panel?


A boat switch panel will simply make your life a whole lot easier as it will bring all your electronics into one place. Having to go to each electronic item to see if it’s on or off can be a pain, especially when they can be in an awkward place such as a bilge pump. Having all the switches be controlled at the helm lets the captain fully manage the boat without having to leave the wheel. This means that they can turn on or off lights, pumps, and other systems, all while steering the boat.

Q: Are All Switch Panels Waterproof?


The simple answer to this is no. A lot of them are tough and all boat switch panels need to be at least water-resistant to protect them from the harsh marine environment.

Globo Surf Overview

This guide has shown the best boat rocker switch panel reviews on the market so you can simplify your boating life and bring all of your switches into one place. This will make your life easier and you can connect all your devices such as your bilge pump which can be tricky to access, your marine GPS as well as other electronics such as your stereo. The switch panel will link your battery through everything that you need. Hopefully, this buying guide has given you all the information you need so you can go out there and find the top-rated marine switch panel.

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