While ice fishing can be a great amount of fun, you don’t want to freeze while you are out there and an ice bib while being able to keep you warm, dry and insulated. They will let you comfortably fish for a whole day while still being able to maintain the right body temperature.

Before choosing the best ice fishing bibs for you though there are a lot of factors to consider such as what type of insulation they provide, how waterproof they will be, along with other key factors such as padding, material and pockets as well as many others.

Thankfully we are here to guide you through the process and have looked at the ice fishing bibs reviews to show you the best products on the market and have developed a buying guide to answer off of the questions and once you’ve read this, you’ll have the confidence to choose the best ice fishing overalls for you.

How To Choose The Best Ice Fishing Bib – Buying Guide



None of these bibs are designed to act as a replacement for a life jacket but some of them do have floatation features which are going to give you an extra level of buoyancy while you’re in the water which could be helpful if the worst was to happen to you.

Obviously the need for this depends on your own situation and how dangerous the area in which you’re fishing is. It can be a useful feature but the alternative if you are worried is to simply to accompany your ice fishing suit with a proper life jacket which will keep you afloat if you find yourself in water,


When it comes to ice fishing clothing you naturally want all your clothes to provide to with a layer of warmth. Even though you’re knowingly heading out into the cold, being too cold will make it a miserable experience so you want to make sure that your fishing bib can keep you warm enough.

A downside to this though can be if the temperature starts to rise and you can be left in an ice fishing bib which is too warm. Some great features that ice bibs have are to be able to remove a layer of insulation when it starts getting warmer or the ability to wear the bib as waterproof fishing pants instead.


Waterproofing is one of those non-negotiables when it comes to ice fishing bibs as it’s imperative that your bib is able to resist any water from splashes or rain in order to make sure that you are kept dry and warm at all times.

You want to ensure that your bib is heavily waterproof before you make a purchase and this will be detailed in the products descriptions. Being wet when you’re out ice fishing is not only uncomfortable but it is dangerous as well and can lead to serious health problems. If the ice fishing bib that you’re looking at isn’t waterproof then you need to move on to the next product.


Being on ice is problematic for clothes due to a number of reasons. One is the fact that ice can be harsh against the material and another aspect is the trips and falls that can happen on the slippery surface. Two areas they need the most attention in terms of padding is the seat and the knees.

Being able to have padding in that area can be a huge bonus and one that will have you not only in terms of your clothes being durable but it will also save it from aches and pains as well. Extra padding is a great addition to any ice fishing clothing and your knees will thank you for it after a long trip out onto the ice.

Reflective Tape

Some bibs have additional safety features that can come in very useful when you are ice fishing. One of those features is the ability for your bib to be reflective to make you more visible in an emergency situation.

You never want to find yourself or think you’ll ever be in trouble but you have to be prepared for anything and that means that any additional features that increase the safety of your bib then the better. These seem like small details at the time but could end up being very important.

Fitting And Layering Space

Your ice fishing bib isn’t meant to replace your normal clothing which means that you need to get a bib which means that you’ll be able to layer your clothing underneath the bib in order to keep yourself warm at all times.

You want a bib that is going to fit you well but will allow you to have that layer of clothing underneath it. It’s important then to make sure you’re getting the right size so you are able to comfortably wear your normal fishing clothing underneath your bib. To best do this you need to plan what you’ll be wearing underneath the big and then get a product that matches your needs.


Despite having on multiple layers of clothing and wanting to remain warm and insulated, you also still need to have that free movement so that you’re not left restricted when it comes to casting out your line or any other fishing activities.

Some cheaper bibs can be stiff and uncomfortable so it’s important to get a well-made product so that you can do all the activities that you want to be doing. In terms of mobility, bibs having proper zippers as well as flexible seams are key features and if these are poorly made then you could find yourself getting constantly frustrated at your mobility being compromised.


When it comes to building materials for fishing equipment it often comes down to the type of material that it is and also how thick that material is as well. Nylon is a commonly used material when it comes to fishing as it is durable, lightweight and will also be waterproof as well.

You want to make sure you’re checking the materials that a bib is made out of as there can be many different materials involved with extra added to the padded areas and the areas of the bib that can be the weakest. If you opt for a poorly made bib then you could quickly regret it as if it fails out there when you’re ice fishing then you could be in for a very old and unpleasant experience.


Pockets can often be a personal choice depending on what you like and what you need to store. One great feature of many bibs though is their ability to have hand warming pockets which add a whole different level of comfort an warmth to your ice fishing trip.

Usually you’ll find a range of other deep pockets as well either situated over the chest or more likely across the legs and these pockets can be used for storing any bits of fishing equipment that you want to have quick access to. Some people love being able to have things on their person while others may prefer them to just be in a tackle box or a rucksack.

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Cuffs are an important part of a bib as you need to be able to have a snug fit so that no air can come up through the leg and ruin the insulation effect of the garment. For this you want cuffs that are elastic and can be secured tightly around the leg.

Another key feature to look out for are bibs that are able to attach themselves to your boots in order to provide a seamless transition where you ensure they are not going to be any cold sports when you’re out there ice fishing.


All fishing equipment needs to be durable as it can be a harsh environment out there. Items like ice fishing bibs though especially need to be durable as they are going to take a lot of punishment over the course of their life.

You need to ensure that areas like zips and seams are going to be able to hold up to continual use and you will also want your bib to have extra padding in the right areas such as the knee or the seat. Finally, you also want to check that the bib is made out of the strongest and best materials on the market.


If you’re going to be out there all day on the ice you don’t want any of the items of your clothing to be uncomfortable or restrictive. You want to be able to cast out a line or do any other type of fishing activities easily and not have to worry about any lack of mobility.

You also have to consider the aspect that it’s unlikely this is going to be your only item of clothing so you have to make sure that you plan ahead to know how many layers you want on as if you have too many and haven’t bought a bib big enough, then this is going to affect your levels of comfort.



Q: How Does An Ice Fishing Bib Benefits a Fisherman?


A fishing bib is able to keep you warm and comfortable on those cold days out there fishing. Being too cold can cause many problems when you’re out there and a fishing bib can be as much for health as it can be for your comfort levels.

It also adds an extra level of comfort too as there will be extra padding around the bib which will be able to support spots which an often become painful without any support.

Mainly though, having an item of clothing like this will allow you to do something that you love all year round and the ice fishing bib will let you enjoy your love of fishing but without having to worry about being too cold and having any health-related problems.

Q: What Is The Best Use For Ice Fishing Bibs?


These bibs are made to be used in the coldest of temperatures and redesigned to keep your internal temperature high while you are fishing. They can be used for any situation where it’s going to be very cold but work best when you are fishing on ice. Their high level of mobility means that you’re able to go on any expeditions as well without having to worry about your comfort levels.

Q: What To Know Before You Use Ice Fishing Bibs?


Firstly you need to know how much water and cold the bib will be able to keep out and you will often see ratings and claims by the company on exactly how much protection they are able to offer. You also need to know if it is going to match your situation such as its zipping solutions and how much clothing you’ll be able to wear beneath the bib.

Globo Surf Overview

Ice fishing can be a very enjoyable experience but only if you have the right equipment. You obviously want to get the best ice fishing rod on the market as well as having gadgets such as an ice fishing fish finder but all of that is going to be pointless if you’re not able to stand the cold weather.

That’s why an ice fishing bib is so important as it will give you that freedom that you’re looking for to enjoy your day. Choosing the right fishing bibs though takes a lot of consideration. You have to ensure that it is going to give you the right amount of insulation while also ensuring that it’s not going to be able to let any water in either.

After that you will also want to consider other factors such as how much padding it has, what additional safety features it supports, how it affects your mobility and what other types of features that it has. Once you have got all that locked down then you’re going to have a much better idea of exactly what you need for your ice fishing trip.

Hopefully this buying guide has answered all of your questions so you can pick the top rated ice fishing overall for you. When you have, you’ll be able to head out on your ice fishing trip confident that the cold isn’t going to be a problem and you can just focus on what you love doing.

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