Fishing in winters that too when water layers are frozen is a one-of-a-kind activity. One gadget that is specifically needed for such conditions is an ice auger. But for productive and enjoyable ice fishing sessions, you need to have the best ice auger for fishing that is reliable, easy to use, and can drill holes quickly and efficiently.

However, picking the best ice fishing auger is easier said than done. This is because for picking the best you need to go through a lot of options and compare auger specific components such as structure, blade, power source, etc. With that, you also need to map their utility to your requirements, which further complicates the equation.

To help you in the matter, we went through different ice auger for fishing reviews and compiled the information to create a list of 10 Best Ice Augers for Fishing In 2020 with a comprehensive guide. Check them out and see which one is best for you.


StrikeMaster Lithium 40v

StrikeMaster Lithium 40v

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Combining a gear ratio of 15.9:1 with razor-sharp serrated stainless-steel blades, StrikeMaster Lithium 40v Ice Auger is another highly efficient ice auger on our list that delivers impressive torque and power for drilling holes in the toughest conditions.


Powered with an electric DC brushed motor, this ice auger comes with twin serrated stainless steel Lazer blades and include impact-resistant long filament handles for easy use. It also features a planetary gear system to ensure consistent and powerful performance while maintaining a lighter overall weight. And all this comes with added security as it also includes a power button with a deadman safety switch.


With a battery that recharges the battery in just 2 hours, this ice auger has a lot of features to make it a good choice to go for. Featuring an internal battery management system to ensure battery longevity, it incorporates ergonomically designed handles that lessen the impact on your body when you are drilling for a longer duration. Plus, you get forward and reverse controls with this auger so that you can quickly clear the ice hole. 

  • Stand Out Features - Why We Love It
  • Quick charging
  • Impact-resistant long filament handles
  • Forward and reverse controlling
  • Internal battery management system

Best for: Forward-Reverse Control
Type: Electric based
Cutting Diameter: 10 Inches
Auger Length: 48 inches
Weight: 24 lbs

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How To Choose The Best Ice Auger For Fishing – Buying Guide



The first decision you need to make is what type of ice auger to choose. Here are the different types available:

Hand Ice Auger

Hand ice augers are powered manually by turning the handle and exerting some downward pressure. They are easy to use and an ideal choice if you’re looking for your first auger, ice fish only occasionally. 

Gas Powered Auger

Gas-powered augers are equipped with powerful engines and longer and stronger drill bits so they can cut through extremely thick ice. They are ideal for avid ice anglers who need to drill many large diameter holes quickly and effortlessly.

Propane Ice Auger

Propane ice augers usually have four-stroke engines and utilize propane to run. Compared to gas augers, they are lighter in weight, burn cleaner, operate quietly, and are also fast.

Battery Powered Electric Ice Auger

Electric ice augers rely on lithium-ion batteries to operate. They are less powerful than gas-powered types but also fast and efficient and ideal for smaller and fewer holes. The best battery powered ice augers bore down through the ice quickly and easily and have a high battery capacity. Plus, they start instantly and drill quietly with no emissions.


Size is another important factor to consider while looking for the best ice fishing auger. Till now you have realized that auger comes in different blade sizes or cutting diameters namely 4.5”, 6”, 8”, and 10” blade sizes or cutting diameters. Here you need to consider the type of fishes you are targeting as for smaller fishes such as panfish 4.5-6-inch size does fine but for big fishes like trout, you need to pick a 10 inch one. Keep in mind, a medium 8” blade is the most versatile size so if you are not certain about the fish type, go with 8 inch one.


The weight of an ice auger is another important factor to consider. A lightweight auger is crucial as you need to carry it to fishing spots and causes less fatigue to the wrists. Hand augers are the lightest, followed by electric augers. Gas-powered augers are the heaviest. Here a piece of advice is first to sort the type and then look for the lightest option in the category. 

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When buying an auger, it is important to pay attention to the blade quality and durability. Here you need to ensure that the blades are tough enough to withstand the wear and tear of cutting through ice repeatedly. 


You want an auger with drill bits long enough to cut through the ice layers and one that suits your height so you can drill holes without struggling. The best ice fishing augers have adjustable height knobs or come with an extension that lets you adjust the height to suit the ice thickness and your height.

Ease of Use

The best ice auger for ice fishing should be easy to start and operate. Plus, it should remain stable on the surface during operation. It also should have ergonomic handles that make it easier to control the auger. And last but not the least, it should be lightweight to prevent fatigue.


Drilling through ice efficiently requires super-sharp blades. The best ice augers for fishing will come with blades that are super sharp right off the box, capable of holding their sharp edge well, and easy to sharpen and replace. 


The best ice augers come with essential accessories such as a blade guard for safety, an extension for adjusting the height for ice thickness and personal height, and a cover for the powerhead if you’re using a powered auger.



Q: What size ice auger is best?


It depends on the type of fish you want to catch. However, an auger with a cutting diameter of 8 inches is considered the best option to go for.

Q: How well do hand ice augers work?


If you are operating an efficient hand ice auger properly, they do the drilling without asking for much effort. 

Q: Is a 6-inch ice auger big enough?


No. a 6-inch ice auger is best suited for small fishes so it is not big enough for medium and large-size catches. 

Q: Are hand ice augers hard to use?


No. if used appropriately, hand ice augers are extremely easy to use. 

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A reliable and efficient auger that is reliable and cuts through thick ice quickly and efficiently is a must-have for successful and enjoyable ice fishing adventures. With gas, propane, and electric ice auger options, you have plenty of options to choose from to find your personal best ice auger for fishing. It is also smart to have a hand-powered auger as a backup. Have fun on the ice and remember to keep warm and stay safe!

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