It is highly important to always care for our health even in the outdoors. Whether you are fishing or scuba diving, caring for your gear in turn protects your health. Scuba gear such as suits and gloves should be washed after every use, hung and dried fully so they don’t attract mould; they maintain a dry comfortable environment and maintain their shape.

When storing your scuba gear especially suits, you don’t want to stuff them in enclosed spaces in your attic or stuff them in the corner of your closet; invest on a good scuba gear hanger that will last you a while. Listed below are the 10 best scuba gear hangers to choose from and take with through your new found journey of preservation and care.

How To Choose A Scuba Gear Hanger – Buying Guide



Considering the weight and nature of the scuba gear they carry, your scuba gear hanger should first be able to support the weight of the gear. Furthermore, depending on material it is molded from, properties such as anti corrosive, weather resistant and non- staining should also be considered to ensure its durability.


Most scuba gear hangers are made from heavy plastic such as plastic resin which is made by cracking – giving it its hard, non corrosive, non staining and weight bearing properties.


A proper hanger for scuba gear is designed to be able to fit and carry the gear. A good design incorporates the following; the shoulder tips of the hanger are inverts to face upwards rather than stretch to prevent the suit from slipping off and in the case of the regulators, the inverted T-hook design of the hanger allows for draping the regulator hoses from the hanger whilst preventing it from slipping on to the floor.



Q: Why Do I Need A Scuba Gear Hanger?


A scuba gear hanger is important to dry your gear as well as properly storing it to maintain its shape thus, prolonging its usage time.

Q: How To Properly Use A Scuba Gear Hanger?


Rinse of your gear with freshwater to remove all the salt from the saltwater, fit the suit into the hanger and drape over the regulator hose then leave to dry in well ventilated area.

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With no resonating doubt, we all agree why these under rated scuba gear hangers are actually quite essential. They keep you gear dry, safe and maintain their shape ergo, they can be used longer and they maintain their durability. Plus, as added value at the end of the day, a scuba diver’s health is also cared for. The 10 best scuba gear hangers in 2021 listed above, have also further made their mark and proven their worth. So with whatever scuba gear hanger above you choose to invest on, you definitely on the right track!

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