Even for adults, treasure hunting is a fun and rewarding activity that brings light to our curiosity. Treasure hunting at the beach is even more interesting when you picture yourself at the beach, taking in the breeze and strolling through the banks, searching, wondering, and marveling at what you will find.

Due to their salty and rocky characters, beaches may pose some difficulty with operating your metal detector. Thankfully, some of the top-rated beach metal detectors have this issue sorted out for you. These beach metal detectors are normally designed with factors such as water resistance, slat and rock repelling, operating frequency, and other features taken into consideration so you don’t have to struggle.

Listed below are the 10 Best Metal Detectors for the beach in 2023; outlining their uniqueness, why they made the cut, and just how they can make your experience memorable, over and over again. Hopefully, one of the best metal detectors for the beach that we have reviewed is the one you are looking for.

How To Choose Beach Metal Detector – Buying Guide


Types of Detectors

Are all metal detectors the same? The simple answer is NO. There are a number of manufacturers, producing different detector models, with different technical and operational features as well as different performance characteristics.  Metal detectors can be used for a wide variety of detecting activities and most detectors are designed to suit a specific range of metal detection functions. 

The best metal detector for the beach has distinctive features and characteristics which some treasure hunters love and others not so much, again this is down to personal preference. Generally, treasure hunters can become quite attached to a particular brand, and if you know anyone who is already into prospecting they will likely recommend the brand they already use. Be sure to do your own research and consider your own needs before making your purchase.

 Frequency of Use

When purchasing a metal detector, one needs to determine how often they will use it. If it is just for a weekend of treasure hunting, then there is no need for purchasing an expensive model. A simple model will do just fine. However, if one has decided to make metal detecting part of their life, it would be a good idea to invest in a great metal detector that has many features. Obviously, such a metal detector will be more expensive.


If you are looking to purchase beach hunting metal detectors to use near or in the water, waterproof or submersible metal detectors are the way to go. Waterproof metal detectors withstand splashes, wet grounds and can be dipped in water depending on their depth capacity. Waterproof metal detectors will definitely have waterproof coils and waterproof, alloy, or plastic constructed stems to withstand the salt. Their screens or control boxes are definitely not always waterproof unless indicated, so extra care should be taken. Submersible metal detectors can, however, fully dive into the water and are ideal for underwater detection.


A good beach metal detector is ideally lightweight and easy to carry. You don’t want to be walking around with a metal detector beach that pulls weight down on you. Treasure hunting takes quite some time so you need something portable and easy to carry and transport.


A good metal detector comes with a multifunctional design. To start off with you want your metal detector to be uttermost functional thus, a multifrequency and waterproof designed metal detector that can work both on land and water (even salt water) is a good start. Next, you want a beach metal detector built with anti-corrosive, weatherproof, and durable material. So always be on the lookout for such features, do some research on the material of your most likely purchase before you go for it. Some of the key tips are a stainless steel stem is better than a normal metal one, a small coil is better than a large one in wavy water because a large one can easily spot your target but it is also more likely to drag you around due to the weight it attracts!


Good metal detectors come with many useful accessories and commonly available ones are;

  • Sand scoops – to help you dig out your new-found treasure
  • Pinpointers – to help you accurately track your detection
  • Headphones– to help you clearly hear the weaker signals and cut out unwanted ocean sounds
  • Harness – to help you carry your weight in the water (especially rough waters)


Multifrequency sand metal detectors are a way to go if you are on a tight budget and want to invest in an all environment metal detector. Their multi-frequency abilities make them able to function on both water and on land. Multi-frequency detectors have discrimination controls that are able to eliminate unwanted metals. Keep in mind, though worth the investment, they may be a little costly than pulse induction metal detectors.

Pulse Induction

These are specially designed for beach sand and gold hunters. It may be however difficult to discriminate unwanted material such as black iron-rich sands. Pulse induction simply doesn’t function outside beaches, so if you want to use your beach metal detector on land, you have to invest in a different piece.

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Do you have a set budget in mind? Is this your overall budget including the detector and accessories or just for the machine alone? Some essential accessories you will need for treasure hunting are gloves, digging tools and a cover to protect your search coil. Find out what you need in a basic kit for a day out in the field here. No idea where to start? We recommend comparing this purchase to what you would spend on other hobbies or sports. Oftentimes it also comes down to a matter of personal preference. Are you the type of person who just wants the basics? Or do you want the latest and greatest with all the bells and whistles? This also has to be taken into account when choosing a metal detector.

The user

Who is the detector for? It is for yourself, a child, or for a gift? The Bounty Hunter Junior model we have covered has been made especially for children and suits the height of children for six years and up. All other models are suitable for older children and adults. If you are buying for yourself, it should be relatively easy to figure out which detector is best for you but if you are buying for someone else you may need to think carefully about what will suit them.


Are you good at adapting to new technology? The basic functions of any detector are easy to understand but if you want to do some serious detecting and find specific targets such as gold coins, then you will need to adjust the detectors’ functions to get the best performance. Not so good with technology? It is recommended to stick with a beginner or intermediate model. No problems adapting? Advanced level and up are suitable for you. If you have detected before then advanced level and up would be our recommendation for you.



Q: Why is Saltwater Metal Detecting So Challenging?


This is due to the mineral salt and rock composition of the water which may be misleading to the metal detectors.

Q: What Other Accessories Do I Need To Hunt At The Beach?

  • You need below accessories to hunt at the beach;
    • Headphones
    • Mesh pouch or your treasures
    • Sand scoop
    • Chest or Shoulder harnesses
    • Pinpointers

Q: Will Saltwater Damage The Metal Detector?


If the material and design of your metal detector are not constructed to withstand saltwater then it definitely will be destroyed. If you are thinking of using a metal detector in saltwater, consider waterproof and alloy constructed metal detectors. Also, look for more features that have an affinity to saltwater.

Globosurf Overview

The breeze, the scenery, and the “morally conscience pirate” experiences at the beach are all we want. And what better way to indulge in and enjoy this experience without any hassle? The answer is the 10 Best Metal Detectors for the beach in 2023. One of these treasure tools is bound to make that experience euphoric and “a go-to” every day. So get your features figured out, pick out your beach metal detector “partner” from the above list, and head out to the adventure of your life!

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