Kids tend to be very inquisitive beings and this is a normal human growth process. There is nothing as enjoyable as taking your kid out to the beach on a nice sunny day. The beach is one of those places that bring out the best of us, even our inner child. So when there you want to see your kids have the time of their lives as much as you do. And trust me they do!

One of the best games that bring out the curiosity and inquisitiveness of your child is treasure hunting. Add to it a child-friendly metal detector and you have a happy kid.  Below is a list of the 7 best kids’ metal detectors in 2023 to give you a broad option for what to purchase for your child. These best kids metal detectors outline their uniqueness and pay to keep attention to factors such as height, user-friendliness and many more that would affect your kid’s experience.

How To Choose A Kid Metal Detector – Buying Guide


Kids Age

The majority of kid’s metal detectors are designed for kids aged 6 to 12. It may be a good idea to have younger kids use metal detectors due to the risk of swallow or using pieces associated with it otherwise. With most kids’ metal detectors you don’t have to worry about your child outgrowing them as they are designed with adjustable stem lengths that can simply be re-adjusted according to the child’s height. They may also be transferrable to their younger system as most are quite durable.


The metal detector is toys to be used for treasure hunting to detect metal articles such as coins, relics, jewelry and many more. This, however, does not limit their function as metal detectors, they can still detect metal!


Because they are designed for kids, kids’ metal detectors are designed to be child-friendly and safe. They are designed to be easily operated and are their pieces are fitted well to avoid accidents.


Kids’ metal detectors are meant to stimulate your child’s mind. Taking their durability into consideration, investing in a basic and not too fancy metal detector does them good. It keeps the child and their brain busy trying to figure out the process and looking for treasure! This is the experience that should be garnered from these fun gadgets.

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When looking for the right metal detector weight is also a factor to consider. Remember these metal detectors are designed for kids aged 6 to 2 so you don’t want a heavy device weighing them down, taking away the experience and their concentration as well as damage on the investment. The suitable weight should be someone around 1 -1.5 lbs and less than 2 lbs. You don’t want anything heavier!


It is best to go for metal detectors with adjustable stems so you can fit the right height for your child. Metal detectors with fixed and long stems definitely won’t work! An average child’s height will be anywhere between 40” to 60” so an adjustable stem height of 25” – 35” is perfect.

Ease Of Use

When looking for a kids’ metal detector, go for one that is easy to use. The best direction, to begin with, is a simple “turn on and wave over the ground” one with a basic LCD. The rest can be worked through as they go or through the parent/guardian’s guidance. You don’t want your child to use a complicated metal detector then start fumbling with it and lose its purpose or damage it.


Kids metal detectors may come with accessories such as beach shovels to enhance their experience at the beach. Some even come with 35mm earphone jacks and headphones.



Q: What Types Of Metals Will Children’s Metal Detectors Find?


Children can find coins, gold, and silver. Additionally, most kids’ metal detectors have eliminator/discrimination controls that ward off unwanted metals such as iron and scrap.

Q: Will These Detectors Work At The Beach?


Yes. Ideally, a waterproof metal detector (waterproof coils or waterproof coils & stems) will be better to use. It is designed to repel water and thus it won’t damage.  Water resistant detectors also work but on wet grounds and shallow puddles or streams. Non-waterproof detectors will work at the beach but not anywhere near the water.

Q: Can You Use The Metal Detectors In Water?


Waterproof metal detectors (waterproof coils or waterproof coils &stems) can be used in water.

Q: Are They Just Toys?


No. Kids’ metal detectors function like any other metal detectors and can detect material such as gold, silver and many other articles depending on their specifications.

Q: How Quickly Will These Models be Outgrown?


If you purchase a metal detector with an adjustable stem height, it will last you long. Most of such detectors are designed for children aged 6 – 12 so your child will not outgrow their metal detector.

Globosurf Overview

This literal journey of discovering the 7 best kids’ metal detectors in 2023 has surely been fun and exciting. Don’t you feel so? Now let’s head on to the real thing. You definitely won’t go wrong with any of the 7 picks. All you need to know is the right parameters for your child and you are guaranteed to find your pick. It is time to invest in one of these bad boys for that special gift for your child. Enjoy an afternoon at the beach or in your garden and bond with your child while bringing out the explorer in them!

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