Last updated on August 11, 2018

You love fishing. Spending a long and peaceful day on the water with a cold beer and your fishing rod sounds like the perfect day. You also love getting a great full body workout on your SUP. Combining the two sounds great but, first you need to get your hands on some accessories.

Why not combine your two loves and take your paddle boarding experience one step further by loading a cooler and you tackle box? This idea has taken off in the SUP world and more people are looking for the best sup fishing accessories. We have done some research and come up with our favorites.


Paddle Board Fishing Accessory Reviews

Globo Surf Overview

The limits of paddle boarding are forever getting expanded and now more and more people are going fishing on their SUPs. This is a great way to combine a killer full body workout with all the relaxation and enjoyment of fishing. Paddleboards allow you to fish where regular boats can not go. They also add a flair to an already favorite activity. On your next trip out, try these fishing accessories for an even better day on the water. A relaxing day on the lake followed by a night with some fresh catch, well that can’t get any better.


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Globo Surf Paddle Board Fishing Accessories Review

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I just love my fishing paddle board. Wanted a new rod holder or something else to add to it. Glad I found your article.

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