The Top 5 Ski Walkie Talkies In 2023

Maintaining communication with fellow team members in the backcountry is always a good idea – to keep safe and plus, its fun! That’s when using the best ski walkie talkie comes with its advantages. They offer the ease of connectivity without needing cellular towers and the best ones boast longer battery lives for convenience.  They also offer that reliable and cost-free advantage which adds value. Listed below are the 5 best ski walkie talkies in 2023 – these bad boys guarantee convenience and style during your next ski trip this season.

How To Choose The Best Ski Walkie Talkie – Buying Guide



A long range is important to sought after when choosing the best ski walkie talkie for your team. When skiing with a group of friends or family, it is most likely you are separated not more than a mile or two. Thus, it is good to invest in the best walkie-talkie that works within that mile range even when they are obstacles and you are not in the line of sight.

Furthermore, to get the best two-way radio add up your mile range with an addition 3-4 miles in case of any emergencies. Thus, the best walkie talkies for skiing will have a range of 5-6 miles even when there are obstacles. Within, the line of sight, some walkie talkies can work p to a range of 30 – 35 miles (which by the way works in your advantage – so why not go for them?!).

Battery Life

One of the reasons why walkie talkies are favored over mobile phone communication is because of their long battery hours. A good walkie talkie will work up to 8 hours on average and be on standby up to 24 hours.

Features such as weather station scans and built-in flashlights also eat into your battery life. Yes, they are essential at times, but always keep their operation in mind. Many walkie talkies for snowboarding and skiing use either AAA batteries or nickel metal hydrite batteries (NIMH).

To enhance functionality and keep you protected at all times, especially during emergencies, some manufacturers include portable chargers. It is also good practice to pack an extra pair of rechargeable batteries in case things go south wards.

Mic And Headphone Jacks

The best two way radios come fitted with mics for enhanced voice transmission. The mics even work great for walkie talks that come with eVOX or VOX hands free systems, making it easier to pick up sounds and voices.

Earphone jacks are also fitted with some walkie talkies (some even come with headphones in their packages). This gives you an alternative mode of communicating with your walkie talkies especially when you are skiing or snowboarding. You can simply plug in your ear piece and use it without holding on to the walkie talkie.

NOAA Weather Alert

The best walkie talkies for skiing must have a NOAA weather alert feature. The weather authorities use NOAA weather stations to provide you with information especially when you are in the backcountry skiing or snowboarding. Weather alerts are also transmitted in the case of any warnings.

The information prepares you for when there is impending danger (bad weather) or even prevents the risk of encountering danger by notifying you in time to reschedule your skiing. This crucial information can be picked up by walkie talkies that feature the NOAA weather scan and alert option.


A light weight walkie talkie goes all the way. I mean, imagine all the items and gear on your skiing gear list. Supplementing weight helps to take away the strain of carrying heavy loads and not really enjoying yourself. However, always keep in mind, that weight shouldn’t compromise quality. The best walkie talkie for skiing will weigh at least 150g and below.


Make sure the size of your walkie talkie is equally reasonable. Get a piece that can easily fit into you’re the zippered pockets of your back pack for convenience when you want to use it or one that can comfortable fit inside your pants or jacket pockets. Typically the walkie talk should be within a range of 7” high and 3” wide.

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Many manufacturers build their walkie talkies to meet certain standards for protection. Typically, walkie talkies will incorporate an IPX4 to 6 standards, with 4 being a lower water-resistant protection to 6 at waterproof. Water-resistant ski walkie talkies will be protected from drips and splashes, which in the case of snsowsports might just work. Simply take extra caution to protect your walkie talkie.

Snow proofing

Weatherproof walkie talkies are built to be snow proof. Because you will use the walkie talkie in snow environments, the best walkie talkies for skiing must be snow proofed.



Q: Why Do I Need A Walkie Talkie For Skiing?

A: Walkie talkies for skiing are an excellent, easy and reliable way to communicate whilst on the mountain. They help to keep in constant communication (without costs) to ensure each member of the team is safe. They are also quite essential for communications in case of emergencies. Some walkie talkies even come in handy with features such as built-in LED flashlights and weather reports.

Q: How To Use Walkie Talkie For Skiing?

A: The 2-way radios are easiest to use. Each walkie talkie has to be tune into the selected channel then simply push to talk – and talk on the mic. Let go of button to listen to transmissions through speakers.

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The walkie talkie reviews above prove just how underrated they are. The two-way radios offer quite an easy and extremely reliable way to communicate on the slopes whether you are sharing information, communicating in an emergency or simply chatting on the slopes. The key is to know how to choose the best ski walkie talkie and the how-to-guide above offers useful tips. Add the extra perks such as weather notifications and handy built-in flashlights and you have yourself a winner. And what better way to begin than with the list of the 5 best above.

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