Skiing is fun and interesting activity to do with your kids over the winter season. When you visit the backcountry resort you’ve been saving up for in the previous year, your kids are bound to enjoy whether they are taking a beginners class or exploring the snowy slopes on a ride for the first time.

It is important to make sure they have the right tools to first guarantee their safety as well as ensure they have the time of their lives comfortably. These tools include their skiing gear and clothing such as ski pants and jackets.

I’ve listed below the 10 best snow pants for kids in 2023 so you can pick out an option for your child that appeals most to you.

How To Choose The Best Kids Ski Pants – Buying Guide



When choosing which pair of pants to get from your kids, you will come across different types of ski pants. The three main are insulated, shell and soft shell pants. This basically means how the pants offer protection from the cold.

Insulated snow pants are insulated by material such as polyester and different manufacturers incorporate their own unique technologies. However, the standard gauge is measuring thickness of insulation by grams. For example a 140g polyester insulation is warmer than 90g polyester insulation. This is the most common type.

Shell ski pants are made with a thicker outer layer that offers insulation. The shell is normally wind and waterproof. Softshell snow pants offer more flexibility and flexibility for your child as they are constructed by softer and elastic material. They work best as mid layers for thicker outer layers.

Additionally, there are 3-in 1 snow pants for kids that incorporate both insulated and shelled pants. These type of snow pants are constructed with the waterproof and windproof outer shell which offer the external protection. Internally, they have a removable insulation layer which enhances internal warmth.

This means that the snow pants are highly versatile – you can use them in colder conditions with the guarantee of both waterproof protection and internal insulation. During warmer conditions, the internal layer can be removed to offer the light-weight protection with much breathability.


The best ski pants for boys and girls should be constructed with breathable fabric. The fabric should be insulating however, be breathable enough to be able to wick away sweat and moisture. Breathability enhances function of the snow pants.

However practically, thinner shelled snow pants are more breathable, this in turn compromises on the warming and insulating part. Thus, you have to measure and compare which pair works best for you, thicker or thinner ones, depending on where they will be used.


This is perhaps one of your top priorities after warmth and insulation. Because the pants are used on snow and ice, you want them to be waterproof to keep your child dry all day. Waterproof ski pants come with waterproof ratings which show how much they can handle. Typically, the waterproof ratings is features a scale of 1000 to 20000mm, with 20000m, being a higher and better rating. This is a good tool to gauge whether the pants are the right fit or not.


The best kids ski pants feature a fully sealed seam construction. This basically means the fabric is tightly held together by stitching. To further enhance the waterproof qualities, the fabric seam is normally taped especially on the outer shell of the snow pants.

Many snow pants for kids feature a critical taped seam construction which means that seams that are more likely to get wet ( seams on the outer shell) are taped. Fully taped seam constructions means that the all piece of clothing or garment is taped for full internal and external waterproof properties.

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The durability of the snow pants is normally determined by the material and construction style. Material such as nylon is naturally sturdy and withstands abrasions, wear and tear, thus, it makes an excellent material to integrate in pants.

Reinforcingg parts such as cuffs, buttocks and knees enhance flexibility and durability of the pants. Care and maintenance is also vital to prolong the life of your ski pants – wash them regularly and follow proper manufacturer’s instructions for their care.

Scuff Guards

Scuff guards add functionality, comfort and prevent the annoyance that comes with oversized ski pants. They effectively prevent dragging of your pants and thus, also keep your pants cleaner and more durable. Scuff guards are located at the rear bottom of the pants.

Articulated Knees

Articulated knees are constructed to feel natural. They work great for snow pants due to their typical fast and extended movement and play. Articulated knees allow for flexibility and make the pants feel lighter.

Pockets And Zippers

The best snow pants for enhanced insulation and warmth come with extra zippered pockets. The pockets allow extra storage of hand warmers and other essentials such as gloves, to prevent loss.

Additionally, ski pants especially with high rise bibs are fitted with freeze proof zippered closure systems which help to keep out snow and maintain warmth effectively.


Many snow pants for kids are fitted with internal boot gaiters in the form of a lining which covers boots. This provides full closure which helps trap heat in the pants and help keep the child warm. Additionally, this closure system also helps to keep out snow from the legs inside the pants and feet inside the boots.



Q: What Is The Desired Level Of Insulation In Snow Pants For Kids?


You want your kid's ski pants to be as insulated as possible – the best options are insulated pants and shelled pants. Insulated snow pants with at least 100g and above provide the need insulation to keep warm and block out cold air and wind.

Shelled ski pants also work great due to their versatility as well as waterproof and windproof make. They are also breathable and moisture-wicking, thus, they are extremely functional. Along with the proper insulation, it is very important to layer your child’s ski clothes to ensure they are warm.

Q: How To Properly Wash Snow Pants For Kids?


Many ski pants are machine washable thus, simply toss them into the washer with detergent and wash with cold water on delicates and low spin speed mode to ensure the material structure is not ruined. Some hand wash ski pants should be washed with cold water and mild detergent. Hand dry the kids' ski pants.

Q: What Size Should I Pick For Child?


Manufacturers normally have their sizing guides which you can follow to ensure that you purchase the right size of ski pants for your kid. Basically, ski pants should not be tight fitting, they need to be snug and keep in mind, and they will be wearing layers underneath.

Additionally, the length of the ski pants should be long enough (than everyday pants) to cover your kid’s ski boots, at least 3 -5 inches longer than regular pants. Typically the standard sing chart for kids is;

Age Height (in) Ski length (cm)
5 43 90 – 100
6 45 95 – 105
7 47 100 – 110

The same age rule applies to toddlers and infants. If your child has a slightly larger or smaller body frame, the go for the next immediate size.

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The snow pants reviews provide an exciting eye-opener for your choice of the best kids ski pants. With the how-to buying guide equipping you with critical information on what to look for, you can now choose the right pair for your child.

At the end of the day you want the pants to be insulated, comfortable and facilitate flexible movement for your child. The list of the 10 best snow pants above are a great start, better yet, they are your destination because you can’t get better than the ensemble above.

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