Snowmobiles are built tough to trudge through the deep snow, but sometimes even the best snowmobile can get stuck. You should always ensure your safety on the trail and one of the best ways to stay prepared is to invest in a top rated snowmobile tow rope. A tow strap for snowmobiles will allow you to hook your trapped snowmobile to another snowmobile so that it can be pulled free from the deep powder.

Any of the top-rated snowmobile and ATV tow straps should be made of durable materials, but there are other design factors to consider too. It can be challenging to determine which snowmobile recovery strap is high-quality and reliable. To help you get started in your search and to answer any questions, we have picked the top-rated snowmobile and ATV tow straps and included our detailed buying guide. With our help, you are guaranteed to be safer on all your snowmobiling adventures.

How To Choose The Best Snowmobile Tow Strap – Buying Guide

Weight Capacity

The first concern that you should consider when looking at snowmobile and ATV tow straps is the weight capacity, which refers to the amount of force needed to stretch the strap until it breaks. The limit is usually measured in pounds and should be more than the weight of your snowmobile.

Often, you will see the weight capacity provided in the product specifications as the minimum break capacity or MBC. The minimum part means that the strap should be able to withstand a certain number of pounds without breaking but going over that minimum could result in the strap snapping.


Top-rated tow ropes for snowmobiles will be made of a high-strength material that is resistant to breaking, stretching, and the weather. Nylon and polyester are both popular synthetic materials that are strong enough to have high weight capacities and towing capabilities.

Both nylon and polyester are also a good choice because they perform well in extreme temperature conditions. For snowmobilers, you will be towing in cold or freezing conditions, so it is important that your material is still reliable and functions in cold temperatures. The product specifications may indicate what temperature the material is suited to function and can help you determine if the snowmobile towing rope will suit your needs.


Stitches will refer to the areas where your strap is stitched together. Ideally, you want a strap that uses a minimal amount of stitches because more stitches make the strap weaker overall. The areas where stitches can be featured should always be reinforced with additional padding.

The best tow rope will use the protective padding to reduce the amount of stitched needed in the design and maintain the strap’s high strength. However, you may also see a stitch that runs down the middle of the strap. This is the wear bar and those stitches do not affect the strength of your strap. Rather, they help keep your strap strong by indicating when it needs to be replaced.


The length of your strap will affect the distribution of pressure. Shorter tow straps have to endure a lot more pressure, whereas with longer straps the weight of the pressure is better distributed. You will ultimately have to determine the weight of your snowmobile and decide whether a shorter or longer strap suits your needs. Snowmobile and ATV tow straps come in a variety of lengths so that you can choose the best size.


The wider the strap is, the more strength it has. But with more width, you also lose elasticity. When you are towing large objects, you need a wider strap to prevent snapping, but when you are towing a lightweight snowmobile you may do better with a smaller width because it will be less likely to break by having a little more stretch.

Attachment Mechanism

Top-rated tow ropes for snowmobiles will have a strong attachment mechanism because you need strong anchor points to tow your snowmobile. Most tow straps will use metal hooks with latches or reinforced loops, which can withstand wear, tear, and pulling pressure. Most attachment systems also feature padding to help absorb some of the tension and resist abrasion.

Ease of Installation and Use

Top-rated snowmobile tow ropes should be easy to install and use. Features like larger loops make the strap easier to use because you can secure it around larger objects like trees and boulders. But the loops should allow you to also attach D-rings if you prefer to tow with a reliable hardware system.

Snowmobile tow strap reviews are a great way to determine how easy the strap is to install and use. Many reviewers will comment on how they set up their system and whether the strap provides an easy towing or frustrating towing experience.

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Storage Capacity

For your safety, you should always carry your strap when you are using your snowmobile. But this also means that your strap needs to have a compact storage capacity. Good snowmobile and ATV tow straps will be easily tucked into a provided carrying bag so that you can take it on every trip.


Visibility can keep you safer at night or in poor weather conditions when other snowmobilers may not as easily see you and your snowmobile. A brightly colored strap will be highly visible and use neon colors like orange, yellow, or green in its design.



Q: Why Do I Need A Tow Strap?


While snowmobiling is fun, you never know when you might get yourself into a situation where a snowmobile recovery strap is required, and it is best to be prepared. Snowmobile safety is important and you likely use a snowmobile helmet. But it can be hard to judge the depth of the snow when you can’t see the terrain underneath and a top rated snowmobile tow rope can get you out of a frustrating situation with ease.

Q: How to use a tow strap?


Most tow straps are used by securing the strap around another snowmobile, tree, or boulder and using the leverage to pull the trapped snowmobile out of the snow. The straps should have an easy to use design that can be quickly setup on the trail and may even have built-in hooks or the capability to add D-rings.

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Whenever you’re ready for your next thrill-seeking snowmobiling adventure to stay active in the winter, remember to be prepared and take your snowmobile towing strap with you. A top rated snowmobile tow rope will easily free your snowmobile from deep snow banks and get you quickly back on your journey. With our top picks and guide, we hope that you find the best snowmobile tow strap that suits all your needs on your mountain trips.

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