Summer isn’t complete without a day spent boating on the water. A boat leads way to endless summer fun. From tubing to water skiing and wakeboarding there is an abundance of summer fun to behold. When looking for the best wakeboarding tow rope you will want to pay close attention to the tow ropes break strength capacity as well as well as the length and stretchability. These are all factors that will ensure your day on the water is as enjoyable as possible.

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How To Choose A Tow Rope – Buying Guide

How-To-Choose-A-Tow-RopeYou may not put too much thought into the tow rope you look to buy. Many people think that all ropes are made equally and that you should focus solely on the thickness of the rope. This, however, is not the truth, especially in marine conditions. Tow ropes come in a variety of different shapes, colors, materials and sizes. The type that is best suited for your towing needs will likely depend on a number of different factors. It is important to get a marine grade rope and do a bit of research to help you find the best rope for your needs. This will make your purchase last a lot longer and give you a more enjoyable time out on the water.

Type and Material

The most important factor in determining the appropriate tow rope for you is the material used to make your rope as well as the type of rope you choose. You will need to decide whether you want your tow rope to have any flexibility or not. Choosing this will help you to determine the type of rope that is best for you. There is two different types of rope to choose between: a non-stretch rope and a low-stretch rope.

Non Stretch

A type of material called Spectra is used to make non stretching tow ropes. This type of material is a great choice as it is incredibly strong and durable. In fact, it is so durable it is said to be 10 times stronger than steel. As the name suggests you will have absolutely no elasticity to this type of rope making it incredibly inflexible. Typically this style of rope is preferred in a number of different water sport activities such as wakeboarding. It is also the type of rope that is used in vehicle towing ropes. It is an ideal option for marine use as it is a high quality material that has a very low moisture absorption rate. This also makes it a great option for use in snowy alpine conditions. Another benefit is that this type of rope is incredibly lightweight.

Low Stretch

If you are looking for a material that has a little bit more flexibility, then going with a low stretch option is a better choice. Typically this type of rope is made from either a nylon, polyester or polyethylene material. With this type of rope, you can expect a flexibility of 2-3%. This makes it a great option for beginner recreation riders. This type of rope excels at absorbing shock which is why it is commonly used in towing heavy items such as boats and cars.

Being suitable for marine activities this type of rope is completely waterproof. When deciding on what material type is best for you, it is important to consider your use. A rope made using Nylon materials has a much higher break strength making it an appealing option. Polyethylene has a UV resistant coating making it last longer. It is also far superior in terms of durability.


While you may not need to focus on the length when towing a car, you certainly will need to when using your tow rope for recreational water activities. Water sports require a much more precise length for optimal usage. When using your tow rope for sports such as tubing or wakeboarding, it is important to focus on length. Beginners will need a longer rope closer to the 65 foot range. Generally speaking, you will want a tow rope that is a minimum of 50 feet in length with a maximum of 65 feet. The length needed for other water sport activities will vary depending on the activity.


Every tow rope will have a maximum capacity it can tow. You shouldn’t worry too much about this as these ropes have been designed to handle weights of upwards of thousands of pounds. Even the weakest tow ropes will have a breaking capacity of around 2000 lbs.

Some companies rate this by how many riders the rope will be able to accommodate. This can range from 1 to upwards of 4 or 5 people (for some specialized tubes). It’s best to tailor the rope for the number of riders as well. If you are kneeboarding enthusiasts, for example, you won’t need a rope that’s been made to hold 3 people. This will simply make it heavier and harder to hold onto during runs.


It is important to get a marine grade rope so that you will have a higher quality and waterproof model. On today’s market, most tow ropes are designed to not absorb water which should make it easy to find. In fact, you now get ropes of higher quality with features such as weather resistant offering UV protection from the sun. This allows your rope to last longer than ever as you will no longer experience the rope rotting.

Some ropes have this UV protection from simply high quality materials that are naturally produced while others are equipped with a special coating to give them this power. This protective coating works to increase the overall quality of the rope making it much stronger and more durable. When looking for your rope, it is highly advisable to opt for a rope that has these features.

Hook and Handle

Tow ropes will need to have loops that can easily be attached to boats and handles. Most wakeboarding and wakesurfing handles will have a carabiner that allows them to be attached to the end of the tow rope. This will allow you to quickly and easily transfer from a handle to tubing in no time. If you get a tow rope that has a handle braided into it you will only be able to use it for sports that don’t require it to be attached. For example, if you want to use this type of rope for tubing, it will nearly be impossible. This is a critical feature to think about before purchasing your tow rope.



Q: Why Do You Need A Tow Rope?


A tow rope will make riding a wakeboard or water skis possible. Without this key piece of gear, you wouldn’t be able to ride behind the boat. A tow rope attached to the boat is what makes this sport entertaining. The length of the rope will also play a key role in how fast your turns are and how much wake you will ride.

Q: How To Attach Tow Rope To Boat?


Most boats these days have a wakeboard tower and have wakeboard tower speakers. If they don’t they should have a hook on the back of the boat where you can attach your rope to. Both of these options will allow the rope to stay above the water and not get caught in the prop. Wakeboard tow ropes will have a special end that makes connecting it easy. You’ll simply have to loop it around the eyelet and pull it tight.

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Q: How Much Load Can Be Carried?


Most wakeboard tow ropes will have quite high carrying capacities. This is because you will put more strain on the rope than just the weight of your body and the skis. Even the ropes with the lowest breaking capacity will be around 2 000 lbs. This ensures that the rope won’t break when you’re in the air or carving through the water.

Q: How Long Should Tow Rope Be For Tubing?


The length of the tow rope you choose should have a direct relation to your level of experience you have as well as the sport you are using the rope for. For beginners, using the rope for wakeboarding or tubing you will want a longer rope at around 65 feet.  In general, your rope should be between 50 feet – 65 feet in length. This does vary with other types of water sports.

Q: Should There Be Handles Or Hooks Attached To The Tow Rope?


You will want a handle to hold onto when wakeboarding. It’s one thing to have a tow rope but it’s a whole other thing to have a rope with a comfortable handle attached to it. This will be a bar that both of your hands grab onto. It should be wrapped in a comfortable material that also increases your grip. This should be detachable as well. If you are looking to do tubing from the same rope you won’t want a handle to be permanently attached to the rope.

Q: How To Attach A Tube Tow Rope?


Most tubes designed to be towed behind boats. This means they will have a place to attach the tow rope to. The tube may also have different points to attach to. This will affect how it sits in the water. Most tubes will have a quick connect system where you simply feed the loop through a hole and attach it around a hook system. This will ensure that the line stays connected without coming undone halfway through your run. It will also make switching from a tube to wakeboard or water skis simple to do.

Q: How To Attach A Tow Rope To A Pontoon Boat?


Most pontoon boats will have a strapping system that you can attach a tow rope to. This will allow you to connect a tube to so you can enjoy being towed by the boat. You will want to ensure you attach it with an adequate knot so that it doesn’t come undone before you want it to. Some boats will use a shackle to connect the rope to. This is one of the easier ways to attach a tow rope to your pontoon boat. You’ll simply have to loop the rope through and screw in the end of the shackle.

Q: How To Tie A Tow Rope?


There are many different ways you can tie a tow rope. But most of the time you won’t even need to tie the rope. Modern tow ropes will come with loops on both ends. This will completely eliminate the need for you to tie the rope. All you’ll need to do is loop it around the attachment point on the boat and tube or handle and you’re ready to go have fun on the water.

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