Kneeboarding is a sport much alike wakeboarding but as the name presents you ride on your knees rather than your feet. This sport is great for doing tricks and flips as you rip through the water at top speeds. A favorite summer activity, kneeboarding is quite a thrilling sport with a diverse range of riders. No matter your age or skill level it is important that you get the best kneeboard to ensure that you get the most out of the sport.

To help you find the best for you, we have compiled a list of the top ten kneeboards on today’s market. Ranging from beginner to advanced boards, all of the ones on our list are made using only the top materials and have excellent kneeboard reviews. Companies are constantly developing features and technology that will help you have an amazing day on the water.

What are the best kneeboards? Take a look at our top 10 kneeboards in 2018.

How To Choose The Best Kneeboard – Buying Guide


This ultimate summer sport, unlike others such as water skiing and wakeboarding, is far less physically demanding. This makes it an appealing summer option for kids and less athletic adults. The low center of gravity allows you a wider range of stunts to perform making it also a great thrill seeking sport for fit adults.

Kneeboarding is a great summer activity that helps beginners get used to the motion of behind boat water sports. Often used as a beginner’s tool to get used to and confident enough to build to sports such as water skiing and wakeboarding. There are many features that make getting, and staying, up easy and fun.

What To Look For In The Best Kneeboard

Kneeboards structure and features are similar to that of wakeboards. Riding on your knees gives you a lower center of gravity and can easily stretch the limits of the stunts that can be performed. From beginners to advanced riders it is important to know a few key characteristics prior to buying your kneeboard.

Types of Kneeboards

When deciding on the best kneeboard to suite your needs, it is important to be aware of the two different types of kneeboards on the market. These kneeboards are made with entirely different designs so before buying make sure you know whether you would prefer a recreational or competition kneeboard.

Recreational Kneeboard

These kneeboards are designed with simplicity in mind. Built for beginners of all aged groups, these boards carry a lightweight design that is easy to carry into and out of the water. The soft and smooth kneeboard makes it incredibly comfortable to kneel on.

Recreational boards run at a much more affordable price point making them a great option for first-time buyers. The sleek edges not only make this board fun to ride but also make it a great option for those looking to improve on their skills and start practice tricks. A great option for children and those who are not strong swimmers, these boards are roto-molded and therefore double as flotation devices.

Competition Kneeboard

As the name mentions, these boards are made with a lot more quality and typically come with a higher price tag. Most often competition kneeboards are made using fiberglass as to make them lighter in weight and more responsive in the water. These boards are thin and curvy giving them tons of power to perform sharp turns. Built with the athlete in mind these boards leave you feeling limitless with the amount of tricks you can perform.


Kneeboards for amateurs will be made of different material that those for professionals. Since beginners will be harder on their boards materials like hard plastic are used. This increases durability while maintaining a lightweight board.

Professionals know how to steer and control their boards and are generally better at taking care of them. Fiberglass is routinely found on high end boards as it is much more lightweight and easier to maneuver through the water.


These have the same characteristics as other watersport boards. Fins help keep boards in straight lines and give more control. They are found on higher end boards that are used for competition. Fins will allow these athletes freedom to steer into the wake for their flips and tricks. Higher end boards are often seen with retractable fins allowing the rider ultimate control.


This is the part of the kneeboard that keeps you attached. The strap should be comfortable while being strong enough to ensure it doesn’t break when you need it most. All good boards will have a padded strap. This can be anywhere from a thin piece of plastic to three inches of EVA padding. It is strongly advised that you purchase a kneeboard that has specifically stated that their strap is high quality and includes some sort of padding. After all, this is going to be what is going to be one of the most important aspects of the kneeboard.



Q: Are Children’s Kneeboards Different?


Children can use most one size fits all kneeboards. There are not child’s boards readily accessible, but regular small-sized boards should fit most children for recreational kneeboarding. They may be a little big for a child, but you should be able to adjust the straps so that a child can fit on the board. If your child is competing, then you may have to have a custom board made to fit your child properly.

Q: Are Non-padded Straps Worth The Purchase?


You do not need to have padded straps, but ultimately it a choice which is down to the individual. The padding is there to ensure that the straps do not dig into your skin. The straps need to help hold you, but if you are comfortable using straps which do not have padding, then there is no harm in doing that.

Q: How Long Should The Strap Be?


This another personal choice. There is no correct length for the straps to be as long as you are finding comfort on your board. The only thing we suggest you look for is straps which are long enough to be tightened to your requirements. It is always better to go too big rather than too small, You should also look for straps which are adjustable over straps which are not. One reason to look for a longer strap is when you are sharing the board with someone else. The strap should be long enough to accommodate the largest person.

Q: What Kind Of Kneeboard Should A Beginner Have?


There are some boards which are better suited to beginners, and if you choose a board suited for a novice, then you have a better chance of learning the sport easier and falling in love with it. Beginner boards are wide to give extra stability. They also have softer edges which give a more stable and comfortable ride. A wide board with soft edges also gives you more control over the board.

A better board for a beginner will also be thicker, letting you sit higher in the water and offering you more buoyancy. They will also be hollow which will also help you to float in the water better. These thicker boards are easier to maneuver through the water and can be turned more swiftly. Look for fins on the board as these will also make it easier to turn.

Q: How Can I Increase The Durability Of My Kneeboard?


If you take care of your board, then it will last a lot longer. The first thing to do is to follow the instructions so that you are using the kneeboard as it is intended to be used. This will stop anything avoidable happening to the board.

When you are storing your board, it should be stored in a cool, dry place, and stored out of direct sunlight. The UV rays can break down the material in the board. If you have a protective case, then that will ensure that the board is not damaged when it is in storage. Take the time to rinse any salt and sand off of your board after each use. They can also break down the materials in your board.

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While there are many different types of kneeboards on today’s market, it is important to buy the best kneeboard based on your skill level. This summer sport can easily become addictive. Buying a kneeboard that allows you to grow as a rider and expand on your skills will save you the hassle of buying a secondary kneeboard.

While there are a lot of kneeboards on the market, after much review the ones that made our list are the top of their kind and stand as the best kneeboards on the market. Take advantage of these companies hard work and a competitive market.

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