Wakeboarding can be one of the most thrilling activities that you can do on the water. As with a lot of watersport equipment though, it can be difficult to store and that’s where having the best wakeboard rack is going to make your life a lot easier.

In order to get the best wakeboard tower racks there are a few key aspects to consider. In our guide we will give you all the information that you need and we have also completed wakeboard rack reviews to show you the best products on the market. Once you’ve finished reading this guide, you’ll know how to choose the perfect rack for you.

How To Choose A Wakeboard Rack – Buying Guide


What boards or skis are you storing?

What exactly are you storing? You will notice on our list that there is one rack specifically designed for a kickboard and a wakeboard. Obviously, this will not fit two wakeboards or surfboards. If you know what you are going to be transporting, then you will have a better idea of what type of race you need.

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If you are storing skis as opposed to boards, then you are going to need a differently sized rack. Most racks can accommodate different thicknesses of boards. Check the sizes of the equipment you are needing to transport and buy a rack based on that information.

Some racks will transport equipment of similar size, while others will transport different equipment types together. Again, it will all depend on what you need to transport.

How many racks do you want?

The number of racks will depend on the number of boards you need to transport. Most people like to have two racks. This gives some symmetry to your setup, and it gives enough room to carry enough wakeboards for one boat. If you have the room and the need, then feel free to buy more than two.

Does the rack need to come off the tower?

A lot of the newer racks will come with a quick release feature. If you want to be able to take your rack off the tower, then this is a must-have feature. Another great addition to the tower are wakeboard tower speakers to enjoy your time on the water even more. All racks are removable, but the quick release feature makes it easier for everyone.

When your boat is put into storage, you will likely want to remove the racks to avoid them being damaged and to create the smallest footprint for your boat. The more racks you have on your boat, the longer it will take to remove all of them. If you have quick release racks, then you can move them easily and store them somewhere else.

The other benefit of removable racks is when you are floating under areas with low overhead clearance. If you have to navigate under a bridge or some power lines, then you may have to remove your racks. Some racks are foldable, which allows you to fold them down so you can duck under with them still on.

Quick release racks allow you to quickly remove the racks so you can get under that bridge without having to get your tools out to remove the racks. Quick release also helps you to have more customization. You can move the racks to other boats or around your own boats with ease.

What is the construction of the rack?

If you are willing to spend a little more on your rack, then you will generally get better materials. Most racks are now made from aluminum, which gives them a lighter weight and a great finish. Aluminum is also sturdy and durable. Stainless steel will be tougher and can also have a nice finish. Aluminum will last a little longer than stainless steel, and you should look out for a UV-resistant coating if you can find it.

Are the forks covered in rubber to protect the boards?

Rubber on your forks will help to protect your board from damage. Even the most rounded corners on an aluminum fork are capable of scratching the bottom of your board. Some forks are dipped in rubber to completely encase them in rubber, while others have rubber added to the parts which are going to come into contact with your boards.

As you are sliding your boards in and out of the rack, they may catch against metal corners and edges. Even flat pieces of metal can rub against the underside of a board and scratch it. If you are putting your boards away and your boat rocks or moves suddenly, you may move suddenly and hit your board against the fork. A rubber covering will help to protect your board in all of these scenarios.

The rubber coatings also help the board in two ways when you are in transit. Firstly, they stop the boards being scratched and damaged, should they move around while bound to the forks. Secondly, they help to keep the board static.

The rubber creates friction with the board and helps to keep in one place. The rubber can also limit the noise when you are traveling with your boards. The higher the speed, the more the boards can move around and rattle. The rubber will provide a cushion which will limit any annoying noise.

While you want to protect your boards, you also want to protect your valuables too. A waterproof wallet is going to help you do just that and a waterproof phone case is a great idea too. If you want to keep all your items dry then getting a waterproof duffel bag will give you peace of mind.

Is the bungee cord integrated into the rack?

Most racks will come with a bungee cord. The main thing to look for is a cord which is integrated into the rack. This is a great addition for many reasons. A cord which is integrated into the rack will not become lost.

Many racks come with a bungee cord as an extra, and this is also a great addition, but if you misplace it, or if it comes loose and falls off, then it may be gone forever. A cord which is integrated into the rack will remain.

One thing to look for when choosing your rack is a cord with UV-resistance. Granted, it will take a long time for a cord to break down, but with the combination of water and sun, a wakeboard tack cord will break down faster than a cord which is used on dry land. Finding a cord with UV-resistance will ensure that your cord lasts you as long as possible.

A good bungee cord will help to secure your boards when they are in the rack. Check for good elasticity and a cord which is long enough to secure multiple boards. It is never a bad idea to carry a few extra bungee cords for securing your wakeboards (and other equipment) when you are aboard your boat.

Does the rack adjust?

This could be very important, depending on the angle of your tower. All of the racks on our list are adjustable, and this can save you from headaches when you are attaching the forks to the tower and then your boards to the forks.

If you have a rack which is not adjustable, then the forks will be at the same angle as the tower. This may give you a storage angle which you are not happy with. An adjustable rack will allow you to choose the angle of your forks, no matter what the angle of the tower.



Q: Why Do I Need A Wakeboard Rack?


The answer is simple. You don’t need a wakeboard rack, but your life will be made infinitely easier and simpler with one. If you have multiple wakeboards on your boat with nowhere to put them, then a wakeboard rack is going to make your life easier.

A wakeboard rack will also help to protect your equipment. It will not only protect wakeboards, but surfboards, paddle boards, skis, and more, will be protected. If you have a lot of equipment on your boat, then you need to get a wakeboard rack.

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If you were wondering about any additional accessories then looking at gifts for wakeboarders and wake surfers is a great idea, as are getting a waterproof watch and a waterproof fitness tracker in order to record your adventure out on the water.

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Wake-boarding is exhilarating and fun. The feeling of adrenaline as you rush through the water, pilled by a powerful motor is among the most exciting things which can be done on water. And, if you manage to hit the wave just right and nail that jump, you will be on a high for days.

With any water sport, the goal is to have fun, but you also want be safe too. Getting a wakeboard helmet and also a wakeboard life jacket is going to keep you as safe as possible on the water and allow you to have the best time possible.

Hopefully this guide has given you all the information that you need in order to choose the best wakeboard rack for you. Once you have, you’ll be able to head out to the water with an easy place to store your board and concentrate on having a great time.

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