The best wakeboard rack enables you to store your precious wakeboards securely, preventing them from damage until the next time you hit the waves. However, you should take into consideration a few key factors such as the type of board, material, capacity, and adjustability when deciding on the right wakeboard rack for your needs and prolong the shelf life of your wakeboards.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best wakeboard tower racks on the market and prepared a buying guide to help you choose the most appropriate rack according to your needs. Once you’ve finished reading this guide, you’ll know exactly what to get.

How To Choose A Wakeboard Rack – Buying Guide

What type of boards or skis are you storing?

If you are storing skis as opposed to boards, then you will need a different sized wake tower racks. Most racks can accommodate different thicknesses of boards. Check the sizes of the equipment you need to transport and buy a rack based on that information.

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How many racks do you want?


The number of racks depends on the number of boards you need to transport. Most people like to have two racks. This gives some symmetry to your setup and gives enough room to carry enough wakeboards for one boat.

Does the rack need to come off the tower?

A lot of the newer racks come with a quick-release feature. If you want to take your rack off the tower easily, then this is a must-have. When your boat is put into storage, you will most likely remove the racks to avoid them being damaged and to create the smallest footprint for your boat. The more racks you have on your boat, the longer it takes to remove them.

Another benefit is when you are floating under areas with low overhead clearance. If you have to navigate under a bridge or some power lines, then you may have to remove your racks. Some racks are foldable, giving you the option to duck under with them still on. Quick-release also helps you to have more customization.

What is the construction of the rack?

Most racks are made from aluminum, which gives them lighter weight and a great finish. Aluminum is also sturdy and durable. Stainless steel is tougher and can also have a nice finish. We also recommend you look out for a UV-resistant coating.

Are the forks covered in rubber to protect the boards?

The rubber on your forks helps to protect your board from damage because even the most rounded corners on an aluminum fork are capable of scratching the bottom of your board. Rubber inserts and forks keep the board static by creating friction and also limit the noise when you are traveling with your boards.

Is the bungee cord integrated into the rack? 

Most racks come with a bungee cord that is integrated into the rack. This is a great addition because an integrated cord will not become lost. Finding a cord with UV-resistance also ensures that your cord lasts you as long as possible. Check for good elasticity and a cord that is long enough to secure multiple boards. It is never a bad idea to carry a few extra bungee cords for securing your wakeboards (and other equipment) when you are aboard your boat, as well.

Does the rack adjust? 

If you have a rack that is not adjustable, then the forks will be at the same angle as the tower. This may give you a storage angle that you are not happy with. An adjustable rack will allow you to choose the angle of your forks, no matter what the angle of the tower.



Q: Why Do I Need A Wakeboard Rack?


The answer is simple. You don’t need a wakeboard rack, but your life will be infinitely easier and simpler with one. If you have multiple wakeboards on your boat with nowhere to put, then a wakeboard rack will make your life easier. A wakeboard rack also helps to protect your gear such as surfboards, paddleboards, and skis.

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Wake-boarding is exhilarating and fun! We are not even mentioning the feeling of adrenaline in your veins as you rush through the water, pilled by a powerful motor. Hopefully, this guide has given you all the information that you need to choose the best wakeboard rack for you. Once you have, you’ll be able to head out to the water with an easy place to store your board and nail that jump!

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