Snowmobiles are meant to conquer the snow, but that doesn’t mean that they should always be left exposed to the elements. When you are planning to store your snowmobile for extended periods or are transporting it on an open trailer, you should always use a top rated cover for snowmobiles. By protecting your snowmobile, you can prevent damage and keep it in good condition for the next winter season.

But it can be difficult to decide how to size and fit a cover or even determine what features make a cheap snowmobile storage cover good quality. The best snowmobile covers will be functional, reliable, and durable so that you can be assured your snowmobile has adequate protection. We made a list of the ten best snowmobile covers and included a comprehensive buying guide because we want to help you find a quality snowmobile storage cover that you can confidently use throughout the years.

How To Choose The Best Snowmobile Cover – Buying Guide



There are many different designs of snowmobile covers, but it is essential that you pick one that is compatible with snowmobiles. Top rated covered snowmobiles have a design that is meant to fit and form to the outline or body of a snowmobile. If you attempt to use other covers for other motorized vehicles like an ATV, you will find that the vehicle’s outline and body shape is not compatible.

However, you should also look at features of the design that make the cover safer to use. A trailerable snowmobile storage cover needs to have a design that focuses on a snug and customized fit because of the wind created moving. While some movement is okay, you don’t want the cover to blow off and become a hazard for other drivers on the road. The best snowmobile cover will use an elastic hem bottom and security straps to prevent the cover from falling off.

Another aspect of the design of your snowmobile storage cover is whether it has a soft interior and durable exterior. A soft underside will protect the finish of your snowmobile, but the durable exterior of the best snowmobile covers should stop any weather damage.


The best snowmobile cover be made of a durable and lightweight synthetic material. Polyester is extremely popular because it is tough and long lasting, but some brands may have their own specially designed fabric. No matter which material you choose, you want to be sure that it thick enough and strong enough to resistant damage from weather elements, dirt, and dust.


Ideally, a snowmobile trailering cover should provide all around protection from the weather elements and debris. Any ski doo snowmobile covers should fully stop rain, snow, UV rays, dirt, and dust from damaging your snowmobile while it is being store or transported. But you also want to be sure that the protection is full coverage, which is why size is important.


Snowmobiles are not all one size in their widths or lengths. This means that a cheap snowmobile storage cover needs to have a variety of size options or provide extra fabric for a universal fit. The size of your top rated cover for snowmobiles will be dependent on the width and length of your snowmobile.

The dimensions of your snowmobile should be provided in the specifications of the vehicle, but you can always take a tape measure and find the length and width yourself. You want to be certain that your purchase your snowmobile storage cover in a large enough size that the entire body of your snowmobile is covered. The dimensions of the cover should also be provided in the product specifications so that you can determine if it will suit your needs.

But snowmobile storage cover reviews are also an excellent resource to find the best size of universal snowmobile covers that you need. Many reviewers will comment with what brand and model snowmobile the cover is suited to fit and what size they purchased for full coverage and protection.


A snowmobile travel cover will allow you to strap the cover to your snowmobile and take it on the road with you. Not everyone has a closed trailer and you should always protect your snowmobile while you’re on-the-go. A trailerable snowmobile storage cover will have extra straps and buckles to keep the cover secure. If you are not moving your snowmobile, a snowmobile storage cover should provide the protection you need for the off-season. The cover may not need extra straps because it isn’t at risk of being blown away but should still have an elasticized bottom for a custom fit.



Q: Why do I need a cover for snowmobiles?


Just like you use a snowmobile helmets for safety, you should also consider the safety of your vehicle. Snowmobiles are tough on snow when they are warmed up and being driven, but a cold engine sitting exposed to the elements can be quickly damaged. By using the best snowmobile cover, you can significantly reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle and keep it in pristine condition for the next winter season.

Top-rated covers for snowmobiles will actually help to extend the life of your snowmobile and are important for the overall maintenance. With ski doo snowmobile covers, you are less likely to have to take your snowmobile to the shop for extensive repairs.

Q: What features should I look for in a cover for snowmobiles?


You should always look at how much protection your cover provides. Universal snowmobile covers should provide all-weather protection and stop debris damage. It is also important that you consider whether you have a trailerable cover if you are planning to be on the road. Not all designs are a snowmobile trailering cover and using a cover that isn’t safe in high winds can lead to serious accidents.

Q: How do I clean a cover for snowmobiles?


The best snowmobile cover can be rinsed off with a hose, it is best to check the specific product cleaning or maintenance instructions. Any good brand that designs universal snowmobile covers should have tips on how best to clean your cover and prevent causing damage in the process. If no information is available, you might want to check cover reviews to see if any cleaning advice is given.

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Snowmobiling can help you stay active in the winter but to increase your safety, you should always take the best care of your snowmobile. A cheap snowmobile storage cover can prevent damage from the elements and debris, which will increase the longevity and functionality of your snowmobile throughout the seasons. With our top picks and guide, we hope that you find the best cover for snowmobiles that will keep your snowmobile safe.

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