Snowmobiles are designed to conquer the snow, but this doesn’t mean that you should leave them exposed to the weather when not in use. Whether you’re transporting your motor sled or storing it in the off-season, a good snowmobile storage cover will protect it from damage and keep it clean.

When choosing a cover, you should always aim for the highest quality, which means that it should be waterproof, tear-resistant, and easy to set up. To help you pick, our buying guide will tell you all about cover design and what you need to consider. In addition, we’ve also carefully selected the best snowmobile covers on the market so you can easily keep your snowmobile clean and protected.

How To Choose The Best Snowmobile Cover – Buying Guide



With so many snowmobile storage cover designs available, you must pick one that is compatible with your motor sled. We’re not talking just about size – the best snowmobile cover is also very easy to get on and off, and provides a snug fit for optimal protection.


Two of the most popular materials used for trailerable snowmobile covers are polyester and nylon. Both are great, with polyester being a bit lighter and nylon providing better water protection. Regardless of which one you choose, the best aftermarket snowmobile cover needs to have a high denier rating so it can handle the outdoor conditions.

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Ideally, a snowmobile trailering cover should provide all-around protection from the weather elements and debris. Unfortunately, this is not always the case – some ski doo snowmobile covers aren’t completely waterproof, while others don’t provide UV protection so you should pay attention to this.


Since snowmobiles come in many different sizes, snowmobile travel covers need to adapt. Most of the models in our snowmobile storage cover reviews come in several sizes so they can fit your sled perfectly. However, universal snowmobile covers also exist and feature an elastic design that fits a large number of sizes.



Q: Why do I need a cover for snowmobiles?


The best snowmobile cover will protect your motor sled from rain, snow, dirt, dust, and UV damage. On top of this, many top-rated covers for snowmobiles also provide protection in transportation. Considering the benefits it gives you, ski doo snowmobile covers are a fantastic investment.

Q: What features should I look for in a cover for snowmobiles?


You should always look for the highest level of protection. Generally speaking, universal snowmobile covers should provide all-weather protection and stop debris damage. If you’re after a snowmobile trailering cover, it should also have side straps and good wind resistance.

Q: How do I clean a cover for snowmobiles?


While the best snowmobile cover can usually be rinsed off with a hose, you should always check the cleaning or maintenance instructions. All the universal snowmobile covers should have tips on how to best clean and maintain it.

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If you want your snowmobile to last, you need to protect it when transporting and storing it. We hope that our guide and reviews pointed you in the right direction so that you can choose the best snowmobile covers that will protect against snow, rain, dirt, and mold.

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