One big concern that go alongside with owning a snowmobile is how to safely transport your motorized vehicle to the locations you want to explore. But snowmobiles are heavy and trying to load them without the right gear can lead to injuries. A top rated snowmobile loading ramp is the safest way to load and unload your snowmobile.

It can be difficult to choose which snowmobile ramp will function and suit your needs, so we’ve made a list of the five best snowmobile loading ramps and included a detailed buying guide. Snowmobiles are not a one size fits all design, but with our guide we hope that you find the best snowmobile loading ramp that will keep you safe and ready for the next adventure.

How To Choose A Snowmobile Ramp – Buying Guide


Snowmobile Weight

For your safety, snowmobile weight should be the first consideration when you are looking at snowmobile ramps. Snowmobiles are not all the same size and that means that each motorized vehicle will have a different weight. In general, a larger sized snowmobile will weigh more than one that is smaller. With more snowmobile weight, your ramp for pickup trucks or trailers shoulders is sturdier.

The average weight of a snowmobile is about 476 pounds, which is a lot to handle but the best snowmobile loading ramp will have the strength to hold multiple snowmobiles. However, you also shouldn’t take the average and purchase your snowmobile truck ramp. You should find the specific weight of your snowmobile before you purchase a truck ramp to be certain that you find a design that suits your needs.

The weight of the snowmobile should always be provided by the brand or company that manufactures your motorized snow vehicle. But there may be two weights listed; a dry weight and wet weight. The dry weight of a snowmobile refers to the total weight without gasoline in the tank. The wet weight refers to the total weight of a full tank of gas.

Snowmobile Length and Width

As we mentioned, the snowmobile weight can be affected by the size of your motorized vehicle and the size will be determined by the length and width. Similar to snowmobile weight, not all snowmobiles are the same length and width. It is important to consider the length and width of your snowmobile because you want the ramp to fit your vehicle and have a little extra space leftover.

The length of your snowmobile will affect the length and height of the ramp. You should always purchase a ramp for trucks or trailers that fits the full length of your snowmobile with a few extra inches to help you get the traction to push your snowmobile forward. The length should also accommodate the height of your truck or trailer. The taller your truck or trailer, the more length you will need to reduce the steepness of the ramp and make loading safe.

The length and width of your snowmobile should be indicated in the product specifications so that you can properly correlate them to the aluminum ramp. If you are having trouble finding the specifications, you can always use a tape measure and find the dimensions of your snowmobile.


The compatibility of a snowmobile ramp for pickup trucks or trailers refers to what vehicle or piece of equipment you can safely load your snowmobile onto. A truck snowmobile ramp should have the length to be compatible with truck beds, which are often situated at a taller height than a trailer. A trailer aluminum ramp may only have the length to be used with the lower height of a trailer and maybe too steep to use when attached to a truck bed.

The best snowmobile loading ramps will be versatile and have dual capabilities to be used with both trucks and trailers. With the compatibility to be used with both trucks and trailers, a snowmobile ramp can be ready for any adventure and eliminates the worry of how to transport your snowmobile.

The compatibility of your aluminum ramp should be indicated in the product specifications, so you know whether it is safe to use with a truck bed, trailer, or both. If you are unable to determine the compatibility, snowmobile ramp reviews are a great resource that you can use to find the best setup for your ramp. Reviewers may state how they set up their ramp and whether the length is truck or trailer compatible.


The space that the aluminum ramp takes up is an important consideration for the storage of your ramp. Most snowmobile enthusiasts want a snowmobile truck ramp that can be folded up and stored in their truck bed. This means that you need to be certain that there’s enough space in the truck bed or trailer to store both your ramp and snowmobile. When the truck bed or trailer is empty, there should be no problem with storing your ramp, but it still needs to have space to be stored when the snowmobile is loaded too.

It is very important that you take the time to find and fit the proper storage for your ramp because it will increase your safety and minimize the risk of damage to your ramp or snowmobile. The best snowmobile ramp will have a compact design that can be easily folded and stored in your truck bed or trailer. Traditionally, a horizontal folding system is used because it can be easily held to the side and strapped in to stop it from moving while you are driving.

However, you may find that some designs are made of individual tracks that can be separated and stored by stacking them one on top of each other. The individual track designs are often made of a dense plastic, which can support the weight of a lighter snowmobile. But a sturdier snowmobile ramp for trucks and trailers will likely be made of aluminum and will take up more space.

You should also consider the width of your truck bed or trailer and the width of the ramp. You don’t want the ramp to be too wide or it won’t be compatible with your truck or trailer. The ramp should actually be just slightly smaller than the width of what you are loading your snowmobile onto so that you can be sure it is fully compatible.

A top-rated snowmobile loading ramp should indicate how it folds or can be broken down to be stored in the product specifications. You may even find that some brands give the dimensions of their product when it is folded up for storage. If you are unable to find specific information, snowmobile ramp reviews can help you determine the space that a ramp design requires to be stored. Reviewers may state how they store their ramp and in what vehicle so you can estimate whether the ramp will suit your needs too.

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The capacity of your trailer or truck ramp will be determined by the amount of weight that it can safely carry without breaking or collapsing. You should always choose one of the best snowmobile loading ramps that can carry more weight than your snowmobile weighs to be certain that it has a safe capacity.

As we stated, the average weight of a snowmobile is just under 500 pounds. A snowmobile ramp for trucks may have a capacity of 500 pounds, which should be sufficient to load one snowmobile. But the best snowmobile ramps will have a larger capacity for safety. Most snowmobile ramps have a 1,500-pound capacity, but you can find larger capacities to load multiple snowmobiles at the same time.

The capacity of your ramp for pickup trucks and trailers should always be listed in the product specifications so that you are aware of the limit and stay safe while you are loading or unloading your snowmobile.


The quality of your snowmobile ramp will mostly be dependent on the material because what it’s made of will give it the strength to bear weight. An aluminum ramp is a great choice because it is good quality and lightweight. However, dense plastics can also make a quality snowmobile ramp and make be easier to transport because of its design. Snowmobile ramp reviews can help you determine whether a specific model is of good quality or poor quality. You should always look for a top-rated snowmobile loading ramp that is of good quality because it will be safer and easier to use.



Q: Why do I need a snowmobile ramp?


You may be lucky enough to live around great snowmobile trails, but if you’re looking for new adventures and locations, you’ll have to load up your snowmobile and take it with you. Anything that you use to transport your snowmobile will have wheels, which means that you’ll have to lift your motorized vehicle up a certain height to load it onto the truck bed or trailer. Deadlifting 500 pounds of machinery is dangerous and nearly impossible.

The best snowmobile ramp will make it easy to take your snowmobile with you. The ramp should be truck bed or trailer compatible, so you can easily push your snowmobile on and reduce the strain of the weight on your body. Plus, a trailer and truck ramp will actually reduce the risk of damaging your snowmobile during the loading or unloading process.

Q: Can I transport my snowmobile without a ramp?


While you may find a way to load your snowmobile without a ramp, it will likely be unsafe and could lead to devastating injuries. Snowmobiles are heavy and maneuvering dense metal isn’t smart unless you have additional tools like an aluminum ramp to help you. Even if you use snowmobile gloves to protect your hands when loading, it will be nearly impossible to dead lift your snowmobile onto a trailer or truck bed, which makes the best snowmobile ramp a worthy investment to keep you safe.

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Exploring the winter terrain on snowmobiles is exhilarating, but before the fun can start you should always consider how you will transport your snowmobile. A top rated snowmobile loading ramp will make it safe to take your snowmobile anywhere. Plus, you can eliminate potential damage to your snowmobile, truck, or trailer by using a properly installed aluminum snowmobile ramp. But don’t forget to stay safe on the trails too and always pack your snowmobile helmets.

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