The Top 6 Snowmobile Handlebar Gauntlets In 2023

Snowmobiling is an extremely fun and fast paced activity however, because you indulge in the activity over snowy and freezing conditions, without the right protective gear it can be torturous. This is why; it is always exciting to find out about smaller details and gear that can surely improve your life on the trail.

Snowmobile handlebar gauntlets are one such example. They provide the much needed warmth and wind repelling insulation around you’re the handlebar when your hands grab it. It’s like the mitts houses both you and the handlebar which is very helpful in windy and freezing conditions over a long period.

The list of the 6 best snowmobile handlebar gauntlets in 2023 outlines how each one comes in handy and how their construction would fit your protective needs on the trail. The choice is all yours to find your match for the next snowmobile adventure.

How To Choose A Snowmobile Handlebar Gauntlet – Buying Guide



Sizing is an important feature to consider when you are choosing the best snowmobile handlebar gauntlets and mitts to invest in. you can simply know which size of handlebar gauntlets to go for based on the machine you are going to use – whether it’s a snowmobile, ATV or bicycle. Additionally, some manufacturers make it easy to know that sizing by simply listing it on the product features.

The majority of gauntlets will fit handlebars with at least a size of 8 to 9 inches. Some of the best snowmobile handlebar gauntlets are built to be universally fit and can be fitted on the majority of handlebars. These types come with drawstring locking mechanisms to allow for a secure and stable attachment.

Another way to look at the sizing feature is how the gauntlets are made to fit you. Generally, you have to ensure that your gauntlets afford you enough space inside for your hand to be able to fully control the handlebars. Furthermore, you don’t want mitts and gauntlets that run too tight because this will definitely inhibit mobility. Additionally, some mitts run up to the arms for those extremely cold days.


The thickness of your gauntlets is also an important detail to examine because this determines how much warmth they will provide. However, very thick gauntlets may be too bulky and result in limited functionality. Thus, many manufacturers incorporate functional details to enhance the thickness of gauntlets.

Some manufacturers, for example, incorporate hand warmer pockets so you can easily slip in hand warmers thus, even if they are thinner, you don’t have to worry about the cold air hitting your hands. Other gauntlets come with removable inserts so you can easily interchange them according to the weather conditions.

On a colder day, you can simply slip in the inserts to add a layer of insulation to your gauntlets. Some of the best snowmobile handlebar mitts and gauntlets feature the use of high thermal material such as fleece lining on the inside. This means that the gauntlets don’t have to be that thick to deliver effective warmth and insulation.

Plus, the use of fleece lining on the gauntlets don’t only eliminate the need for the thickness of the material but also provides the gauntlets with enough air ventilation and soft plush comfort.

Mechanism for Securing

The best snowmobile handlebar mitts and gauntlets feature different securing mechanisms. The majority of gauntlets are secured by Velcro straps. This makes it easy to set up and remove without compromising on the lock stability.

Other snowmobile gauntlets feature hook & loop closures or web straps. These types of securing mechanisms guarantee the gauntlets hold on the handlebars, however, they take longer to secure than Velcro straps.

Some manufacturers even feature their innovative securing mechanisms that would complement their gauntlet’s functions. The Kolpin Geartector snowmobile handlebar gauntlets, for example, feature a drawcord securing mechanism. This construction enhances a secure hold and allows the gauntlets to fit different sized handles bars.

The mechanism of securing your gauntlets must be stable and secure for your gauntlets to be effective enough. Thus, it is wiser to go for a secured option than going for the easy to operate option. And since you don’t expect to remove the gauntlets from the handlebars in the outdoors- you have as much time to remove them after a long day of snowmobiling.

Access to Controls

The best snowmobile handlebar mitts and gauntlets offer easy hand access to your handlebars’ controls. When choosing which gauntlets to invest in, go for those that offer enough spacing to allow your hands to effortless access all he handlebar control.  Additionally, the space that your gauntlets offer should be enough that it is for you to visually see the controls on your handlebars.

Remember you are on ice or snowy trail in the freezing cold thus, you don’t want to experience any hiccups on the way. A good example of snowmobile gauntlets that offer easy hand accessibility is built in a funnel shape. The underside in this case outer side) is built to repel the cold and windy air whilst the top side (interior) offers as much space for your hands to freely operate whilst the walls offer that wind and cold breaking effect.

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Connection To Your Handlebar

When choosing the best snowmobile handlebar mitts and gauntlets to invest in make sure they can fully and securely connect to the handlebar. You don’t want your snowmobile gauntlets to keep moving and sliding to the sides when you are on the trail. Thus, make sure they come with a locking system. Examine their locking systems to know how effective they are. The most common locking systems include Velcro closures or adjustable interior buckle straps.

Sleeve Protection

Snowmobile gauntlets come with varying degrees of protection. Some will only cover the hand length. However, other snowmobile gauntlets come fitted with removable cuffs. The removable cuffs feature an opening for the arms to allow the whole arms to be protected.

Ease Of Installation And Removal

You obviously want snowmobile gauntlets that are easy to install as well as to remove. Hook and loop fasteners are the easiest way and most common way to install gauntlets on your snowmobile. However, it is more important to go for a mechanism that ensures your gauntlets sit securely and in a stable manner for optimum function in the outdoors. You will be installing and removing gauntlets from the handlebar before you hit the trails anyways!



Q: What Are Snowmobile Gauntlets?


Snowmobile gauntlets offer added protection from harsh and cold conditions. They are normally fitted over the handlebars – they are fitted over handlebars like gloves thus covering the handlebar. Then, for protection from wind, debris, and obstacles, the rider fits their hands into the gloved handlebars. This protects both your hands and handlebars thus, making it comfortable and warmer for you when riding your snowmobile.

Q: Why Do I Need Handlebar Gauntlets?


Snowmobile handlebar gauntlets deliver the extra protection needed when you are in the outdoors. Imagine riding a snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle or even a bicycle over cold weather and the cold wind and breeze that hit you from the front as you move. Then, imagine the debris or obstacles you may come across in the rough outdoors. Snowmobile gauntlets cover your hand to offer protection from this.

As they cover the handlebars, gauntlets insulate the handlebars to make them tolerable when riding. Additionally, the covering on the hands that especially front you from the front ensures your hands are not susceptible to the cold air or even snowfall. Thus, making it easier and safer to control the handlebars.

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The snowmobile handlebar gauntlet reviews outline just how important and useful they are on the trails. As much fun and adrenaline yielding snowmobiling is, you also want to be comfortable and keep safe so you can return home in one piece. Thus, these outdoor bad boys will cover both your hands as well as keep the handlebars on your snowmobile as comfortable as possible.

The buying guide above on the other end offers a detailed overview of what to look for when choosing the best snowmobile handlebar gauntlets to suit your needs. The list of the 6 best above is an excellent place, to begin with, and you are guaranteed to find your match!

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