A Bluetooth hat is the perfect way to listen to music or audiobooks while on the go in cold weather. It keeps your head warm and offers a comfortable listening experience – no cords flopping around, no bulky over-ear headphones, no uncomfortable buds that won’t stay put, and the control buttons are easy to operate even with cold or gloved fingers. All these conveniences make beanies with Bluetooth the ideal companions for activities such as running, skiing, snowboarding, mountaineering, hiking, and camping in cold weather.

Opting for beanie headphones doesn’t mean that you have to deal with subpar sound quality. With top-rated Bluetooth beanies, the Bluetooth connectivity and sound quality are top-notch for wireless headphones. Here are the best beanies with Bluetooth that will bring you the warmth, quality sound, and comfortable listening experience you’re looking for. Combining fashion and technology, these music beanies are also awesome gift ideas and make great stocking stuffers for the holidays.

How To Choose The Best Bluetooth Beanie – Buying Guide


When buying a bleutooth beanie, you’re purchasing two products in one: the beanie hat and the headphones with Bluetooth. You will want a quality, warm and stylish beanie, headphones that produce high-quality sound, and fast and stable Bluetooth connectivity. Take the following into consideration to determine what is the best wireless beanie with Bluetooth to go for:


One of the advantages of using Bluetooth beanies is their comfortable fit and audio level. In order for you to enjoy the comfort, warmth, and music, the beanie has to feel comfortable on your head.

It should fit securely and comfortably, feel soft, provide warmth, and also be breathable so your head doesn’t get too hot and sweaty when active. Bluetooth beanies made of 100% acrylic or a blend of acrylic and polyester are stretchy and feel soft. A fleece liner on the inside also feels soft and provides more warmth in frigid conditions.


Bluetooth beanies are fashionable accessories. The first rule when it comes to design is to choose a stylish design that you like and one that matches your personal style. The other aspects of the design have to do with functionality.

If you need a really warm hat, go for a dual-layered design. Read Bluetooth beanie reviews to make sure that you choose a hat where the headphones are aligned well with the ears.

Assess how the control panel is designed and whether it will be easy to operate the buttons. The hat will also need washing so make sure that the Bluetooth speakers and controls are removable.


Bluetooth beanies are designed to stretch for a custom snug and comfortable fit on different head shapes and sizes. They have one size fit most design. However, some beanies are on the small side and designed to fit kids, teens, and small heads while others have an oversized design meant to fit large heads and accommodate long hair. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s description and user reviews so you can make the right choice.


The best Bluetooth hats are made of acrylic or a blend of acrylic and polyester for good reason. Acrylic is super soft, provides a lot of warmth, is elastic for a snug fit, and is inexpensive. Polyester is really strong and naturally water and UV resistant. If you want an extremely warm Bluetooth winter hat for skiing, a wool hat with a fleece lining is the ultimate for warmth.


Water and electronics don’t mix. The Speakers and controls should be enclosed in a watertight patch so that your Bluetooth hat isn’t ruined if you get caught in a downpour if you sweat in the gym, and when enjoying skating, skiing, or snowboarding. The Bluetooth module should also be removable for when the hat needs a good wash.

Bluetooth Protocol

For easy, fast, and strong connections that don’t keep breaking, choose a Bluetooth beanie that uses the latest Bluetooth protocol versions such as 5.0, 4.2, or 4.1. These newest Bluetooth versions are extremely energy efficient, which is extremely important when streaming music on the go.

For a strong and stable connection, the standard transmission range between your music source device and the beanie is 10 meters or 33 feet but some Bluetooth hats offer a longer range.


Bluetooth consumes quite a lot of power and you need a Bluetooth beanie hat with a long enough battery life for your listening needs while on the go. Bluetooth headphone hats usually offer anything from four to six hours of continuous music playback time or talk time on a full charge. Some of the most efficient Bluetooth beanies offer 8 and even 10 hours of music playback time.

Being a wearable device, the charging time is an important consideration as well, as you can’t wear it when it is plugged in. Charging time ranges from one hour to two and a half hours.

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A wireless Bluetooth hat looks just like a regular beanie hat except for a patch located on one edge of the beanie. This is the control panel for the Bluetooth headphones and microphone. Whenever you need to increase or reduce volume, skip a song, pause the music, accept or decline a call, all you have to do is lift your hand and press a button. These controls should be easy to access and intuitively designed.


What produces the sound your beanie with Bluetooth headphones makes will determine the quality and volume of the sound. Some beanies have built-in speakers while others have integrated earbud drivers. Stereo speakers consume more power and can blast the music out loud while earbud drivers are more effective at isolating noise and the sound they produce is less likely to be heard by others.


What determines the best beanie with Bluetooth that will offer the best listening experience are features such as the audio quality the built-in speakers or drivers produce, the speed and strength of Bluetooth connectivity, the quality of the microphone built-in, and the design of the control panel.

Be sure to assess the kind of speakers the beanie features, what kind of Bluetooth technology it utilizes, and how the control panel is designed. If you want the ability to answer calls without touching your phone, make sure you choose a beanie with Bluetooth with a high-quality built-in microphone.

To find out whether the various features on the Bluetooth beanie hat you’re considering work well, go through the reviews left by users based on their experience with the headphone beanie.



Q: What Are the Benefits of Having a Bluetooth Hat?


A beanie with Bluetooth keeps your head and ears warm while also allowing you to listen to music or audiobooks more comfortably without the annoyances wired earphones, over-ear headphones and in earbuds present. These benefits make them the best listening devices in cold weather and for activities such as running, exercising, skiing, mountaineering, skateboarding, backpacking, dog walking, etc.

Q: Are Bluetooth Beanies Safe?


Yes, beanies with Bluetooth are safe. Like all Bluetooth devices, they emit waves but the radiation they emit is way below the level regulatory agents consider safe. The audio they produce is also at a comfortable level and you can always adjust the volume.

Q: What Devices Can Be Used with A Bluetooth Hat?


All Bluetooth-enabled devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC, digital media players, whether powered by iOS and Android or made by Samsung, Huawei, Sony, HTC, or any other manufacturer can be used with a beanie with Bluetooth. The only requirement is that the devices and the beanie should support the same Bluetooth protocol.

Globo Surf Overview

Beanie with Bluetooth are such a handy concept for listening to music when it is cold and you’re outdoors. They are also the perfect headphones for active activities – no bulky headphones, no uncomfortable in-ear buds and no wires flying about.

The best Bluetooth beanies are equipped with top-notch speakers or earbud drivers so they sound just as good as other Bluetooth headphones. They also use the latest Bluetooth technologies for strong and stable connectivity and have rechargeable batteries that last hours.

By choosing one of the top rated beanie with Bluetooth in our reviews, you will end up with a stylish beanie that will keep you comfortably warm while immersed in your favorite tunes.

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