Figure skating is a great activity that helps you stay active in the winter. But like any winter sport, you need to use the proper gear or equipment for the best experience. For women, finding right size can be challenging because the sport was once dominated by men. But with more women participating in ice skating, manufacturers have been pushed to make skates tailored for women.

If you are a beginning skater, finding the best ice skates for women can still be a challenge because now there is an abundance of choice on the market. It will take research and time to find a quality pair of women’s figure skates. To help you with your search, we have a list of the ten best women’s ice skates and included our detailed buying guide. With our help, we hope that you find the best ice skates for women that will inspire you to step out on the ice.

How To Choose A Pair Of Ice Skates For Women– Buying Guide



Top-rated ice skates for women will be made out of leather or a synthetic material. The difference between the two materials is the price, skill level, and personal preference. Leather is a more expensive material and it is frequently coated to be fully waterproof, which makes it durable and long lasting. Synthetic materials are more affordable that is flexible and comfortable.

Most beginner women’s recreational skates will be made of a synthetic material because it takes less time to break in and provides more flexibility. If you are an experienced skater, you may prefer that you have leather women’s figure skates because of the long-lasting features and high-quality design.


Not all ice skating shoes for women are the same type. There are a few different types of skates and it is important that you are aware of the variations between types.

Women’s hockey skates will be lighter in weight than other types and should have blades that are slightly shorter than other types of cheap women’s skates. The boots need to be flexible to better accommodate jumps and twists. The flexibility will also allow you to travel faster on the ice.

Women’s figure skates need to have a toe pick in the blade design so that skaters can facilitate their precise jumps and turns. The extra thick blade provides more stability and should extend past the heel of the boot. Finally, the boots should be stiffer for better ankle support.

Speed skates have a flat base that provide excellent stability at high speeds. The blades are designed to rest on top of the ice, without digging in, so that you can travel faster.

Touring skates are designed to go the distance, so they need to be extra durable in their construction and have a longer blade. Ice skating shoes for women who tour will have the longest blade length, which allows you to cover a larger distance in less time.

Women’s recreational skates are the most popular design amongst beginners because they are affordable, stable, and durable. The design of these skates will be closer to that of women’s hockey skates in that the boot is sturdy and the blade is shorter.


Top rated skates for women use a variety of materials for the blades of the skates, but the most common are stainless steel, nickel, or aluminum. You want to be sure that you invest in a high-quality blade because they will stay sharper for longer. Women’s ice skate reviews are a great way to determine whether the blades are high quality or worth skipping over. Reviewers will often comment on how well the blades have lasted and if they are easy to maintain.

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The best women’s figure skates will be comfortable so that you can spend all day on the ice without complaining about sore feet. Most top-rated skates for women will use padding and soft linings to make the boot more comfortable. Additionally, the design of your ice skating shoes for women should have a boot that has a wide toe box and strong ankle support.

Women’s ice skate reviews can help you determine the comfort of a pair of cheap women’s skates before you make a purchase.


Most cheap women’s skates will be sized like a normal pair of boots, but the fit may not always match the size. Size charts should be provided by the brand but look for specific product information or read women’s ice skate reviews to determine if the size is true to fit.


Just like type, there are many styles of ice skating shoes for women. Some styles have a more feminine touch and use light colors, while others may be more gender neutral in their design. Ultimately, the style of your cheap women’s skates is not as important as the features, so don’t worry too much about how your skates appear on the outside.



Q:  What Is The Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Ice Skates?


The biggest difference between men’s and women’s skates is fit and comfort. Men’s ice skates have been designed to fit larger feet and wider ankles. Top-rated ice skates for women will feature a design that caters to women’s feet sizes. For women, this means that their skates have more padding to support their ankles. Additionally, cheapskates will have a slimmer design to reduce bulk around your feet and ankles.

Q: Can I Use Regular Men’s Ice Skates?


Yes, but they make women-specific skates for a reason – to better fit women’s fit. While you may be able to slip on a pair of men’s ice skates and take a casual stroll around the rink, it can be difficult to use the larger and bulkier boots for technical moves. Even women’s recreational skates have been made to be less bulky so that you feel more confident in your movements and aren’t scared of tripping over the blades.

Q: How To Dry Ice Skates?


You should always allow your skates to air dry. It is suggested that every time you have finished with your time on the ice, you allow your skates to fully dry by placing them out in a cool or warm room. You can remove excess water around the boot, sole, and blades with a towel. But you should never try to speed up the drying process or you could risk damaging your skates.

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Ice skating is a fun activity and it can even help skiers with their moves on the slopes. With a pair of top rated skates for women, you can feel confident on the ice and hone your techniques. Top-rated ice skates for women will be durable, reliable, and comfortable so that you can stay out on the ice all day. With our guide of the best women’s figure skates, we hope that you find a pair of skates that you’ll be eager to take out on the ice.

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